9 Questions to Ask before Publishing a Blog Post

We are all trying to do over best to make a great blog posts and drive traffic from search engines and social media if you’re active on your profiles. But, we forget sometimes that even a single element that we neglected can affect the post ranking in the future.

So, you need to ensure that you have the post that you want to rank in Google and the people will share or at least read and love. I’ll show you some important things to focus on when you want to publish your next blog post, to avoid mistakes and ensure the good quality that you work for.

Is your Post helpful

No one will come to your blog and read articles and posts if you don’t have helpful content. This can be a simple advice, a tutorial or anything else that solves problems if you just write about your own life, and found that it can’t be helpful for the others.

So, why you’re wasting your time and adding another page? The main reason that makes people search Google is to find answers and get help. What people are searching for is information, put yourself in your visitor’s position and ask if you will love that post or no. If you can get help or just reading the full article and return with nothing captured or learned.

You can find the value of your post if you ask yourself, what will happen if I never write this post? And if that can make a change or not.

Does the title reflect the Content?

Remember that your blog title is the most important element that you should focus on. Google itself is focusing more on tiles in the search engine results page, they’ve increased the title’s size for every search, but they never changed the description size, it’s the same.

This is just to tell you that people will come based on your article title first and the content second. If the title and the article content are completely different, then, you should change your title until you find a relation between them.

If the title talks about WordPress, then you should tell people about things related to WordPress and not cars, you see? It’s all about logic first, then, people will leave your page from the first seconds, if the content id different. Make your title attractive, easy to understand and reflect the whole idea in your post.

Do you have a post description

If people want an exact search result, then, they will read the title first and the description second, and they will decide to click that link or pass the next, the description itself is useful and helpful for search engines, if it can’t help in ranking, it will help to index your articles. So, create a short post description that tells the post idea with some additional information than the title.

Have you checked your grammar and errors?

No one is perfect, and no one is writing without mistakes. Sometimes, we forget our grammar errors, but we should recheck them all, before hitting the “publish” button. Read your article again, and correct what you have as mistakes, a post with lots of errors won’t rank in Google.

Ensure your post quality and write simple phrases that people can understand. You’re not writing for the New York Times, and remember that no one has a ”Blogging Diploma”. We are all learning every day and you should make mistakes, or you’re not human. You can read how to write a good blog post.

Have you linked to your previous posts?

The website interlinking is not a thing to forget in our days, it helps ranking in search engines and classify your article to the right category. If you have a post about “themes” for example and you linked to another post that talks about “WordPress”, then Google will know that your post can be also added to “WordPress Themes” topics, and it looks great to link to related topics.

At the same time, your page rank will be optimized naturally and your entire site will benefit from every page.

I won’t talk about linking to others, simply, because it’s a thing that you should do, but not on every page of course. Just link when you have something to show as an example or whatever.

Do you use the NoFollow attribute?

This is a large topic that needs lots of time to talk about, but you will find yourself in a condition to think about it many times, you should NoFollow all your banner ads your advertisements in general. This is the Google guidelines and you should follow them if you want a Google ranking.

The followed links in banner ads pass the page rank, and this is against their terms, so, make sure to use that tag in ads and also in non related sites that you link to them. Or at least no follow links that you don’t trust.

You can learn how to use Nofollow attribute for your links.

Do you have optimized images?

If you have images in your post, you should make them readable by search engine crawlers. All you have to do is adding the ”ALT” tag in every image, a simple title that tells the image topic is great. You will get benefits from your images and they can help ranking your posts. But, make sure also that you’ve compressed every image before the upload. You can learn more about how to optimize images in WordPress.

Can you tell Google about your new post?

This is a step for newbies, people who create a blog for the first time don’t care about telling search engines about their newest articles, but it’s really an important thing to do. All you have to do is an XML Sitemap that generates updates automatically, and send them to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you’re using the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin, then you can turn on the XML Sitemap, or simply, use any other plugin that can generate that sitemap. Please remember to exclude your tags, archive and non wanted pages from the index, this will avoid you the duplicate content issues.

You can also use the WordPress automatic ping function under “Settings”, and “Writing”, you can add your best pinging address such us, and 

Do you have the Jet Pack Social sharing?

JetPack is the greatest WordPress plugin that you should install, and the social auto sharing option. Is one of their good functions. It posts your articles on all your social accounts, including Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You have to connect them the first time and let the plugin work for you the next times. It posts instantly your articles. Thus, you will update your social accounts automatically without the need to update each account individually.

These are some of the important questions to ask when you want to publish a new blog post. They will remind you about things to do, to correct and others to optimize your blog for better results. If you have something to add, your comments are always welcome.

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