Search Social Media Accounts by Email: A Comprehensive Guide

If you want to search for someone on social media by email and find all their profiles, then keep reading. We’ll show you the best ways to get the details. In today’s world of algorithms, web scanners, search engines, and technology, things have become more sophisticated. So, they can detect almost every account associated with nearly anyone’s email address on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or others like Instagram and TikTok.

Now, here are the best ways to find all of someone’s social media profiles through his email address only.

Search social media accounts by email

Web email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and others have millions of people, and a large number of users on these platforms share the same email ID. In other words, if a person has a Gmail account, then you may find his linked social media profiles in one place. That’s not all, there are also chances to find dating profiles on other networks or apps.

Use a reverse email lookup tool

This is the recommended technique to locate almost anyone on social media networks by email address only. When you reverse lookup someone’s email ID, you get access to information about them, including their profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or other social media sites.

Also, by typing the person’s Gmail ID in the search field, you could find accounts linked to that email on sites you never knew existed. It’s all about how these search programs organize the data and crawl it. Everything else is just a matter of simple clicks to browse the full search report.

Many social media platforms sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat rely on people’s data to make their sites better and more profitable. Thus, they collect as much data as they can and store it on cloud servers for later use.

Also, some of the personal data found on social media are public but not easy to find and crawl. That’s when the role of premium search tools becomes more important than any time before. The internal social profile search engine of these tools works faster than all the social media sites combined. Even more, it could detect any detail and let you search again using it.

In order to find the social media accounts on someone’s email, you need to copy and paste the ID in the search box. Then, look for any mention of a social network.

Search social media, directly

Some networks offer social profile search by email. But it’s not easy to deal with, there are many networks and platforms. However, if the account is hidden, then, that’s because of the privacy settings the user configured. To overcome that issue, you may create an account on the site that you want to search on. Then, use the email of the person you’re trying to locate and see if you see any linked profile or not.

If that’s not easy with thousands of profiles and members, then, create your account based on what the person has as details such as age, location, hobbies, etc. It’s like a smart way to find a specific profile on a social platform. Consequently, when you match your personal information with that person’s information, their profile will be visible.

Here is an example of how to find someone on Facebook by email address.

Finding a Facebook account with email

Facebook, for example, is one of the sites where people hide their accounts from their friends lists. But once you match the person’s details, location, etc… Things become easier, and the account could be visible to the public viewers.

You can also find anybody’s account on Instagram by typing their email address in the search field. Click on the magnifying glass on the Facebook search bar from the top left area on the desktop. Or choose their mobile app, and you may find all the social media accounts by someone’s email for free.

Use the forgot email trick

If you suspect that your husband or boyfriend hides social accounts on some websites, then here is how to search for these profiles using their emails without creating an account:

  • First, visit a site like Instagram or even TikTok
  • Now, look for the login menu and click on it
  • Once you’re there, see if there is any link that mentions resetting passwords or forgetting the email. That’s where you can type their email and see if the system finds an associated account to it.

In other words, if the system says, your passwords or email has been emailed to you, then, probably, there is an existing social media account using that email. On the other hand, if you get an error message or alert, that means, no accounts have been found in that email address.

What about other social media finder tools?

Other search tools find the profiles that someone has by searching the email address he uses. Next, the site shows you more or less data based on many factors, like the search type and the availability of data. For that reason, we recommend starting the search using email. After that, use any other detail you get about the person, such as his name, mobile number, or other email accounts you find in the report.

On the other hand, some other sites like WhitePages offer similar search options to find people on all the popular social networks through email. But that’s not accurate, and we found lots of wrong details in our tests. So, use that option only if you already have a premium account with them. Or choose the best search method above; it’s better, faster, and anonymous at once.

Try search engines

When we talk about finding people’s social profiles online using their email addresses, Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo are the right search engines to use. But that’s not all, these sites have different algorithms and ways to scan the web and find personal details. For instance, start with Google first, and make sure you understand their advanced search system and how it works. Then, type the person’s exact email.

Google finds many social media accounts linked to someone’s email. Hence, that’s not valid for all the sites and apps. Thus, if there is no information about that, make sure you search for any possible secondary email address they own and us. Next, start the search again using that new email you discovered.

To search all of the social media sites by email, you have to add the domain name of the network like the next example:

[email protected]

Next, keep changing the social media site domain until you cover all the popular social networks where guys and girls create profiles.

Checking anyone’s social media accounts using their Gmail should help you detect fraud. That happens a lot, and so many users behind fake emails are scammers from different places. So, when you want to see if an email address belongs to a scammer or not, Google can show you some hints. Look at some reviews of that software. or, type that email address with words like alert, scam, or owner. Then see if Google can help you with useful resources in your search.

Always verify the details you find online

Even if the above technique seems to work well for many to find hidden profiles with an email address, it may not answer your question 100%. And tell you whether or not your partner has another social account that he hides on that website.

Sometimes, the developers of the system do not create separate warnings for users who already used that email address and others who have no accounts at all. So, always use this search option with caution to find people’s profiles on any social network.

Searching for someone’s hidden accounts online through his email should be done in a few minutes if you follow this guide. Sometimes, when the person is secretive with his details such as the phone number or other contact information.

It will be necessary to go a step further to get every data about them. Then, the information you find, like his other email accounts, can help and show you more hidden profiles you don’t know about. So, use the above search techniques, and you’ll locate the exact social media account that a person uses.

How reliable is searching for social accounts by email?

The above options are reliable when it comes to searching for someone’s account on social media. However, that comes with limitations, such as the type of account the user has and more. For example, if you want to search for someone on multiple social media accounts at once, you have to use the reverse email lookup above. But sometimes, you may not see the private accounts on Facebook or Instagram as they are kept blocked from web crawling. 

At other times, you may find the direct link to someone’s Instagram profile via email. But that account’s details won’t be visible to the public. In this case, you need to send that user a friend request or follow them to see what they post on their profile page.


As you can see from these tips and resources, you can search for someone on social media using their email address. So, it’s possible to find online profiles linked to a specific email with different tools and websites. However, the accuracy of the data could vary from one method to another. So I recommend trying multiple search options at once. That way, you can combine the power of social media searching tools with advanced algorithms and powerful web scanning systems.

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