How to Find Someone with Only their First Name and Town

When it comes to locating someone on the Internet using only their first name and the city, multiple search options can help. But if you need up-to-date information and contact details, then only a few solutions work. On this page, we’ll list the best ways to find someone using their name and town if that’s what you have, such as personal information about them.

Finding someone with only their first name and city

Now, here are the methods we used and recommend for searching. You can start with the person’s name, then choose the city, state, or country if possible. That can help a lot, especially when using advanced search options.

The following (button) advanced people search tools have the right resources and algorithms to locate millions of people in the US. You can find details by name and city as search options. So, when you use the person’s name when you search, there could be contact numbers and other information about the person you want to locate online.

That’s the best solution when you only know the first name. However, there are still other search types by the person’s phone number, email, or even address if that’s available to you.

Talking about only the first name of the person and where he or she lives could bring you all of their contact details and even their social media profiles in one report.

The benefits of using sophisticated people search engines like this one is that they update the data frequently. That means no more wrong information and addresses. In addition, there is a strong security system that works behind the scenes. That makes your search fast and protected at the same time.

Moreover, users can get all the hidden information about the person they want to find. That might include any possible cell phone numbers, Facebook accounts, home addresses, and more.

Thousands of people use these types of search engines to run background searches on others. So they can see if a person is lying or not about their real identity and information. Consequently, the search could help a lot in daily life, especially in the new world of social media lies, fake profiles, and issues.

2. Search Specialist

This search service can help you find anybody when all the other methods fail. You can request the service from one of the most trusted investigators who uses the same software as the FBI. That means accurate information that’s well-verified, researched, and collected by different techniques that only experts can do.

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After registration, provide the details you need about the person you’d like to find, like their name, location or last seen city, etc.. Next, add as many details as possible to help filter out similar profiles that start with the same first name.

After that, wait for the people search specialist to reply to your request by asking some questions or start doing a deep investigation. That could bring you all the information you need to see about that missing person or a friend you want to find again.

Remember that even a photo or an old phone number can help. These details have a lot of data when searching for them through private databases that government agencies use. So, if you have any additional information you want to provide, send it when you add the search request.

3. Google

Google search is so huge in terms of databases. So it’s the perfect place on the web to find people from any location. This time, you’ll type the name of the person you’re looking for. Then, add the name of the town in quotes, like the following example:

Matt “Corning, New York”

As you can see, we searched for somebody who has the first name “Matt”. Also, we know his city, which is “Corning” in the state of” New York”. That way, Google understands the whole search query and only shows us all the details about that name in a limited geographical area. The smaller the city is, the more accurate and better the search will be because there are few details to read.

When you try to find someone on the Internet by only their first name and state, you get general search results. That means lots of details to filter and find the exact guy you’re looking for. Now, to solve that problem, I recommend adding the “city” inside quotes or trying other options if that makes no difference.

4. Social search engine

Social Catfish has a people search directory that starts with names and includes filters by state and city. So, Here is how you can find someone when you only have their first name and city. First, visit the tool, then scroll down until you see “White Pages Directory” with letters and states in the US.

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People search directory

From there, choose the first letter of the name of the person. Next, you’ll see “Browse directory by state”, so add one.

That way, you’ll search for someone’s name that starts with a specific letter in a unique state. Now, that won’t be as easy as it looks like, because of so many similar names. For that reason, to make the search accurate, you need to add some filters like “filter by state”, “filter by city” or “age range” like in the following screenshot.

Using advanced search filters

You can also search for people by their name or username and other details with the same tool. If you can see the middle name with other search methods, add it with this one, and you may get most of the hidden details online.

5. DuckDuckGo

I’ve used DuckDuckGo many times to see how that newly created search engine works, and it impressed me with the uniqueness of its search. In fact, its search is different from what most users see on Google and also with Bing. That’s because this is another search engine with its own algorithm that doesn’t track the searches and respects your privacy.

Consequently, the ways to crawl the web and collect data about people are different. That means the index also is not the same as other databases or free people search directories. All that means that we’re going to use a new search way and not only rely on Google.

6. Bing

Bing search also works as the main data source for the Yahoo site, and it’s a single algorithm by Microsoft that crawls billions of web pages on a daily basis. That makes Bing another big search engine that comes just after Google. But, this second one has less than 7.3% of the search market in the United States in 2022. However, even with that small percentage of shares on Internet searches, there are millions of users who use Bing every day, and skipping it is not a good idea.

Using Bing search can help you find anybody you’re missing through their name and the city or the state where they lived. It’s similar to Google search parameters; just type the name of the town in quotes and even the person’s first name if you would. Or use the “+” to limit the search, like in the following example:

+Jonathan +San Francisco

7. Facebook

Because Facebook is used by millions of people in the US alone, you should try it if you want to find a specific person you lost contact with. Just type the first name of that guy or girl in the search box. Next, click on “People” and then use the filters to limit the results by city; that’s it.

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Filtering names by City in Facebook

What’s different when using Facebook to find people is the ability to uncover hidden profiles from search engines. That’s because many users prefer keeping their accounts private from Google, and they block their details from being found on search engines using their names, emails, or phone numbers.

8. LinkedIn

When we talk about LinkedIn, we should mention that this social network is only for professionals. So people create their accounts and add their contact information. That means the full name of the individual and his city can bring his LinkedIn profile in seconds. That’s why I highly recommend this search type for those who think that the person they want to find is a business owner.

Here’s how you can search for a specific name with LinkedIn:

  1. Type the first name of the person and validate
  2. From the top right core of the screen, click on” All filters”
  3. Now, scroll down and type the name of the town etc…
  4. Finally, click the blue button saying” Show results”
Searching for someone through LinkedIn

LinkedIn has more search parameters such as education, place of work, and even more. Just give it a try, and you may find people in a few seconds of searching.

9. Other social media sites

Searching for someone’s name on Facebook or Google only, may not show up any results. However, if the person has other accounts on different social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or others, then you have to search these sites separately. Most social networks offer a search option in their apps, so users can easily find friends and people by name or city.


If you use any of the previously mentioned search engines, you’ll be able to trace almost anybody on the Internet. Then, find people based on their first name and the city where they live or even work. If you have more information about them, add that to your search because that will make it more accurate. Meanwhile, if you’ve tried any other technique and have successfully found the person you looked for by name and town, make sure you share it with readers in your comment.

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