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Tips to Build and Keep your List of Subscribers the Right Way

Building an email list is the powerful way to succeed as an affiliate marketer and any other business. You can use different methods to get subscribers, and even, get hundreds of them in a single day if you have that huge traffic. But, the question here is, how long will you keep that list? And how many subscribers will leave your list per day? In this post, I will give you simple, but best email marketing tips, and of course, you’ll find the mistakes to avoid when building your list.

2018 email marketing best practices

Treat your subscribers as human and forget money

tips to build your email list

First of all, if you put an email option box to your blog just to send offers to your readers, then, you’re on the wrong way, people are not numbers, or money. They are human like you, people love to hear news from your blog and get free tips from time to time. Of course, without feeling that you force yourself to say “hello”, just to get their hard-earned bucks.

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Listen to me, we’re all need money to leave, and we work hard to get it. That’s is what make us alive, nobody can leave without money in this crazy world. But, keep in mind that, if you treat people as human, they will engage with your blog or website.

To treat people as human and feel what they feel, you should build relations through your email list. I know that it’s hard to understand from the beginning, but, when you send useful tips to your list, without a single affiliate link during one month, they will come from time to time to see what you’re talking about.

Even, some of them will visit your blog, just to find why you’re sending them exclusive tips and helps, without asking for a return, this is the nature of human.

You can ask the question: Why I’m sending free things to people? The answer is simple, give something free to people, and they will love your work. By the way, don’t expect to receive thanks from them, they can just thank you by visiting your blog. At the same time, don’t be as the money makers who think about themselves only.

I know that there are lots of them, but, you don’t need to be the same, think about millions of people who can’t drink a coffee like you, and others, who can’t even find healthy water, you can’t imagine this, or maybe, you won’t do it. At the end, be Good as possible.

Show your email subscription box

You have to put your subscription box in areas that people see for the first visit. The sidebar is the best place to do that, you can also, use your call to action area to ask people to subscribe to your list. I recommend the Option Monster WordPress plugin that does the job professionally.

The easiest way is to build email subscribers, you can do that for free, or with paid ways, like advertising  on Facebook, as an example. But, the most important thing is to keep your list. Some 500 interested subscribers are better than thousands of people who will never open your email. So, let’s talk about how to keep your email list

It’s a matter of  Time

If you work hard on your blog, and other related things like, marketing and building links and traffic, to be the number one in your niche, this is a good thing for you and others. But, make sure to think about time, time and work together will be your blog’s food to grow.

Your email list also needs to be good as your blog, the best way to achieve that, is to send frequent emails with a logical period, let’s say once a week. That way, you can take a coffee and write good email to say hello to your subscribers, and help them like one person. If you’ve learned something new, why not sharing it with them.

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Don’t Build Trust, it comes naturally

It’s really a lie to send emails to your list, just to let them trust you, this is the worst method. Trust is something that comes naturally, if you’re doing good work from your heart, the majority of people will trust you. Others will not, because they’re different, and others will need some time to buy something from your products or services, and that totally normal.

My advice is, forget everything you’ve heard, about building trust, if you’re honest with yourself first, and with people, second, trust, is your way. So, don’t worry about it, it’s like a reward for honest people.

Don’t buy a list

There are thousands of people here and there, who share their links to sell you their fake emails. And even, some real ones, but, of people who entered their personal detail in survey sites, or something like that. Purchasing email lists is just a waste of money and time.

Nobody will sell his list, it helps to build businesses and if people are selling lists, be sure that it’s worth nothing. There is no such a thing called ”targeted email lists for sale” that will really be useful and trusted. They come from spam ways and people are not even opening their emails, or they just signup with a fake one.

So, forget buying these fake lists, even, a child can create a fake list in hours and sell it, but nobody will open your emails.

Instead of that, use a trusted permission-based email marketing software, I recommend Aweber for their great service and the real verification process. Every subscriber needs to validate host email in order to be subscribed.

How to include offers

The best way to build a strong list is to divide it into ”new subscribers”, and ”old subscribers”. You have to send really useful offers with tips about how to succeed with that product or service, and even, explain why recommend that product. People will listen to you and purchase through your links.

Your new subscribers need some time to open all your emails, but they will unsubscribe when you start bombarding them with offers from the first week. Keep them updated and share the same tips, as with all the other subscribers, but, with the minimum, or even, without products.

The only case to include products here, is when the only solution for a problem is to purchase a product, they will understand that.

When your new subscribers achieve one month in your list, start adding a few links in your emails. Include free, and paid products or services, this is the real way to succeed. Not all of them can really purchase a product that cost $45 or less, so, help them with free products, and they will purchase when they have money.

A paid product is different from the free one by quality and features, people understand that, and when, they don’t buy, probably, that’s because they don’t have money that day, so, let things go naturally.

Basic and useful things to know

I won’t talk about how to write an email to your subscribers, this is your way to personalize it, people like your personal emails and not the others, even if they are better. Use your subscriber’s name instead of “hello there”, it looks from machines and not human. Wish a good day to your subscribers, and let them see that you send personalized emails.

Include your signature and the blog, or the site address for people who forget your email. The other things are up to you, you don’t need tips on how to send emails.

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