How to Send a Test Email in MailChimp

Sending the first email marketing or newsletter update is an exciting event for everyone. It’s a positive signal that you want to succeed and build a real business online.

At the same time, things can be a little difficult and confusing for newbies, especially with Mailchimp. Today, I’m going to show you how to send a test email in Mailchimp. But also, how to create a campaign and send it to your list of subscribers.

MailChimp is an email marketing service that offers free usage for up to 2000 subscribers. But they don’t allow the autoresponder in that free package. If you want the best services, I recommend Aweber for their long experience and amazing service that a few companies offer.

Test email campaign in Mailchimp

If you already have an email list and a campaign, then, all you have to do is to select your campaign first. If you use this for the first time, and it’s probably the case, a campaign can be an email that you want to send to your subscribers.

It can also be a weekly newsletter update or anything else that can be an email to send. To get started login to your Mailchimp account, then, click on “Campaigns” from your dashboard, as the following example.

How to Send a Test Email in MailChimp

If you don’t have a campaign, click the “Create Campaign” link from the top right corner of the page. Then, you will get the building process from the layout to the content. Click your campaign name, and you will be taken to the builder page.

From there, you can change the layout, the design, and everything else. All you have to do is to click the “Preview and Test” menu, at the top right of the page, as the below screenshot. Then, click “Send a Test Email”.

Test compaign

Now, you get a pop-up window, when you have to add the exact email to receive the test email. Add that email and click “Send Test”.

MailChimp dashboard

The confirmation message will appear and tell you that the email was sent.

Email test sent

That’s how to verify and preview your campaigns from Mailchimp, and see them in a real test from your email account. Check that test and you can adjust the layout or the structure of any element.

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Edit campaign content and design in MailChimp

The first use of MailChimp builder seems confusing, especially, to add the links at the bottom of the screen. So, lots of newbies won’t see it and they find themselves in the need to watch tutorials to set up everything.

To make changes or edit your email, open the campaign first, as in the above example. Then, you will see the editing links at the bottom of the page. Just select the area that you want to edit, such as, the template or the design.

edit email compaigns

Also, you can use the main menu to find the areas to edit.

If you want to edit the email content, for example, click ” Design”, and you will get a page with lots of options. All you have to do is to drag and drop elements from the right area to the left of the page that contains your email.

drag and drop email content


To edit any part of your email, hover over any element, and you will get the option panel. From there, click the editing option and the element will be opened on the same page, but in the right area. Change your test or anything else, such as adding images and more. Next, save the changes and you will be able to customize everything in your Mailchimp email campaigns.

edit MailChimp email content

Just remember that you need to click on “Next” at the bottom of the page to start editing another option, or to save the changes, and send the campaign.

As you can see, you can edit everything in Mailchimp. The drag and drop email builder tool lets you manage things easier. At the same time, it’s better than their classic tool that works harder. The only issue is the links that they add at the bottom of the page.

It’s the wrong position and they need to make things better for their customers. The majority of the beginners will exit the page when they can’t see the saving bottom, at the top of the page in general. Anyway, that’s it for this tutorial. If you have questions, you can add them to your comment.

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