How to Search for Someone on by Username

There is a way to search the dating site by username and find the exact person you are looking for. But what if that fails, and so you can’t see that specific partner or friend’s profile on the site? Can you still search by username? If that’s possible, what sites and search engines should you try?

Now, it’s not about the internal search system, which may or may not work in some cases. However, you still have other options to find people on Match through their usernames, so keep reading.

Searching by username

Third-party tools

When we talk about third-party tools for Match username search, this is the ideal solution to tell if someone is using the dating site or not. Best of all, it won’t take more than a few minutes of searching through one of the usernames you know about that person.

The advantage of this technique is that you can search profiles by username without an account or sign up to the dating site. Instead, you have your own central search dashboard to use and search profiles faster, not only for dating sites but also for social media profiles and other details.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to find out if your partner is on or not, so what you can do is put their known username in the search system and let it scan the site for you. But of course, that won’t show you only the hidden profiles, but also the other secret dating accounts on Tinder, eHarmony, and other apps, if that’s possible.

The challenge sometimes will be the way you find the username of that spouse you want to search on the dating sites. So, when you guess it wrong, you won’t see any profile on or any other website. Instead of guessing a guy’s username, use what’s already there on that person’s Facebook account or Instagram.

Just look at their profile page, and from the top of the URL bar, you should see the exact username they have. Then, copy that and use it for Match search to find the profiles you can’t usually see through the site.

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The default Match username search is not new, and it’s one of the oldest ways to find people and possibly chat with them before going dating. So, I recommend giving it a try before you use another option which can take time sometimes.

Can you search by username without logging?

The short answer is Yes, and No. You can search Match by username, but the URL of that dedicated username search page is somehow hidden on the site unless you access it directly. For now, here is the search page, try it and see if you can find that specific person without having to create an account or sign up.

That being said, most times, the site won’t show you the hidden profile unless you log in, so you’ll see an error message like the following one in that case.

“Username not found. The member you’re searching for may have a hidden profile or a new username.”

Searching without logging

On the other hand, if you think that you should find that special person on, then why not create your own account? If that’s worth it, go ahead and use a secondary email address and another phone number to prevent others from finding your profile using these details.

There is a good search field on the site, and the platform has different ways to let you find a specific person by their username and filter profiles by age, name, etc…

Because Match is a dating platform with blocked access, search engines, including Google and Bing, won’t be able to find profiles or accounts. So, don’t waste your time with this type of search anymore. In the past, there was a time when members of these dating sites forgot about making their profiles private, so search engines found them and indexed some details.

Now, it’s not the same thing. You have to be logged in to see the account details. Even more, there is no way to view the photos if the person has strict privacy settings. So, try the above search instead of wasting hours in regular search engines or on social media sites. Searching with a username there won’t work for Match or other similar dating apps.

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Social media searching tool

Social Catfish is a great tool that can help in searching for someone on dating apps by a username only. Just that username in the search box, wait for the scan, and browse the report.

Reverse username search

You can use this tool to search by:

  • Username
  • Name
  • Email
  • Photo
  • Address

Other ways

Finding a specific person on Match or POF by their username is the easiest method, but what if you don’t have that information? And what to do if that username brings no profile behind the person’s username?

Now, you should try other contact information about the husband or others and search again using the third-party tools above. One of these details that you can search with is the cell phone number, the email address, the picture, and even the car VIN and home address. Yes, you can use any of this data to see if someone has a profile or not, and it works faster than other solutions.

What’s even more exciting about this option is that you can use the background search sites to find more hidden details about people you have contact with. In other words, you can see what others hide from you as accounts and contact details you’re unaware of.

In addition, it’s an excellent way to verify the identity of strangers and see if they lie to you or not, and all that is helpful for online safety and security.

When someone hides a profile on dating apps such as Match or others, you can discover the details about them using third-party tools. But this time, don’t only rely on their username. That’s because people can hide secondary usernames you don’t know about.

For that reason, the best way to uncover their secret Match profile could be done through multiple search options, including their usernames, phone numbers, and emails at the same time. Of course, you have to search each detail once, but then try the other one until you have more information and an overview of that person’s online presence on dating sites and even social media.


When you search by username, the above tools and ways can save time and effort, but when you can’t find any profile, then you should ask yourself if that person really has a hidden profile or not. In other words, if the person is not on, then that means he’s not on the online dating game, or he could be using other similar sites or apps.

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