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How to Fix the Redirected Status when you Fetch as Google

In Blogging by Fathi Arfaoui0 CommentsLast Updated: December 27th, 2019

The Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) is the only way to connect your site directly to the biggest search engine and see how the web crawlers find your content. You can see what you need to do, to make your blog or site even better, and optimized for indexing and ranking. I was testing one of the sites that my …

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Top 10 Premium Joomla Templates for 2019

In Blogging, Business and Marketing by Fathi Arfaoui0 CommentsLast Updated: June 17th, 2015

There are thousands of Joomla templates that you can browse and choose from. But when it comes to optimizations and SEO best practices, not all of them will work well. Today, I’m going to show you the top rated and the best 10 Joomla templates to use for a professional website. They ‘re premium designs with all the options that …

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How to Set Automatic WordPress, Plugins and Themes Updates

In Blogging, WordPress by Fathi Arfaoui0 CommentsLast Updated: March 5th, 2015

For many people, installing a blog and start blogging is easy and fast. But, for others, things can be different, it’s not a matter of knowledge, but a web hosting configuration. If you’re one of the lucky people who host their bogs with a fully managed hosting, then, you don’t need to update WordPress, and all the plugins and the …

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Fixing the WordPress Blank Page After a Plugin Update or Install

In Blogging, WordPress by Fathi Arfaoui0 CommentsLast Updated: February 24th, 2015

It happens sometimes that you install or update a plugin, and then, you can’t access your admin area, or any page in your website. That’s an issue with your plugin that you’ve updated. In other words, the main cause is the newest version of that tool that’s not fully compatible with your settings, or with other functions. It’s exactly like …

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How to Update ThemeForest WordPress Themes Automatically

In Blogging by Fathi Arfaoui0 CommentsLast Updated: January 12th, 2015

When you buy themes from ThemeForest, you get all the files to adjust or even customize the theme files as you need. But when it comes to updates, you should be able to get that feature automatically if you follow these easy steps. Codecanyon, which is the official plugins marketplace, offers a great plugin that lets you update your theme …

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Tips for Using WordPress Plugins the Right Way

In Blogging, WordPress by Fathi Arfaoui0 CommentsLast Updated: October 4th, 2019

With WordPress, people can extend the default function using plugins, and they can disable them when they want. The number of these plugins is huge then you can imagine. It’s not only the free codes that you see in the official directory but more. Thousands of sites are offering plugins, and that’s what can risk your website. On the other …

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How to Hide the WordPress Author Username in URL for Security

In Blogging, WordPress by Fathi Arfaoui0 CommentsLast Updated: December 19th, 2014

There are many ways to protect your WordPress website and make it secure. But, when people want to find your top-secret details like the username and the password, your strategy should be different, and stronger than they expect. The WordPress admin username can be displayed on the author’s URL, and that’s what you should protect. So, in this post I’m going …