Yahoo Voices and Contributor Network will Shut Down

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In the last hour, Yahoo sent email updates to all their writers and contributors who started their business with yahoo since 9 years and now the total number of bloggers and contributors is over 600.000 and that’s a big number. However, as any other business online, things are changing every day and the Yahoo company decided to close its doors for these two business communities in their network. Yahoo Voices and Contributor Network.

On July 31 yahoo voices will be shut down and on August 15th they will send the final payment to their members and then the yahoo contributor network will be from the past. That’s a sad news for those hundreds of thousands of people who worked and still works with Yahoo in general.

In the last few days, Google also decided to shut down its social network Orkut, anyways, it was a little network with a few numbers of millions compared to Google plus, Facebook and Twitter and that’s not a loss for Google, they are the biggest search engine and their Google plus attract millions of new subscribers every month.

But, for yahoo, this is one of the biggest shut down cases in their lives, Yahoo will lose a big potential of writers and bloggers who participated in the Yahoo business growth, but this time, they forget their members and will close the entire network.

The below is the email that was sent by the Yahoo network to their members and contributors.

Yahoo Voices and Contributor Network will Shut Down

It seems that Yahoo started rebuilding their business, especially after the big fail with their search engine that was added to the Bing webmaster tools in their collaborations.  Yahoo is no longer the second search engine as it was in the few last years, they lose millions of people. As I said earlier, Yahoo still makes the same mistakes and instead of focusing on their users browsing experience, they create layouts with lots of news stories and images that loads slowly.

The result is simply, the fail for their news website. Nothing is compared to Google that offer quick updates and very fast browsing and loading time. I home that the Yahoo leaders start thinking about their business from a different angle and take their users as a priority first, then, they can compete Google or any other giant company. Wish them Good Luck.

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