What is Shared web Hosting: What make it different from Dedicated hosting

What is Shared Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers?

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The first time you start a website, you will find some technical nominations that not all people know. Things like shared hosting and dedicated hosting seem complicated, for the first time. But, when things come to RAM and VPS, you will find them even complicated than before.

Today, you’ll learn the difference between shared and dedicated hosting and most important, when exactly you need to go with shared server and when you should have your own server.

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Shared Web Hosting

As its nomination, shared hosting is a way to host your website or blog with other websites in the same servers. Each one has its own login details and can upload and download files from the server using its shared disk space and bandwidth. It’s exactly like living with many people in the same house, you share everything as resources with them. But, you still get your secured place to store what you need.

In this case, the more websites hosted on the same server, the fewer resources each one of these websites will have.

Shared Web Hosting

The disk space and the bandwidth will be divided between all the domain names hosted there. You can upload your files or an entire website, using the Control panel or other intermediate software like Filezilla that connect your local computer to the distant server.  That allows you to see the distant server content on your local machine.

The shared web hosting is the best choice for small websites and blogs, you still get an excellent service at low-cost. The majority of modern hosting companies like Inmotion Hosting are protecting the server from exceeds usage.

So, the total resources still divided between users without affecting the service, and no one can use all the resources, and make the other websites down. It’s a balancing technic to protect the customer.

Shared hosting is your best choice when starting a new website, or even, for old websites with low traffic below some thousands of daily users. If you think that you have lots of traffic, then, you will use the majority of the server resources and this is not allowed. In this case, you have to switch to a VPS or dedicated server.

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The majority of the actual shared hosting companies still gets a few downtimes each month. It can be a few minutes or even some hours, if you select the wrong and low-quality hosting provider.

If you need a shared and top quality web hosting for WordPress, you can use Inmotion Hosting, they’re the best WordPress hosting provider with secure and fast servers.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A VPS gives you more resources and can be managed, you control what you want, you get your own dedicated disk space, bandwidth and other resources on a parent server. In this case, the server is divided between a few people, and no one can access the other resources.

The VPS is the best choice or fast growing blogs and small business website that needs extra resources, without paying for a real dedicated server that cost multiple times the VPS hosting.

VPS Hosting

You can also check my last post about how to get instant VPS hosting and activation. And best of all, it’s the best reliable and economic service, with advanced features and technology that a few companies have.

Dedicated Web Hosting

A dedicated hosting is the way to go for high traffic websites, and large companies who need dedicated resources and custom add-ons. The dedicated server allows you to use 100% of your resources. It’s exactly like having your own house, you can control all things and you avoid down times for shared web hosting.

Even, if your website receives millions of daily visits, the visitor gets fast-loading web pages. At the same time, you can use the total of disk space to store data and manage the website.

Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting is powerful than the shared hosting, but it cost many times the shared budget. So, prepare yourself to get exclusive an excellent service but, you need to pay from $75 to hundreds, and even thousands of dollars every month, if you want on demand dedicated hosting.

You can check this post about the best dedicated server hosting services, and learn more about their features and prices.

Not all the web hosting providers can give you an excellent dedicated server with fast activation, and customer support. But, a few companies like, Liquid Web offer a top quality hardware and servers. I recommend that hosting provider for their quality, and the great customer support.

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The dedicated server needs some technical knowledge to manage. Of course, you can get the free server setting and running in 4 hours with the above companies. But, you should take care about your server and never install not trusted software.

It will be better to ask them if the software that you want to add is clean or not. Even if you’re someone who have years of experience, you still need to know if your add-on software will work well with their hardware.

Inmotion Hosting created their own servers and add their own features and technic. They give your website all the power that it needs and make it very secure with advanced security and scanning system. Personally, I recommend them for any website owner who needs to save some money, and getting more features. You can start your own dedicated server without worrying about resources, and security.

As you can see, if you have a small blog or website and you have less than a few thousands of daily traffic. Let’s say you have less than 1000 visitors per day, you can start with a shared web hosting at low-cost, and without affecting your website speed. For more traffic, you need a dedicated RAM and resources, but shared with only a few other websites, you can go with a VPS.

In the third case, where you have lots of traffic, and needs more disk space, and other features and get 100%of the server resources, the Dedicated hosting is your solution.

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