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Truths about Website Traffic Sources you Need to Know

When it comes to driving traffic to your website or sales pages, you will find lots of services and products to use. Every time that you search for the simple way to boost the traffic, thousands of sites appear in the Google search, and even, in advertising networks and everywhere.

The problem here is that lots of people, and especially, newbies can’t refine the good things among the bad ones easily. Of course, things can be confusing, and that’s what this post will clarify today, so, you can know which traffic source to use and which others to avoid.

Truths about Web Traffic Sources

There are no things called traffic machines

I want to ask you this question, how many times you saw websites claiming they sell traffic generating machines? Of course, a lot, or at least once, if you have a website or a blog. These people are selling nothing in the end and the web traffic is not that way they talk about.

There are software that cost money and people still believe that they can generate traffic using such a stupid ways.

How a human can bring real visits to his landing page by clicking a button? People find themselves in the need to boost their traffic, and things like SEO and advertising seems hard. So, they purchase this kind of software that never works.

You need real visits and not any other traffic, and it’s not easy to get these visits. People are not machines to bring them to your website instantly. In other words, there is no such a thing called traffic generation software.

There are lots of scammers

If you visits some freelance websites, or even, pay per job marketplaces like Fiverr and others, you will find sellers who offer thousands of visitors for a very cheap price. You need to ask a question here, why these people want to sell that traffic if it can help them makes sales?

It’s simple, they use software that sends bots to your websites, and of course, your tracking system will treat them as real visitors, and that’s what scammers need.

You can also find other people in many forums who talks about selling a traffic and things like that. Be careful about that and never waste your money and expose your website at real risk. Traffic is not a click of the button if you really want to get sales or subscribers, or even visits. Unfortunately, beginners are always the easiest target for those people.

Banner ads can’t bring targeted traffic all the times

Advertising still a good traffic source, but, when you treat them wrongly, results can be negative. I highly recommend investigating on the website or the network that you want to work with. Make sure that you advertise with high traffic sites, or at least, with a targeted audience that suit your niche or product.

So, if you want to avoid mistakes with these ads, spend some time searching for the traffic and how many visits the site receives per month, which is the average period of renting and ad space.

Organic traffic is the best quality

This is the best traffic quality, when your site rank in search engine results, people can find your content and visit the right page, and then, you will notice a great results, if you have the right product or service. However, working with SEO is not easy as people say.

It needs months of work, at least, if you work alone, and you need to build some backlinks and promote your business.

Organic traffic is great and  can continue for a long time if you apply the right tips. You will get visitors on autopilot from the Google organic search, but, make sure to update your website and optimize it for mobile devices. SEO changes every day, and you need to stay updated, and never use spam ways to rank better.

PPC is not for everyone

This is right, if you try to advertise with an agency or an ad network, you will find yourself in the needs to pay more money for every click or every view. That’s why it’s recommended to start with a small investment and see what happens.

Change the text, the titles, and optimize them for better clicks, but, never neglect the quality. You need to tell people what they will get exactly and not just telling them to click your ad, and then you lose money and they never come back again.

Starts with less than $50 or $100 at the beginning and test your results. Many people think that PPC could bring sales instantly, and they never think about prices and other things. My advice here is to never use Google AdWords if you don’t have solid resources.

You can get great quality of traffic, but, the click can cost you 30 times more than other networks like Bing and Yahoo. Of course, Google is the best PPC network, but, it’s the most costly and it’s not easy to manage.

Email marketing is a great source of traffic

If you have an email list, then, you have a real treasure, but only if people are human and not numbers. On the other side, when you want to bring traffic from other people’s email lists, you will get targeted traffic by sending the right offers to the right subscribers.

That’s why building a list is not a choice in our days, but a must have a strategy in your marketing business.

Please don’t use spam lists to market your business, there are thousands of sites that offer solo ads. But, they exchange emails and that’s the worst way to drive traffic. No one will open those spam emails. Just use a real email list from real people like bloggers, marketers, and website owners.

To find great email lists, search for your targeted keyword on Google and add works like ”Newsletter”, ”Subscribe”, then, visit that page and look of you can find any information about the total number of subscribers. Blog lists are the best quality, because, people want to subscribe to their best topics.

Use the contact page and ask if they can offer email marketing for your offer. Then, ask for some details like the price, the average open rate, and the click-through rates. This information, will be useful to calculate your R.O.I later.

You can get in-depth tips and tips about driving traffic using the Affilorama website.

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