Top Cheapest VPS Hosting Providers: Quality and Fast Services

When the website starts receiving good traffic, it becomes critical to think about the speed, and that’s why the virtual private server is the next step in web hosting.

It lets you guarantee the resources, and that has a direct impact on the loading time without risk and limitations. However, To find cheap VPS hosting with cPanel, you need to compare lots of services and hope that you get a clear result.

I’ve tried the majority of the popular hosting providers, and that allowed me to have an idea about their infrastructure and what they can do for speed and performance. So, I’ll share the best VPS providers that let you manage your files directly from a control panel

Top-rated and low-cost VPS hosts

1. Inmotion Hosting

Please note that there are lots of scammers, especially the new companies that appear from time to time, and then, nothing happens like professional services. There are many places that offer cheap VPS with cPanel, but a few of them will work as you want.

That’s why inexpensive should never mean low quality but a fast server with all the security and everything else. If you’re looking for quality, then the below service will be your best. But, if you just want low prices, then, shared hosting will be better than hosting your blog or site with scammers.

The first company that I recommend is Inmotion Hosting, they have a great service, and even a fully managed VPS is one of their best offers. The minimum server RAM is 4GB, and that’s enough to run your blog and make it load faster than any other hosting.

Of course, if you need more resources, there are other plans, and you can get up to 8GB of RAM with 200 GB of storage and 4TB of monthly bandwidth.

VPS Prices

Their prices depend on the level of resources that you want. Please note that the following are at a special discounted price for the first month.

  • VPS-1000S: $29.99
  • VPS-2000S: $49.99
  • VPS-3000S: $154.99
Cheap VPS Hosting with cPanel

In all cases, you can’t find any cheap and professional VPS with cPanel, at $29.99 per month with full support. This is a service that everyone can use without sending thousands of dollars per year.

All the VPS plans come with cPanel installed. So, you can manage your website files and everything else like normal. But this time, you don’t have to pay for the control panel and save money. This is a great Linux VPS provider and the only one that offers full SSD servers with the latest security settings.

There is a nightly backup for the managed servers, and the migration is offered for free.

Also, you get a minimum of one of 2 dedicated IP addresses, and you can get up to 3 IP addresses. Every server comes with support by phone, email, ticket, or live chat. The support will be much more professional with a dedicated team that you can’t find anywhere else.

You can host unlimited domains with unlimited email accounts on your server. There is no need to install email protection tools because you get an advanced spam filtering system added by default.

This is a professional and managed VPS hosting with cPanel with all the settings and the configuration to let your site run at the maximum speed without affecting the resources. You get a pre-installed firewall application to protect your websites.

2. Liquid Web

This is a managed VPS hosting with SSD infrastructure and affordable prices. The cheapest VPS plan costs only $59 per month, and that’s incomparable with other services in terms of cost and speed. There is no need to think about performance because you get a fast server from one of the top VPS hosting providers in the world.

The greatest features are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and domains. But also, you also get a virtual private server with a 100% uptime guarantee and a web-based control panel.

This is one of the greatest services where you get scalable RAM thanks to the powerful cloud infrastructure. So, everyone can upgrade or downgrade the server RAM with a click when he needs it. That’s full flexible hosting with professional customer support that’s available 24/7.

Every server comes with auto-installer software, so you can install any application, such as WordPress or others like Joomla, and also, you can also host an eCommerce website. Furthermore, this is a recommended SSD VPS hosting for eCommerce websites and online stores.

With one click, you can create a PrestaShop or Magento store with all the professional features and payment systems. Thus, you get great services from a low-cost VPS host with unlimited resources.

If you’re a developer, then this will be the right VPS provider for you. They have all the features that make them the best VPS service for developers.

3. Bluehost

This is a good provider that offers cheap VPS hosting plans. The minimum RAM is 2GB with 30GB of storage and other great features. But, unlike the below service, this one offers Linux VPS only. All their plans come with enhanced cPanel, and it’s the same as the standard functions, but with some design modification.

For performance and speed, this is a professional VPS hosting provider with optimized servers. They have a great infrastructure and lots of options to customize your server and make it protected.

The server comes with powerful resources that handle any traffic. The RAM ranges from 2 to 8 Gigabytes. The disk storage ranges from 30 to 240 Gigabytes with super-fast drives.

For customer support, you get the best services. The company has top-rated customer service with years of experience and friendly help. There are thousands of VPS hosting reviews that recommend this service for its quality and features. Furthermore, I’ve used their 6 GB RAM server, and it made everything faster and better.

4. InterServer

This is a great cloud VPS hosting with enough resources to make your website or application run smoothly and faster. The minimum RAM is 1 GB, and you can upgrade the RAM when you want, as it’s a cloud feature.

The server will be protected, and the firewall will ensure the security of your files. The cheapest VPS plan costs $20 per month with a free daily backup, professional help, and customizations.

Things to consider on every VPS

Please make sure to consider the migration process. If you can move your website, that will be good for you. But if you need someone else to move your files, send a support ticket after creating your account, or simply, start a live chat session and tell them to move your website.

If you want to save money with your plan without ordering extra levels and resources, you can optimize your website to work faster and with fewer resources.

There are many caching systems that you can customize if you want, or ask technical support to do the job for you. That will not only speed up your website without adding resources, but it will make your users happy.

If, for any reason, you’re not sure about how to start, contact the support team and even browse their tutorials. That way, you can find what you’re looking for, and that will help you to succeed in your business.

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