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Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes for Professionals

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There are thousands of designs and templates for WordPress, but when it comes to quality and responsiveness, only a few companies are offering secure and clean code. In this post, I’ll show you ones of these designs that you can use without any issue. Best of all, they are all built on CSS3 and HTML5. In addition, they come with a control panel for customization and settings.

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1. Architectural

responsive WordPress themes

As its name, this is a powerful WordPress theme for architect and also, interior design sites. In addition, the design is fully responsive and built on Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3, which means the latest coding languages.

This is also a clean theme without extra options that no one use. Furthermore, it comes with a control panel to customize your theme, and the best part is the ready-made template pages, such as FAQ, testimonials, and the contact form page.

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The website behind this product offers step by step installation and a clear documentation. But if you want them to do the job professionally, then choose the installation service.

For extra services, there is an optimized WordPress hosting and you can add it to your theme.

2. Logistics company

Responsive design

You can use this high-quality web design for logistics and the related business websites. Everything comes with options and customizations. However, this is not only a WordPress theme for transportation businesses but also, you can use it for any other project by just modifying the layout with a few clicks.

The template offers custom post types, and of course, it’s fluid and your visitors will get the right layout, depending on their mobile devices. Best of all, this is a multi-language theme, just use the right choice and let the customization does the rest of the job.

3. Business design

business theme

This is a great solution for online business websites, in fact, the design takes the quality to the highest levels with professional slides, and also, you get a great WPML theme that loads faster than your competitors.

Inside the control panel, you can edit any option like the layout, colors, the sidebar, widgets, and everything else.

4. Interior Furniture

Interior furniture theme

Interior Furniture lets you build a professional website that talks about the related manufacturing subjects. Also, the high-quality slide images and the super fast design will amaze your readers. Additionally, you will get the menu at the top right area of the page and That helps to focus on the content first, and people can find what they need easily.

The Google Maps option can be very helpful for people who look for your company’s address, just add it where you want on the website, or let it work as it’s by default on the bottom area of the homepage.

5. Fashion icon

Fashion icon

With this fashion related theme, you can build a professional website that talks about things like beauty, woman, or style. On the other side, for speed, there is the lazy loading effects and that can save bandwidth as the visitor gets the image when scrolling only.

Every design comes with lifetime free updates and there is no need for manual complicated settings.

Remember that the powerful customizer lets you add, or modify any feature and layout. However, the default color is recommended, simply, because it was selected, based on psychological tests, and it helps to increase the conversions.

6. Business community

Business community theme

When it comes to simplicity, this will be the right solutions for your website. In reality, The design is optimized to load fast as it uses the minimum options for better performances and amazing user experience. For the look, the layout will be adjusted automatically to look great on smartphones or tablets and the coded files use the best HTLM5 best practices and it offers 2-step installation.

7. Prestige

Fashion WordPress theme

As you can see from the above screenshot, the theme comes with attractive and transparent top menu. Also, you can make the category posts different in colors and even layouts.

I highly recommend this great theme for fashion blogs and ladies who have dreams to build attractive websites that rock. Unlike other products, with this one, you don’t have to waste your time with useless tools, as you get all the features in this design.

8. Realtor services

Real estate design

This is another quality template that was built, especially for real estate websites, but also, it can be used for interior and exterior design websites. Additionally, you can add beautiful buttons, prices, and of course, you can highlight every single idea that you have in mind.

The professional sliders help you to showcase your most important offers or options, but also, you can showcase your portfolio if you want with filterable options, in addition, you can add custom widgets to your content or add social sharing buttons.

9. Corporate Identity

Corporate identity for WP

This is a great corporate website theme with all the options that you need, and it was built with SEO best practices, and also, it comes with clean files.

For customization, the theme control panel comes with lots of options, so, with one click, you can add and modify features like colors and layouts.

10. Web development

web development page

You can use this layout to attract more intention to your offer or products, just make sure to use multiple designs as testing, that will help in getting the best of what you need as marketing conversions.

Final word

These are the top-rated themes to use for professional websites. Unlike other companies selling web templates, the above designs come with full optimizations for speed, user experience, and for more sales. You can install any theme and use it for blogs, eCommerce projects, and more.

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