How to Verify Pinterest on WordPress: Step by Step Tutorial

Pinterest becomes one of the biggest websites in the world with millions of monthly visitors. Actually, Pinterest is the 27 the biggest website and the 12 in the United States. That’s why every blogger and webmaster needs to add his site to this platform and get more traffic.

Lots of people want to know how to verify Pinterest on WordPress for the simple reason that it seems confusing for newbies.

So, I’ll show you in a step by step tutorial the Pinterest verification process with some tips to get more traffic. Most importantly, you’ll find how to index your profiles, and pins in search engines, that only the verified profiles include.

Different ways to verify WordPress with Pinterest

The first thing to do, even before adding your blog to any platform is to make sure you have good content that people want to share later. You don’t need to waste your time submitting posts without attractive images and content.

I highly recommend Pinterest, for fashion, lifestyle, music, food, and design bloggers. These niches perform well for the simple reason that people enjoy attractive photos and things that make them want to click and pins.

First, you need to copy the verification code from Pinterest. For that, log in, to your Pinterest account, and click on your username to get the menu, next, click on “Settings” as the following screenshot example.

How to Verify Pinterest on WordPress

Now, scroll down in your “Settings” page, and you will find the website box, where you can add the URL, and then click the “Verify Website” button as this example.

How to Verify Pinterest on WordPress

You will get a pop-up window and you need to select the best verification method for you. The Pinterest Meta Tag verification is the easiest one, but I’ll talk about the verification by uploading the file later. For now, click the red link in that pop-up that says “Verify with a meta tag”.

Pinterest Meta tag Verification

Immediately, you will get the meta tag code generated in the same pop-up window. All you have to do is to copy the full code and let the page as it, you will need to click the verification button later. So, complete the next step in WordPress.

Please note, normally, you should copy the code between the "" symbols, but the WordPress SEO plugin will automatically extract the targeted code. Beginners can avoid problems, both, the full tag or the exact code will work only with this powerful plugin. For the other, you should copy the exact code in blue as it looks like the next example.

<meta name="p:domain_verify" content="b2f2b57hsbfe3cdhdye773e3ehdgdg60c5b6a2"/>

Pinterest meta tag verification

Verifying Pinterest account with plugins

Now, let’s learn how to add a Pinterest meta tag for WordPress, I will start with the plugin method. There are many tools to use, but the easiest way is using the WordPress SEO plugin. It’s a great tool to create friendly SEO content.

If you don’t have the plugin yet, you can install it from your dashboard. If you have installed it, then, login to your WordPress dashboard and click the orange wrench with SEO, as this screenshot.

WordPress blog verification

The plugin dashboard lets you easily add your Pinterest meta tag code in its dedicated box. So, add it and click the “Save Changes” button as this screenshot.

Verify WordPress blog with Pinterest

If you’re using a caching plugin, you should delete the cache, or Pinterest will see the old blog version that’s cached. Then, come back to a Pinterest verification page, and click the “Complete Verification” button. Your blog will be verified with Pinterest if you’ve followed the above steps.

You can also use Pinterest verification plugins such as Pinterest Verify Meta Tag and Pinterest Verify. Both works well, all you have to do is to add the meta tag code and save the changes. Then, verify your blog from Pinterest as usual.

These plugins are created especially, for verification and you can uninstall them later for better site performance, you only need them once. So, why keeping plugins that you no longer use? That’s why I recommend Yoast plugin if it’s installed in your blog.

If it’s not the case, try again in a few minutes, or simply read the below solution.

Pinterest meta tag verification not working?

If you have a caching plugin such as the W3 Total Cache or the WP Super Cache plugins, then, Pinterest will never complete the verification, unless you delete the cache. Or, simply, deactivate the caching plugin, that’s the best solution for the majority of cases.

The new cached pages can take minutes to be set, but you can solve this issue by deactivating the Total Cache, or the Super Cache plugins. Then, reactivate them after the successful verification from Pinterest. At the same time, make sure you have the correct code. If none of these solutions work, then, you need to read the below verification method with file uploading.

Uploading Pinterest verification file to WordPress

This method works by verifying some URL extensions in the browser. It’s easy and takes a few moments, but please deactivate any caching plugin if you have them.

First, download the Pinterest file, it’s a small HTML, just click “Download Verification File” as this example.

Upload Pinterest verification file to WordPress

The file will be saved as an HTML page and will get your default web browser icon. For this example, the browser is Google Chrome, and the Pinterest file that you have downloaded will look like this:

Pinterest file

Now, that you have the file, let’s upload it to your blog. So, log in to your cPanel account (hosting), and find the “File Manager” and click on it.

cPanel File Manager

You will get the blog root files that are located in the main directory. You don’t have to do anything, keep the page as it, and click on the “Upload” icon at the top of the page exactly, as the next screenshot from the cPanel file manager.

Upload Pinterest File

Finally, you’ll get a new window, where you can upload the file from your computer, by clicking the “Choose File button”.

Upload Pinterest file from cPanel

Now, the file should be found in the blog or the website directory, and you just need to verify it from Pinterest. So, use the verification button from your Pinterest page and it’s done. Your WordPress blog will be verified on Pinterest without issue if you’ve followed the above steps.

Again, if you get a verification error, then it will be caused by any of the WordPress caching plugins. You can solve the problem, by disabling them permanently, until you succeed in the verification.

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