tools and services I recommend for bloggers

I’ve tried lots of services, tools, and programs to make a blog and a website in general better and monetize it the right way. But, not all of them are really good and helpful, so, I decided to recommend blogging, WordPress tools and resources for you, to avoid mistakes that we all made with low quality products that we’ve used in the past.

Top recommended services for online businesses

1. Web hosting providers

The folwing hosting services are recommended for any size of website or blog. They all offer reliable service with phone support, chat and email ticket systems at the same time and they are powering millions of blogs around the world.

This is the fastest and most secure WordPress web host in the USA. It’s a premium and managed WordPress hosting provider that takes care of your blog settings and technic jobs, you don’t need to worry about the server settings and so on, expert technicians will do that for you.

Every hosting plan comes with over $2000 of premium WordPress theme and tools for free. No one on the market offers something generous like that. In addition, there is a full team of web hosting experts available 24/7 to help you with every step.


High quality hosting for blogs and websites, they use strong hardware infrastructure, awesome, friendly customer support and I recommend them for everyone who looks for cheap and easy hosting without issues.

At the same time, this is a fast SSD hosting and they offer free daily backups of all your site files and of course, they will transfer your existing site for free if you have one. Also, you get a free domain name and lots of exclusive features like the multiple data centers to speed up your site or the pre-installed WordPress, PrestaShop or Joomla applications.


The great thing is that you get a 47% discount for your business hosting plan, and also, discounts for all the other services through our special link with a free domain name and amazing customer support.

In a few words, this is the most powerful web hosting service on earth. Yes, it’s, just take a look at their services and you will be shocked about the storm dedicated servers and the VPS servers with 504.9 GB of RAM. They offer all types of managed hosting and of course, they have a 100% network uptime guarantee.

This is a great hosting company with cheap prices, but quality services. They offer different types of hosting, including shared, cloud VPS, business, and dedicated servers. I recommend them for those with small budgets, especially, they get what they need without issues. Furthermore, the company has a cPanel control panel that anyone can use to install hundreds of open source applications and manage his website files with a few clicks.


2. Themes, templates, and web design

The leader in WordPress themes industry with super fast themes that comes clean and well coded for amazing SEO benefits and total customization and control.

This is a premium website templates provider with over 45,000 products and design from WordPress, to HTML, CSS and any web template and theme you can imagine. Also, they have a great team with fast customer support.

This is the professional way to get your own custom Logos for your blog, website or anything you want. The service is well-known for high-quality design and professionalism. They’re one of the few companies who create logos from creativity and they never use software to generate Logos. That’s why I only recommend them for every blogger and business owner who needs an attractive logo.

logo design

This is the largest all in one marketplace for web designs, Html, CSS, JavaScript and all the other languages in use today. Fro premium themes to advanced plugins and software, you’re guaranteed to find your goal.

3. Keywords and niche market research tools

This is the number one and the best keyword research tool in the world. It lets you explore secret niche markets in a matter of minutes when you get the right terms with competition and traffic from trusted sources including Google, Bing ,andd Yahoo.

Long tail pro

There is no other way to succeed in affiliate marketing and also in the online marketing without this powerful tool. It reduces the time and saves you months and even years of research, at the same time, it saves the money when you spend it on research markets that never works that way. It’s a must have tool for professionals.

4. Writing and Proofreading

This is the best proofreading and grammar software in the world. It scans and check your text instantly while you write. It integrates with MS Office and with any website. This tool comes with amazing features and it’ a must have online software for every writer and blogger.

Also, it’s the best spell tools that you can add to Google Chrome, Firefox… And it teaches you how to take your English to the next level while you correct your mistakes that no other software can detect.

5. Learning affiliate marketing

This is the only program and online courses that work for both beginners and experienced affiliates. The program comes with hundreds of videos, tutorials, lessons and online course to learn affiliate marketing from scratch and build a successful business.

