Best Cloud Backup Services

Cloud computing has become popular these days, especially with the new technologies and sophisticated infrastructure. However, it’s not really easy to find the right choice among the best cloud backup services. Some companies offer attractive features, but, when it comes to security, things will be different.

In other words, it’s not always secure and reliable at the same time. In today’s post, I’ll share the list of the greatest services that you can use to back up your files online. Best of all, they are all secure, and trusted cloud providers with years of experience, and amazing customer support.

Top cloud backup providers

1. iDrive

This is a top-rated cloud backup service with thousands of customers and amazing features. The main features of this service are in the next points.

  • Multiple device backup
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Automatic backup of the modified files only to save bandwidth and time
  • Totally encrypted connection
  • High-security levels
  • Set up your own encryption key
  • Hybrid backup with iDrive Wi-Fi
  • Superfast backup thanks to the great compression
  • Manage your files from any web browser
  • Mobile ready
  • Facebook backup feature, for all your videos and images
  • Instagram backup
  • Retrieve deleted files within a 30-day period
  • Restore old versions of any file you’ve modified

For the business cloud backup plan, you get the following extra features with the standard options.

  • Server backup, including Linux, Windows
  • Database backup, including SQL and all the others
  • Datacenter backup with business-level security
  • Create images of any disk, and get its backup
  • Multiple express back-ups with up to 3 TB of free transfers, and more

In terms of flexibility, this is an easy-to-use backup service with the ability to synchronize your laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. All that happens in real-time, and without the need for any complicated settings or configurations.

Best cloud backup services

Let things happen naturally, and every time you add a new file, the desktop application will send it fast to your cloud backup account. Of course, every file will be compressed when sending it, and that helps to save time, and also, bandwidth.

Thus, this is the recommended cloud service for both, personal, and business uses. It comes with all the features that everyone needs and best of all, there is a free 5GB plan for starters.

2. SpiderOak

Without a doubt, this is the most secure cloud backup service. The reason is simple, they have a level of encryption and protection that prevents everyone else, including their technicians, from accessing your own files. It’s like storing your files in your own drive that you keep as a secret.

On the other side, they offer a large variety of options to let you choose to backup files, and how you want to manage everything. After installing the backup software on your computer, check the files or the directories that you want to backup, and let the tool complete the job for you.


3. JustCloud

This is another great cloud backup provider with secure servers and professional support. Best of all, this is an unlimited cloud backup storage, where you can host all your data without limitations. Furthermore, you can synchronize all your devices and computers, including:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone, iPad
  • Blackberry
  • Candle Fire

Of course, the connection is fully encrypted between your applications and their servers. That way, every single file will be transferred to your cloud account security.

The service offers a free application that you can install on your computer or smartphone. Then it will start sending the modified files to your cloud storage account, without affecting the performance of your machine.

There are thousands of JustCloud reviews that talk about their great infrastructure that makes things easier. Unlike many other companies, they simplify things, and even a child can back up his computer in one click.

These are the top-rated and most secure cloud backup services with real reviews and ratings. I’ve tried them personally before recommending them here. So, you can host your files with total security, and also, you will get professional help when you need it.

If I receive new reviews about other companies and test their backup features, I will add them to this simple list. Thus, you will avoid scammers and low-quality services that never help.

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