Texting someone who blocked your number

How to Text Someone who Blocked your Phone Number

Can you text someone who blocked you? And what if they blocked your phone number, and also on messaging apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, and others? Want to send a text message to someone who has blocked your phone number? And you should find a way to reach your ex or anyone else, especially when … Read this

How to call someone if they blocked you

How to Call Someone if they Blocked You

In the beginning, we want to point out that this article is directed to people who have been blocked unfairly or by mistake. It aims to help them contact a person in case of an emergency or for other legitimate reasons. We do not advise using any of the below-mentioned methods to harass or threaten … Read this

Pros and cons of using an employee monitoring software

Pros and Cons of Using an Employee Monitoring Software

Business is about profit-making. For most companies that are goal-oriented, the focus is on the efficient deployment of both the organization’s human and material resources in attaining organizational goals promptly. There are two sides to the divide; employees are concerned about the nature of work, conditions of service, and remuneration. Employers, however, are concerned with … Read this

What uses the most bandwidth on your Internet quota?

What uses the Most bandwidth on your Internet Quota?

With more and more usage of internet bandwidth and data processing, it’s clear that many websites, apps, and online services use a huge number of requests from and to your computer to show you videos, data, and more media. Found yourself out of your monthly internet bandwidth quota? Want to save more bandwidth? Don’t want to waste … Read this