With thousands of websites, blogs, and magazines, there is no clear choice of the exact tools, services and options to start a business online and succeed. In addition, for online safety and security, everything is changing every day. For that reason, Trustiko is one of the best websites that provides up to date tips about different domains for everyone.

We invest a lot of time testing and comparing things to together to let you know what tool works better than the others and what you should do to make your website or blog faster, better, and more secure.

Trustiko helps you with web hosting tips and guides

As a professional blogger, you’ll need to have a good website hosting service. Unfortunately, there are many low-quality web hosts and many of them offer nothing more than promises. The good news is that there are also many trusted web hosting companies for WordPress and other platforms that we test and highly recommend. You can take a look at our hosting comparisons to find more details about these two popular web hosts.

Also, you can write the small business web hosting companies that work well for all. These web hosts offer free domain name, SSL certificate and of course cPanel control panel that lets you manage the website files better and faster.

Now, if you have the right hosting, then, you should also think about the domain name. There are many registrars, but only a few companies offer the best domain name registration services for blogger, business owners, and entrepreneurs. In fact, a good domain name registration service should offer a good DNS management tool, easy to use dashboard and reliable uptime that makes your domain working smoothly without issues.

For the best recommend online business and blogging tools we recommend, check the recommended tools in the left menu of this page. You’ll find the most trusted apps, services, and tools that work.

Trustiko’s WordPress articles, and tutorials

On the other hand, we have lots of tips, tutorials, and recommendations for WordPress users. So, the can browse our step by step guide to start a blog, or eCommerce websites and succeed. Then, they can follow the right recommendation to start selling products online and generate real income.

Want to pick a good WordPress theme? Or you have a website, and you want to buy the right template for it? So, don’t waste your time testing dozens of products and designs, we have years of experience in web design, WordPress, HTML5, and CSS 3. So, we know which theme work better and faster, and you can find all the best website template to start a professional blog, website, online store or even a membership website.

Trusted writing and editing tools

If you care about writing, then, you need to have a look at our writing and editing category. There we share the right services, proofreading software and of course related apps for spelling check, English grammar correction, punctuation checking and more. That way, you’ll have all the writing tool in one place with ways to fix the common problems and succeed.

Instead of recommending any writing tool, we prefer trying the software first, then, write about it. There are dozens of grammar and proofreading tool online, but do they work the same? Can you use their apps without issues? And can you really write better content that human and search engines understand?

We carefully try the writing tools for months, and then, ask for feedback from readers who want to help. Then, we mix the user review with our expert rating to rate the tool and recommend the best one. That way, everyone can get what he looks for, to write better, faster and save the time. We recommend the best writing checker tool for professional writers, students, teachers and online users who want to just to check their spelling on Facebook, Gmail, and other websites.

Online safety tips with trusted tools

Found yourself in the need to find a phone number owner? And you wanted to find the real person who uses that spam number? So, we have the right tools for you that work for all in the USA. You reveal the real caller using one of the best free reverse phone lookup tools. However, if the caller is using multiple numbers and hides his real identity, then, you’ll need advanced search options and apps.

For that, you can just use the premium services for cell phone number lookup that find unlisted numbers that scammer and spammer hide.

We noticed more issues and problems with new technologies and using the web browser is no longer safe and secure as many think. So, there are many options and settings that you can enable or turn OFF to have a secure browsing experience. For that, we have articles about the best way to know if websites are safe a legit to buy form or not.

Online business and marketing strategies

Instead of testing social media marketing, we show you what you can use first, email marketing, social media or using the organic search. Unlike the old days of investing in Gold, you can have higher ROI and income if you choose and apply the right eCommerce tips and strategies for more sales and happy customers. Browse our business and marketing category for in-depth articles, advice, and the best programs.


Blogging tips from Trustiko

2013 was the year when this website stated, so the past Five years helped me to know what really works for bloggers. There are confusions about search engines, web traffic, social media and online business. Luckily, you don’t have to write hundreds of articles about these topics, and then, use the wrong advice in the end.

We have a great team of expert writers in different domains who can help you in every step of your blogging career. Instead of installing lots of WordPress plugins, we show you the right tools your site need without making it loading slow. Also, we show you how to optimize your blog images, blog posts and article for better conversion and more clicks without spamming. By following the Google guidelines, and sing the best practices, you’ll be able to have a good blog traffic that’s consistent and keep increasing year after year.

If you want to share your tips, tutorial or have any advice that can help others, you can use the contact page and let us know about it. In addition, if you used a web hosting company, writing tool or even an online service that works, you can share your feedback. Your opinion helps us to have a clear idea about web services and tools that others want to try but have no idea about it.