Should you Post Regularly in your Blog

Should you Post Regularly in your Blog? And How Often?

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For year blogging was simply to update readers with any content that can be a short text, a video and other. That worked for the majority of the popular bloggers. Even, that’s what made them popular and well knows.

But now, everything was changed and there is no need to waste your time applying the wrong tips and strategies. What worked for the others won’t work for you.

When it comes to your blog posting frequency, the majority of sites recommend to post daily. However, it’s a big mistake and not a way to looks active in the eyes of Google, here is why.

You will think about the quantity and not the quality

This is not your choice, but now, or later, you will find yourself with a rhythm of posting that you should follow. In other words, you put yourself in a precise number of posts to add each day or week. Of course, you’re not a machine, you need to spend the time with your family or friends and if you think all the time about your next blog post, things will be worse.

The only way that you can post without issues is when you have multiple writers or if you work with freelancers.

To build a great article, you need the research of you need, then, you have to organize things together. If you add the writing time, the proofreading, and adding images and other things, you will need hours.

That can be 2, 4 or even 8 hours in other cases. Yes, that’s true, there are many who write such a great content that takes all their time.

SEO is not the posting frequency

Of course you might find lots of posts with tips to post 2 articles per day to get more traffic from Google. That’s what you should never follow as a strategy, you post one article or 10 is the same. The quality of your posts is what makes the difference.

You can take a look at some popular medical websites, for example, and you will find that they post once a month. And others have posted the last article for months. But because they have the right content, nothing can affect their sites ranking with Google.

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The only reason to post multiple times a day is when you have a huge number of readership that need new content. That’s the case of the magazine websites where the new content can help to keep the readers.

How often?

This is the question with no answer, however, you have to keep in mind a few things. Keep your blog readers happy with your actual content first, then, add other articles when you can. Don’t worry if you was posted everyday, and you stop for one week. That won’t be a problem like many people said.

Google is not a stupid software, it’s a huge algorithm with billions of dollars in investment, research, and infrastructure. Google has the power to understand your website content and to rank it properly.

However, it’s not a good idea to leave your blog completely for a month or so. That can’t impact your ranking in the short-term, but remember that you need to update your old posts also. So, make a balance between the two sides.

If your blog has good number of articles, you can post once, every two weeks or so. Then, update your old posts and everything will be OK.

On the other side, if you stop posting for months, things can be different. You need to think about Google crawlers also, no posts for months, means a blog that’s no updated. So, you can put your blog at risk with a very low-frequency of posting. But, you can keep everything safe when you avoid surpassing the one month without posting a new content of quality.

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