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To start a business online and succeed, it’s critical to use the right keywords and terms that people are using on Google. Things will never work without a great long-tail keyword research tool that explores low competition phrases to rank for.

Today, I’m going to show you a great online software that professionals are using to find profitable niche markets. Then, it will be much easier to succeed with your online business or website simply. The great thing is that the tool works for any web browser and even more, there is a mobile app.

Find long-tail keywords with low competition

The software that I’m talking about today, is called SEMrush and it’s a professional long trail finder, and it’s a trusted place to get all kinds of tools for keyword searching. You don’t have to kill yourself with the Google Keyword Planner from Adwords, without finding any profitable keyword. All the people are using the Google tool that’s more than popular.

Unlike any other keyword search software, this one focuses on the effectiveness of your research. It lets you adjust the parameters as you want, and then, it scans a huge number of data to give the result. For example, you can define the minimum and the maximum number of monthly searches on Google. Then, you can add more options if you need to.

When you get the statistics, the software provides you with exclusive long-tail keywords with a competition score (Keyword difficulty). That’s the real secret behind the success of popular affiliate marketers. They got the right keywords with both, a good amount of monthly searches, and low competition.

example of long tail keywords

They’re using this easy-to-use tool to build a successful affiliate marketing business. That’s how to generate long-tail keywords in a few minutes and not days.

Search for multiple keywords

This is my best feature, unlike many other keyword search tools, this professional software has the option to scan multiple keywords at once. Then, the result will be enough to find lucrative niches and keywords easily.

That will save time and also money when it comes to successful market research. It’s the best long-tail keyword research tool with its features and also, speed. It works faster than any other tool and that’s thanks to the optimization of the algorithm.

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Now here is a screenshot of the keyword filtering system, you can use it to exclude or include new keywords in the list based on multiple search criteria.

keyword filtering

Pre-filter your keywords

Of course, you have to set your own parameters and filters, before starting the search. This long-tail keyword research software comes with all the options that you need and you can just check them one by one when you need that.

As an example, there is a Cost Per Click (CPC) filter, minimum and maximum searches per month, advertisers’ competitions, and more.

Find available domains

With this feature, the software checks and detects if the domain name that matches the keyword is still available or not. I saw lots of people, especially beginners, who went crazy with this option. They used long domain names with 5 or 6 keywords simply, because they found them available.

So, as a piece of advice here, never repeat their mistakes again. I said earlier that the domain name that contains more than 3 words is spam these days. So, focus on your niche or keyword competition first, and make sure to use domains with 3 words, as a maximum.

Analyze the top 10 results on Google

If you’re a blogger or an online marketer, you might have used other tools. But you don’t need any complicated software anymore.

With your own keyword research software, you can analyze the top 10 results on Google, with one click. Enter your keyword and you will get all the details such as the page rank, the domain authority, the number of links, and all the others.

Find the competition on Google or Bing

This option lets you find the competition level of any keyword or key phrase on Google or Bing. You have to enter the exact keyword that you want to target, then, let the software complete the rest. The competition is a complex formula between the total number of backlinks, the domain authority, age, and much more.

Luckily, with the Semrush Pro subscription plan, you get more download limits, more keyword competitiveness score with one click, and of course, you get a 7-day trial.

For the pro plan, you can find all the data and conclude the keyword competitiveness If you want. That’s why, it’s recommended to have the Guru or Business plan, which gives you unlimited access to the software features. Thus, everyone can get amazing results using the easiest and the best keyword research software.

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Keyword ranking checker

With this option, you can easily track any keyword ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. All you have to do is to enter the exact keyword and the domain name that you’re using to rank. Then, the tool will scan the right search engine and provide you with the right position.

This great keyword position tracker tool helps to know if you’re on the right way, or if there is something wrong that affected your website rank. So, you can see if the ranking has improved or not, based on the last check.

Other features

The majority of other keyword and niche research tools come with limited features and results. But, this one lets you import a huge list of keywords, with up to 10.000 entries at once. That’s incomparable with all the other tools that have a few hundred entries as a maximum.

Also, you can create your custom calculations for the keyword competition. So, it’s easy to adjust the parameters If you want and based on your own knowledge or market needs.

When you see an attractive keyword, you can save it as a favorite. Later, you can see all your favorite keywords list and manage them easily.


SemRush Pro is the best long-tail keyword tool available in the industry. It offers premium features with professional support and tips.

Everything is included in your plan and I highly recommend the software, especially, for beginner bloggers and webmasters. It will save time and effort, searching for keywords and checking the ranking during hours of hard work.

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