Fix the Laptop Keys 5, B and 6, N in Windows

How to Fix the Laptop Keys 5, B and 6, N in Windows

In the last couple of days, a friend of mine has a big issue with his laptop’s keyboard that shows the wrong keys. That’s a common issue, especially, for people who suffer from keys 5, B, 6, and N. Here is what happens exactly, when he types on the key 5, for example, the system … Read this

Best tool to reverse lookup phone numbers

Best Tool to Reverse Lookup Phone Numbers

When it comes to quality, you will find lots of services that promise to provide accurate results and other details about a phone number. But, the truth is different, the majority of those services are using free directories like the White Pages and others. However, there is a true reverse phone lookup service called InfoTracer … Read this

Best software to Watch TV Online

Best Software to Watch TV Without Cable

With more monthly billing and high costs, paying for cable and satellite TV is not a good situation for many people. Things become limited and there is no reason for all that. On the other side, there are millions of others who know how to watch TV without cable. They can watch free channels online … Read this

save blog posts and website articles as PDF files

Save Blog Posts and Website Articles as PDF Files from your Web Browser

Nowadays, the Internet becomes the first source of information, and there is no way to forget that. No matter what information you want to search, everything is organized, and well created if you spend some time with Google. But sometimes, when you find good articles, and you want to save them, things can be confusing for … Read this

tips to protect yourself from online scams

10 tips to protect yourself from online scams

Cybercrime becomes more dangerous than any time before, with millions of dollars that people can make, they develop thousands of tools and methods to get your data and to steal your data, including, credit cards and personal details. The good news is that you can protect yourself if you follow and apply the below tips one … Read this

Find any Song Name From a Record or Humming

How to Find any Song Name From a Record or Humming

Many times, people listen to great music or songs and they can’t find any way to download it, simply because they don’t have the name and anything as information about it. If that happened to you as well, then, you have two great ways to get the name of any song easily, by using the … Read this