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Phone Number Reverse Lookup: Best Trusted Services to Use in 2017

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It’s not a secret that millions of people receive spam calls every day from unknown sources, and that becomes a big danger in many cases. However, it’s not easy to find a good phone number reverse lookup service that really work. The tool should be trusted and can search the entire database rapidly.

Of course, not all the applications are the same, especially the free ones that only still valid for small landline numbers. The problem with these free tools is the database itself, they simply use free directories like the Yellow Pages. That’s why you will never find the real caller in the majority of the cases.

Luckily, there are some good mobile number search tools, with professional databases, across the US. They are professional services, and they are used by investigators who need a specific information about a person’s name, address, and much more.

Best cell phone lookup service

The below services update their databases regularly. They are using the web information and other private databases to have millions of numbers in total. That way, you can start your unlisted cell phone number search, in a few seconds, and without using the classic public databases.

The popular free services can only see a small percentage of the data. But, the following websites can access larger data and exclusive services. Just use them one by one until you find the exact identity behind a phone number.

BeenVerified (the best)

This is the first options you should try, using this quality search tool is recommended for its quality and features. In addition, a premium phone reverse lookup tool like this one comes with beautiful dashboard and detailed reports.

As an example, e you get the person’s full name, social profiles, email address, and even related people. So, all in all, it’s a complete phone search engine that works faster and provides accurate results in seconds.

I prefer examples show how it works, so, the flowing is a simple screenshot or a report that members get:

Reverse lookup report

As you can see, members can print the phone lookup report and even send it to emails. In addition, the get the associates, the photos, imposters and even the education of the cell phone owner.

Phone Detective: The most trusted phone number reverse lookup service

This is the most advanced, and best reverse phone lookup service that track and finds the landline, and the cell numbers, at the same time. Also, it can be used to lookup a company phone number, by accessing multiple sources, at once.

This tool solves the problem of a single searching source, as it scans and looks inside thousands of databases that a few people know about them.

Of course, no one in this world has 100% of the total mobile numbers and data. That’s impossible, even, for the biggest investigation agencies. However, what this service offer is more than satisfying, and that’s why I recommend it for its quality, original, and multiple databases.

Phone Detective the greatest phone number reverse lookup tool that’s a registered and a ”BBB ACCREDITED” business. They offer an instant telephone number reverse lookup service. At the same time, it’s trusted tool and secured by Truste.com, the leader in the online security and business trust.

Secure phone lookup website

This is the best reverse phone lookup site that’s protected by Norton security. So, the connection is fully encrypted between the member’s browser and the server.  You can verify that, by clicking the security, and business trust verification icons, on their website.

This phone lookup website offers a membership plan, and that’s for serious people who need to search phones and get a full report about the person. Best of all, you get the address on the map, and even, the background report, with the previous addresses and more.

Works for both cell phones and landlines

The website allows you to find cell phone and landline owners at the same time. That’s without any technical knowledge or complicated tools. Just enter the number you want to search for and the online tool will complete the rest.

Individual or business number lookup

If you want to make a toll-free phone number reverse lookup, then, this the right service to use. If you want to start a business phone lookup across the U.S, then, again, this will be the right choice. Easily, you can find information about the company and its owner or manager.

Thus, you can easily run unlimited reverse phone lookup searches. But also, you can trace any address through a telephone number, without the need to browse thousands of yellow or White Pages, that never finds the information anyway.

Phone number reverse lookup

Unlike many other phone lookup services and software, this one is not only trusted by thousands of users. But, it’s fully secure and safe to use, everything was built for performance and effectiveness.

It’s the right place to find people who call you using the phone reverse lookup. But, without wasting hours with any phone directory searching, and looking for information that never work.

Others phone number lookup websites

1. Reverse Phone Ferret

This website has over 300 million landlines, cell, and unlisted phone numbers. So, you can start searching using the number, and get the result in a few seconds. However, you can’t find the phone number owner all the time. This is one of the best paid phone directories and lookup tools. However, their database is smaller than the first recommended phone lookup provider.

2. Real Phone Lookup

This is the best reverse phone number lookup app that you can use to search for any phone, including, business and personal numbers. Then, after scanning and verifying the information, you get a full report about the owner. They use private lookup service to trace details from the web.

If, for any reason, you can’t get the details that you need using the above cell phone reverse lookup tool, you can use other alternatives. They are also a good mobile and landline number lookup services.

3. Info Registry

This website offers multiple search types, including, a phone search, and court searches. Just click the option that you want to use, next, add the information that can help getting the exact report, and get the result. It’s a simple, but a great tool to search for people online.

4. People By Name

This is a good service that connects to the phone service provider, and it finds the real name behind any number that you’re searching for. That can help identifying a person, and see his real name. Best of all,  this trusted service helps to find lost people using their phone numbers, names, or addresses.

5. InfoTracer

This is one of the most trusted cell phone number reverse lookup providers that millions of people have been using for years. The site receives thousands of visitors every day. It’s a registered phone number, and background check provider. The website has an AA rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

That’s a positive signal of trust and professionalism. The site allows you to search for a phone number, and also, to find lost people and missed connections by using a the person’s phone number.

All you have to do is to add your targeted number in the search box, then, hit the search button, and you will get all the lookup report with clear details. Of course, you get information only, if the person that you’re looking for is listed in their large database.

6. Reverse Phone Check

This is one of the cheapest reverse phone lookup services. It lets you add any number that you want to search for, then, it searches the databases for traces, including, the name, the details, and more other information. That can help to identify the real person behind any number, and it’s easy to use at the same time.

Protect your personal information

As you can see, there are thousands of ways to start a reverse phone number search, and get a full report with details, and all the things about your life. So, make sure to stay protected online, and never share your details with anyone that you can’t trust.

The biggest problem with the online privacy is social networks. Thousands of people use advanced technics to get the details that they want, and that’s what you need to avoid.

It’s a good idea to search using the best cell phone reverse lookup sites. Then, you find people who call you all the day and that make the life full of spam. At the same time, you have to keep your information protected, and never send them on Facebook, Twitter, or any other website. Millions of people use social networking sites, and you’re the only one who cares about his privacy.


These are the best reverse phone lookup service providers to get help in real-time. Also, they offer address lookup services and name search options. Of course, you can find lots of other providers to lookup a mobile number. But, remember that all the others, are using the yellow pages to get their data, and you can search that yourself.

The real information in our days can’t be found on the public pages. We all know that thousands of people are using unlisted phone numbers to call the others. The only way to find their identities with details and real addresses is using one of the above providers.

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  1. So I have validated addresses for people from my skip trace system but very inaccurate PHONE numbers. What’s the best service to put the ADDRESS in for the person and the phone number tied to that address appears (as well as their cell phone ideally)?


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