What makes a Good Leader in Business

What Makes a Good Leader in Business?

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To create and succeed a business, you need to follow steps that are the basis. It’s like making a car, you need to build the engine first and then, all the other steps are similar in general. However. Not all the people are leaders simply because leadership is something that born with people and it’s not a skill to be learned.

Who is a business leader?

You can just ask yourself how many people in the world are learning leadership and what makes a good leader in business. They’re hundreds of thousands, if not millions, Now, the question is how many of them will succeed and become good leaders?

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What makes a Good Leader in Business

You will never learn how to become a good leader

The big problem is that many of the new business owners believe that they can get the “secret skills” to become a successful business leader. But, they will find themselves in a big sea, where they can’t get directions and how to solve problems.

This is why I say again leadership is not a science to learn, it’s skills and characters born with people. Of course, not all of them will succeed, even with their skills, some of them will choose the wrong way and never find a place to apply their skills and the result will be different.

The others will apply their skills at the right place, and this is what makes a good leader in business, it’s a combination of many factors in the right place and at the right time.

If you have some physics knowledge you will understand this immediately, when you have all the necessary chemical elements, and you apply for them in the wrong conditions, nothing happens. But, when you know exactly how the result will be, you get what you want and you create the product.

Leadership is like that, study all the business books and get thousands of degrees, but, if you’re not a leader, you will never build it, even with money and what you want.

Ask yourself why thousands of successful business owners are real leaders? And what’s the difference between you and them. They’re human, they eat what you eat and drink water as you, but simply, they’re different in-depth. Many of them are lovely people, some others are timid and even crazy. But, they can’t be the same as you, and even they can’t make things that you can do.

Everyone has its own skills, sometimes, you will never know that you have, as skills, but when the moment comes, people will tell you that you have skills in this or that domain.

You should know that a business owner is not automatically a leader. Even, if the company is multinational, that never means the person is a good leader. Many companies are successful, but through the team and the group who works behind it. In this case, the business owner is just a boss.

Intelligence, ability to influence on others

The leader is the person who knows where the company will go. It’s the only one who understand his employees and can see what they want from just looking in their eyes, yes, leadership is multiple human characters mixed with intelligence.

You can’t be a leader if you just want to make money through people who work hand in hand with you. Look some of the biggest companies in the world, take Apple as an example, who is the leader? Even after years of his death, people still believe that Steve Jobs is the leader and it’s really the Apple leader. He still the only person that inspires engineers and Apple developers, even, if Apple changes the CEO thousands of times, Steve will be the main leader.

The leader is someone who can tell the others what to do, but without saying anything. This is the truth, if you can let people understand your needs from a signal or an action, you can be a leader. Intelligence is one of the conditions to make a good business leader.

As I said earlier, you can’t learn how to become a leader, but you can learn who is the leader. It’s simple, take the example of a cooker, you can learn how to become a cooker, but they will never tell you who to be the best, you’re the only one who can stand out from the other and guide the group.

You become a leader when you can guide your team if you know exactly how to manage your group and how to inspire them. At the same time, you should be human and never treat people as numbers, or things. If you understand that it happens that an employee can make a mistake and prepare the necessary protection, then, you have some of the skills to be a leader.

Understand Human relations

Not everyone can make good relations with people, interact with them and find what they need and what they have, as problems, if you can’t see, behind the human nature you can’t be a leader. The successful group is the one that combines the greatest people and find solid relations between them.

Confidence in himself

A leader is someone who knows exactly what he’s doing without hesitation, he learns from the others mistakes, but never go the way and look at the past. The leader is also, a person who can take the risk at the most critical moments, and never ask the others how to guide the company. It’s all about many human and business characters that no one can teach to the others.

Vision for the future

If you look at some of the biggest business leaders, you will find that they prepared a plan from years, to be able to be in their actual position. Planning for the future is one of the steps to be a leader. If you can see what happens now, and can expect what will happen tomorrow, and after 10 years, you will stand up from your competitors, and become the person that inspires the others.

Secrets are part of the project

To be able to achieve your goals and stay in a good position, you should keep your secrets and never say what will destroy your business. Keep your secrets limited to people you trust, and never play with your ideas. We’ve seen many mistakes made by directors who say the wrong thing in the wrong place.

You should never show your strategies and talk about them in details, there are others who want to destroy your business even with your weapon. A good leader is someone who talks little about his success, but stupid directors are talking all the day about their success and how they’re great. You have the choice, to be hard to operate and easy to follow or to the second one.

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