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Here is an overview of what your article should be:

  • 1000% original, if you copied a single phrase, we’ll forget you forever seriously.
  • Content must be 1000 words long as a minimum, but that doesn’t mean to stuff the article with phases to make it longer, if it should be 900 words and there is no need for extra idea, that’s ok, but in general, you can talk about what your article is about in the introduction and conclude in the end with one paragraph or two.
  • You’re not allowed to promote your product or service
  • We’ll add your established website or blog link in your bio with No Follow link
  • No links in content to your website or blog or any other site, (we’ll add them when needed).
  • Write clear paragraphs with 5 lines long as max, make the reading easy for all.
  • We only accept guest post related to business, blogging, WordPress, web hosting, web safety, online security etc…
  • Send us your author bio with your homepage link.
  • We reserve the right to remove your article if we find something wrong with your link or content.

write for us

I welcome your articles, tips, and tutorials, just make sure to write 1000% original content with your own work. We’re looking for long-term cooperation with you. If you’re from one of the English-speaking countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, or Australia and you want to write for us; then, email us at with the title of your article and your previous experience if you have.

Write on different topics

Write for us on Business

We welcome everyone who can provide high quality article related to online business, business in general, online marketing, and all the related information. Just make sure to submit a few links where you published previous jobs if you have.

Write for us on Web Hosting

For web hosting related articles and tutorials, you must have experience in the domain. That means, you had experience with web hosting companies or you published articles related to solving technical problems on web hosting, servers, web browsers. Also, you can show us your skills if you’d no experience but you have information and ideas that readers will appreciate.

Write for us on web technologies

This is a great way for you to get exposure to thousands of readers and experts in the domains. We prefer in-depth article about fixing a problem or something similar that help people. But also, web prefers content about new fresh technologies and apps on the web that are useful and trusted. Of course, you should be able to do your own research in parallel with your own knowledge and experience if applicable.

This kind of articles needs more work and time, and we’ll be happy to pay you for articles longer than 1700 words long.

Write for us on WordPress and Blogging

Without a doubt, WordPress is the greatest blogging platform. That’s a popular software with thousands of plugins, themes, and apps, So, you have a large variety of topics to write about. We recommend writing WordPress tutorials, WordPress problem fixing articles and things like that.

We’ll read your email and titles, but we’ll give you recommendations and tips and make your writing better. That way, you build a great writing portfolio through our website and you’ll get exposure to thousands of readers around the world.