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What are the Top Web Hosting Companies in 2019

There are thousands of web hosting companies around the web, and all of them are offering great promises and even free services. But, when it comes to your site, they will forget your security and focus on taking your money only.

Luckily, there are a few other hosting providers who care about your business and website and tries their best to make your website available all the time without issues.

If you are a newbie in the web hosting world and website creation, then, you will find this post helpful. I’ll show you the top web hosting companies, based on their customer reviews and my personal experience. But also, I’ll make sure that all their services are great and not just promises like many others.

Best web hosting companies

To say that the hosting service is great, it needs to be secure and affordable. At the same time, the customer should get what he paid for and get even more free services such as a free migration and of course. No one will trust a web hosting provider without fast customer support.

If you need help, you should get a response by phone, email or live chat in a few minutes and the last thing to look for will be the price that should reflect the real services and suit the customer’s needs.

1. Liquid Web

This is the best web hosting company with years of experience and millions of customers. They offer a professional website hosting service with a domain name, and email hosting, at the same time. Also, they have different plans for all kinds of budgets and applications.

Even, they the most powerful dedicated server hosting with storm resources. The RAM can go up to 504 Gigabytes and that’s an exclusive power that you can’t find anywhere else. Also, their fully managed VPS get that powerful RAM.

You can get different hosting services, such as

  • cPanel hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • Super fast VPS
  • Storm Dedicated machines
  • Dedicated servers
  • Cloud hosting
  • Private cloud hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Linux hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • PrestaShop

This is one of the most reliable web hosting companies with a 100% network uptime grantee, and you don’t have to worry about anything. Just make sure to create good content for your readers, or build a great website, and let them do the hosting job professionally.

Unlike many other providers, this company offers a monthly, or a daily web hosting payment options.

2. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is another big company that provides a high-quality servers speed with fast customer support. Best of all, they are the best-dedicated server providers among others, they offer exclusive services such as a free server configuration for big websites. If you need their first support, you get a free setup that cost at least $300 in other companies.

This company has 310 one click auto installer applications, including WordPress and others. Inmotion Hosting is a CNET Certified hosting and also have an AA Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

HostStarting PriceFree DomainDisk SpaceBandwidthMoney BackFree Offers
Inmotionhosting$4.19YesUnlimitedUnlimited90 Days$300 in Value

3. Bluehost

Bluehost is a big company that has started since the year 1996 and they are the official recommended hosting provider for WordPress, What you get is a fast service with award-winning customer support, in a few minutes, you will get a phone response with professional and kind representatives.

In general, the average response time for your call is 4 minutes, and you have also a live chat and email support.

Bluehost offers a shared hosting service with fast loading time and you can also get an instant VPS activation without the need for any configuration, they will do it for you instantly and this is a rare service that you can find our days.

Top Web Hosting Companies

When it comes to speed, Bluehost built their own servers and they are using a high technology to speed up your website or blog. If you need a large hosting account, then, you can get your own dedicated server that works better with thousands of visitors, unlike the shared server. You will never find any issue with that, this company hosts over 2 million websites y.

HostStarting PriceFree DomainDisk SpaceBandwidthMoney BackFree Offers
Bluehost$4.95YesUnlimitedUnlimitedAnytime$200 in value

4. WP Engine

If you want a premium web hosting services, then, WP Engine is your only choice, they are working especially for high quality WordPress hosting, they have their own infrastructure and even they have custom technology for caching to speed up any blog or website running on WordPress.

Their customer support is one of the best rated services, this is normal if you know that their minimum price is $29 per months for a single WordPress installation, it is a powerful and super fast hosting server that I recommend for people who want a premium hosting.

WP Engine gives you a daily backup of your website, with a strong Firewall and advanced technology to make your website available all the time, they have popular clients such as Buffer and SoundCloud. So, you are in Good hands with a service used by websites with millions of monthly visitors.

HostStarting PriceDaily BackupsDisk SpaceBandwidthMoney BackLoading Time
WP Engine$29YesStarting from 10 GBUnlimited60 DaysVery Fast

5. Hostgator

This is a real big company and they are known for their shared hosting especially. But also, they offer great VPS and Dedicated servers that suit your business needs. What makes this host popular is their service, first, then. Their monthly billing cycles that allow people to try their service for the first months if they want to test the service.

This seems normal service, but it is important for people who start their websites for the first time, if they find a hosting with monthly payment. They will try it without doubt, especially if it is a big company with millions of hosted websites of all sizes.

Hostgator shared hosting starts from $3.96 for the first month and goes up to $11.96 for the business plan. At the same time, they offer a 45 days money back guarantee for all their plans. You get unlimited disk space with unlimited bandwidth for all their plans.

HostStarting PriceFree DomainDisk SpaceBandwidthMoney BackFree Offers
Hostgator$3.96NoUnlimitedUnlimited45 Days$100 in Value

6. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a popular web hosting provider since 1997 with fast servers and great customer support. They offer a 100% uptime guarantee and they are confident about their service of course. You can host unlimited domains with a single account. GoDaddy is a recommended host for WordPress blogs and sites and you can try their service, they offer a 97 days money back guaranteed.

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