what is the best Blogging Platform to use

What is the Best Blogging Platform to use: WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?

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With millions of blogs and websites using different platforms, it becomes really hard to be sure where you want to go from the beginning. If you ask others what is the best blogging platform to use? Some will recommend WordPress, some other love Drupal others will recommend Joomla.

So, what you will use for your blog? The problem is not the platform itself, but the nature of your website, and how you want it to be. In this post, I’ll show the best blogging platform, based on your site nature with the easiest way.

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Please note, I will only focus on the three most popular self hosted applications.

Drupal, Joomla and Blogging

1. Drupal

Drupal is the first CMS created in the year 2001. Running a website with Drupal is not an easy job for newbies, you have to learn lots of things to be able to manage your website. This is the perfect platform for complicated websites that use powerful software and thousands of parameters.

Drupal is not the best choice for blogs and news sites, but, it’s the best choice for websites that use complex data organization and communities with a large number of users.

You can find thousands of modules (the same as WordPress plugins), and themes, but as I said, you have to learn many knowledge before starting a Drupal website. So if you want to start a blog with Drupal, you will find many problems and from the first minute. You can be lost with the complicated system and interface.

Drupal is good for other websites that require complicated data management, like statistics, and scientific operations, but, not for blogs.

2. Joomla

Joomla was created in the year 2005, and it’s one of the most popular platforms, especially for e-commerce websites. It works well with social networking websites and offers a great eCommerce management, but you should never use Joomla to start your blog, it will kill your work.

The reason is Joomla has poor search engine optimization, and you will need lots of work to get an acceptable level, or you will need to hire an expert to help get more SEO settings.

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As I said Joomla is great, but for eCommerce and networking sites, but not for blogs.

Joomla is less complicated than Drupal, but, it requires some knowledge to manage your website. You can find thousands of themes like any other platforms and use them for free.

Why WordPress is the best blogging Platform?

Actually, there are over 140 million downloads for the WordPress self hosted software. If you compare this number to Drupal that have only 30 million and Joomla with 15 million downloads, you will notice that WordPress is the most popular platform without serious competitors.

Read these WordPress facts.

The reason is that using WordPress is not a problem, even for a person who starts a blog for the first time. All you have to do is some minutes to see the dashboard links, and you can start blogging from the first minutes after installation.

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WordPress is the easiest CMS for blogs and websites, if you think that WordPress is only for small and medium websites, then, look at some of the most popular websites that receive millions of visitors everyday. They are not small sites, and they have been using the same platform for years without issues.

So, WordPress is also a good choice for large size blogs and websites, but without complicated data management and operations, Search Engine Journal and WPBegginer, for example, are some of the popular blogs that use WordPress.

If you’re looking for other popular websites that use advanced WordPress version, then, you can take a look at CNN, Sony, eBay and Forbes, they receive also millions of visitors, and they use the WordPress extended version.

WordPress is an easy software with powerful options and management tools to start your blog. There ‘re thousands of themes and plugins, and you will find the greatest support from communities with millions of bloggers and developers. WordPress themes are dominating the blog templates in marketplaces and forums.

If you look at some of the biggest web hosting companies, you will find a business created, especially, for WordPress. WordPress is CMS that needs some special resources and settings and with millions of blogs. It becomes a great idea to specialize in that great blogging platform,  WP Engine is one of the fastest and premium managed WordPress hosting companies.

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Unlike Drupal and Joomla, WordPress lets you create any type of website and blog you want, from simple blogs to e-commerce and forum websites. Of course, you need to install free plugins, but you can create any type of site you want.

WordPress comes with a basic security system, and you need to install the best plugins to secure and protect your blog. At the end, you will create a blog in minutes, and have a solid and a secure website. Nowadays, WordPress is not only the best blogging platform, but also, it attracts more and more eCommerce and membership websites.

The reason is that thousands of developers are creating advanced plugins and tools that extend the basic WordPress platform and virtually add any function and options you want.

what is the best blogging platform to use

If you compare WordPress to other platforms, you will find it fully search engine optimized, it’s the only platform that really help your blog to get indexed and found on searches.

WordPress, like any other software, includes some problems, they happen from time to time, but it’s the perfect platform to create your blog. This never means that the other platforms are not good, but they’re not the way to optimize and succeed a blog. This is why you should choose WordPress.

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