Pros and cons of using an employee monitoring software

Pros and Cons of Using an Employee Monitoring Software

Business is about profit-making. For most companies that are goal-oriented, the focus is on the efficient deployment of both the organization’s human and material resources in attaining organizational goals promptly. There are two sides to the divide; employees are concerned about the nature of work, conditions of service, and remuneration. Employers, however, are concerned with … Read this

What uses the most bandwidth on your Internet quota?

What uses the Most bandwidth on your Internet Quota?

With more and more usage of internet bandwidth and data processing, it’s clear that many websites, apps, and online services use a huge number of requests from and to your computer to show you videos, data, and more media. Found yourself out of your monthly internet bandwidth quota? Want to save more bandwidth? Don’t want to waste … Read this

tools to monitor internet bandwidth usage

Best Tools to Monitor your Internet Bandwidth Usage

Even if you don’t use the internet for work (and a lot of us do), you’ll tend to be online quite a bit. You probably wouldn’t have found this article if you weren’t at least a fairly active browser of the internet. If you do use the internet for work, whether it’s something that helps … Read this

Can Others See a Comment that you've Deleted On Facebook

If you Delete a Comment on Facebook, Can it Still be Seen?

Words are powerful; they are the building block of any great enterprise. The right words said at the right time can just be the saver from a precarious situation. Words can heal as well as kill. Great wars have been made necessary by the words we speak; great times of peace have been achieved by … Read this

Fix the Laptop Keys 5, B and 6, N in Windows

How to Fix the Laptop Keys 5, B and 6, N in Windows

In the last couple of days, a friend of mine has a big issue with his laptop’s keyboard that shows the wrong keys. That’s a common issue, especially, for people who suffer from keys 5, B, 6, and N. Here is what happens exactly, when he types on the key 5, for example, the system … Read this

Best tool to reverse lookup phone numbers

Best Tool to Reverse Lookup Phone Numbers

When it comes to quality, you will find lots of services that promise to provide accurate results and other details about a phone number. But, the truth is different, the majority of those services are using free directories like the White Pages and others. However, there is a true reverse phone lookup service called InfoTracer … Read this