WordPress Membership Plugin: 3 Best Tools to Choose From

Building a membership site on WordPress is just the first step to start an online business and succeed it. However, that step needs to be studied carefully to use the right tools and settings to make things professionally from the beginning one never fail.

There’re a few WordPress membership plugins and themes that you can use and in this post, I’ll show you the best of these tools that come with lots of features and functions without the need to do the hard job with coding and setup.

Best WordPress membership plugin

The below membership plugins for WordPress are tested and they proved their functionality. So, you can use one of them and start creating your site with professional plugin and make it looks better than your competitors.

All, you need, is to follow the steps described by your plugin creators and you will be able to optimize your membership site for search engines, speed and of course, the user experience will be better.

1. WishList Member

This is thefirsts recommended plugin, it comes with all the features and the options that you need to offer the best site for your members. This tool lets you create an unlimited number of membership levels. So, that you can start with basic membership subscriptions.

For example, or trial modes, then, add premium plans and so on. At the same time, you have the full control over your members, in one click, you can see the members plan, the date of subscriptions and the related details.

If you want to upgrade or downgrade a member, or pause another one or completely delete its registration if you need it. Just use the appropriate options from the dashboard after viewing its membership status.

The best part about this plugin is the ability to schedule an auto upgrade or downgrade for your members. For example, you can set up a free trial plan for one month, then, change the status to premium that needs the subscription.

Of course, you can hide content and pages for some levels and makes the content available for specific levels of memberships. The tools come with full shopping cart integration, it’s easy to use ClickBank, PayPal, and all the others. This system works also with popular email marketing services like Aweber, MailChimp and others.

WordPress Membership Plugin

The plugins come with lots of bonuses with premium quality, you get all the resources and the tools to build a professional membership website and make it the best.

2. Instamember

This is another Good plugins, but it’s different from the above one in features and functions. It’s an easy, to use tool and after the installation, activate your plugins and start building your site like a pro. Then, make sure to work on the design. This plugin work on the major shopping cart  and affiliate marketing platforms.

With this powerful plugin for member websites, people can handle two-tier affiliate programs and the beautiful payment buttons make things looks pretty and professional.

This plugins comes with another premium theme, but for free this time. It’s a product created by the same team and you can get lots of benefits when using that powerful WordPress theme that can be used to create membership sites and also all the other site types.

3. S2member

This is the third recommended membership plugins that you can use in WordPress. This is a trusted tool used by thousands of WordPress. This is a trusted tool used by thousands of webmasters and people around the world.

It integrates with BuddyPress, and you can protect your posts, tags, categories and all the site content. With one click of a button, it’s easy to set who can see a content and who else should upgrade his membership plan in order to access an are in your website.

The best thing about this plugin is that you can offer downloadable items to your members, the files hosting can be in your site or from the Amazon S 3 or CloudFront. That way, people webmasters can sell their guides, eBooks or other resources that people want to use for their business.

For payment processors, you can use PayPal or PayPal Pro for business, also, there is the Authorize.net integration, Clickbank, Google Wallet. So, there is no need to think about building a custom payment method for your site. You have all the things that you need to use. This is one of the best plugins that let you import or export your full members list and restore it later when you want to migrate to a new hosting, for example.

You can integrate an affiliate program with your site. All, you need, is to enable the affiliate function. Also, the plugins work with the majority of email subscription services to build your own email list and let your subscribers get updates.

If you need to create a forum, the tools include the bbPress feature. No matter if you’re using a caching plugin or a specifically customized theme. This plugin works with all WordPress themes and plugins and no worries about that.

These are the best WordPress membership plugins for professional use and they all come with payment processors integrations, site content protections and restrictions and all the functions to create your own member site on WordPress. Ever plugins come with its own features and people need to find what works best for their situation and business.

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