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I’m happy that you want to contact me, your emails are welcome and I take seriously your privacy.

At the same time, I never accept, or even, read emails about exchanging links or spam advertising ways. If you have a question, you’re welcome. If you want to submit good tips or content that can help, you’re more than welcome, but please forget to ask for links.

I receive lots of emails every day, and I need to filter them one by one in order to read the real emails and not those with spam links.

Please introduce yourself, and your business, I take that into consideration to reply.

Your email will be sent to me directly: Fathi [at]

Please note also, that you’re not allowed to use my e-mail for adverting, sending your affiliate links will be taken seriously as illegal and I will do everything to report your business.

If you like to share tips, tricks, and tutorials, please write a short introduction about what you want to write about, then, if the topic is related to WordPress, blogging, web hosting, you’ll be notified by email with more details.

Notice; Only bloggers with exciting blogs can post in Trustiko, so, make sure you give us a link to one of your actual blogs or exciting articles you published on trusted blogs.

Please note also, Trustiko is not the place to promote your products, selling other people items or even post fake reviews about anything. So, we don’t accept promotional posts and we only work with our writers who can post at least one article per 3 months. If you’re one of them; let us know and we’ll publish your article.

You can also check out our terms of service, privacy using the links on the bottom of this page, and even learn more about Trustiko.