Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Free Reverse Phone Lookup: for Landline and Cell Phone Numbers

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If you’ve problems with unknown phone callers and people with no way to detect their real identity, then, you need a free reverse phone lookup service first to identify them. However, not all the free services give real result and scan millions of database details for that exact number or name.

I’ll show you some of the best phone lookup services, but remember that’s not easy for them to provide a result for every number. That’s why I recommend reading this cell phone lookup post, if you can’t find your number details with the below sites.


The following sites are free at the time of publishing this post, and they’re recommended. However, they can’t find hidden numbers, and there is no free service on the web that can do that. By using different tests and methods, searching for U.S numbers, no other service can beat the famous Beenverified as a smart phone detective when it comes to reporting, speed, trust, and professionalism.

Free phone number lookup services

The problem with all these services is that they only search for listed numbers only. As a result, millions of people who use unlisted phones will not be detected here and that’s the issue with free lookup. However, you can give them a try, and see if you get a good information or not.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Please be aware of lots of sites claiming they are a background scan services, the big majority are scammers who use your details and ill bombard you with commercial emails later if you sign up with them. A few ones are public and good, but the problem is, the not listed numbers that they don’t have.

1. White and Yellow pages

Naturally, everyone starts searching white pages to find a targeted phone number and hope that it works. This is a completely free reverse phone lookup with name and address. You can search for landline or mobile numbers and they have a large database of registered members with identities and address locations.

All you have to do is to add your number, and click the search button. You get the location in the map and the exact details. You can also use this Yellow Pages website.

reverse cell phone lookup

2. Google

Yes, that’s true, Google is the biggest search engine and it crawls every corner of the web. If you’re lucky and the person you’re looking for used its number on the web, then, you will find the trace in forums, or any other website. Just give it a try, and enter the number with as this form “0123456789” and you will get the results only related to that exact number.

You can also use the number in the standard form that’s separated by “-” and you will see related results. If you have the name and the address, you can add it separated by comma.

3. AnyWho

This website is another simple and free service to search for cell phone and landline numbers in the United States. They offer an easy to use interface and you get the name of the caller, the exact address and more.

The tool uses the Yellow pages, and Yellow pages in many cases, and they scan other sources of probable results. If you can’t find the number, make sure to verify it, or use the above ones.


This free cell phone number lookup app that can help detect who calls you with that hidden number. It can be installed with Android and iPhone, the online website lets you enter any number and you get its trace on the web, with a name, address and more if available.

The good thing about this lookup application that you can block unknown callers in the future, at the same time, you can filter them and see the real caller identity before answering.

5. True Caller

True Caller is a completely free to use phone lookup service, but they are only working for mobile phone numbers. Or, you can join the community and search for cell numbers by country. The site has its own applications for mobiles, and it can be installed for the popular platforms, such as Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows phones.

These are the free phone lookup service providers, you can use them as many as you want. But, remember that they only can help with listed numbers.

If you can’t find any result, Then, you have to use one of the premium services like Beenverified. They have exclusive sources and largest databases to get the information about any phone number and its owner. No matter if you’re looking for mobile or landline numbers, they have millions of details and you will find a result after a quick search.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your information on how to determine a free reverse phone lookup. I really believe that this kind of solution is important nowadays due to the increasing numbers of strange and unlisted callers.

  2. Just have to know who’s been calling my phone and get it to stop. I hope you’re able to help.

  3. I need reverse phone lookup to find current addresses of people. Please help . . .

    1. I need reverse phone lookup to find current addresses of people I can’t anymore locate

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