6. Advertising and marketing networks

No matter what business you have, advertising is a powerful way to market your business and take it to the next level.

Bing ads (get $100 back when you spend $25 on advertising)

This is an amazing way to reach new customers and find new opportunities for your product or service. You can customize your ad and make it targeted exactly as you want. Another great feature here is the low cost of this ad network, you can run ads with any budget.

Google Adwords

This is the famous ad network of Google, it’s a huge market, but keep in mind that they’re the most expensive ad network. Sometimes, you’ll pay hundreds of dollars for a single click. Just test the water before doing anything, Google offers lots of free tools for small business owners.

7. Blogging platform

If you want to succeed as a blogger or simply to create a professional blog that is optimized for SEO and easy to crawl by search engines, you need a WordPress self-hosted and only that. It’s free to use as software and it’s the most updated blogging and CMS in the world. On average two versions every month.

I never recommend any other blogging service, you will find yourself in the need to move from their server later, b search Google for how many people are migrated every day to WordPress) so save time from now.

8. WordPress plugins

Build your own high-quality landing pages, squeeze page and sales pages in minutes. This plugin is the number one landing page builder for WordPress and it comes with over 70 premium templates and lots of buttons, icons and other features the no other plugin includes. It’s the only landing page builder that I recommend for marketers and business owners.

Landing page builder plugin

This plugin tracks every mention, share, like, tweet, pin, and all the social media tracking functions to see your social signals for every post. Use this tool to see where are the posts that are not shared and optimize your social media activity for the less shared links. You will see how many shares your post or links has got in the major social networks.

A free plugin that takes care of your site security and makes it hard to access by hackers. If you follow some other tips related to WordPress security, your site will be 100% protected and no one can access it.

This is the only caching plugin that I recommend for all, newbies or advanced users, it makes things easy to understand and manage in a few clicks. Unlike W Total Cache that I’ve tried, this one takes care of your blog and no more problems like the same home page that is not updated correctly with other tools.

The popular affiliate marketer uses this plugin to track their links and sales and optimize their campaigns based on scientific results. It’s more than and advanced links tracking service, it’s a complete affiliate marketing optimization that shows you the things to keep and the other to leave.

Also, you can track your links in social networks and that’s a rare service that you can find.

This is a must have a WordPress plugin, it comes with a large selection of other sub plugins that you can add such as the blog statistics, the custom CSS editing and much more.

It lets you submit an automatic sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoos let them crawl your blog based on your submitted llinks suchas posts, categories. When you post a new article, the plugin will notify these search engines automatically about your update and help to index your content faster.

9. Email marketing service

The biggest and advanced email marketing service that attracts the biggest websites and companies for years. Their amazing tools take a blog or a small business to the next level and they offer exclusive technic that no other company offer. This company offers a one month trial for just $1 to try their full services during that period.

10. Best load generation and Newsletter sign-up plugins

This is a powerful WordPress load generation plugin that capts your reader’s email and multiplies your list of subscribers easily. It makes things professional when you want to build a strong list and offer attractive Newsletter sign up forms in desktops and mobile devices. Best of all, this plugin is created to never affect your page loading time and it’s used by popular sites.

11. Blog monetization and affiliate programs

When you need to monetize your traffic the easy way, you can use Adsense after approving your application, it’s free to use but they are making things hard for new blogs and you need quality content to get accepted, however, you have nothing to lose, give it a try.

One of the biggest and trusted affiliate networks where affiliate and advertisers meets to make money together.

Premium affiliate network with high quality products that you can promote.

You can find big brands here such as Microsoft products to promote and make money.

12. High Paying Affiliate Programs

Make $200  per new hosting account. You will promote the fastest WordPress hosting and your readers will thank you for that. It’s the only quality hosting service that makes people proud to promote it without worrying about downtime or similar problems that happens with all the other services.

Here is the full list of the other trusted programs and service to promote.