HostGator vs Bluehost WordPress Hosting Comparison

The web hosting industry attracts more intention from bloggers and site owners. All the people are looking for details and comparisons. Hostgator and Bluehost are ones of these popular, reliable, and affordable web hosting providers.

They have millions of hosted domains and customers. However, each one of these providers has its own infrastructure and settings.

The difference between the two WordPress hosting providers is not only prices and limitations. But also, there are many technical differences that you should look for. So, today will compare HostGator to Bluehost from different angles, especially for WordPress.

HostGator and Bluehost compared

Both, Bluehost and Hostgator started their business years. Each company manages thousands of servers and a good amount of data every second. Hostgator was founded by Brent Oxley In 2002 and Bluehost by Matt Heaton in 1996.

From the year 2010, Bluehost was acquired by Endurance International Group “EIG”, and later the same thing happened to Hostgator.

Now, the two companies are working separately, but on the same group ownership. The parent company manages another 63 hosting companies all over the world. Yes, that seems a big number of hosting business. But, the majority of them are small-sized companies.


Bluehost invented a special technique called CPU throttling, and it’s a way to reduce the CPU usage in the shared hosting environment. So, the CPU usage will be scaled and adjusted automatically in the moments, when there is a huge use of RAM.

That’s why the Bluehost loading time seems faster in general than the other similar companies. Now, let’s see the difference between the two companies in their cheapest shared hosting plan.

Monthly PriceNo offered$8.76
Yearly Price$83.4$95.52
Disk Space50 GBUnlimited
Allowed Domains11
Control Panelenhanced cPanelcPanel
Save 65%Save 25%

Bluehost or Hostgator hosting?

As you can see each company has its positive and negative points. That’s the thing that you can use to choose the right hosting for your website or blog. Bluehost offers SSH access that’s important only if you want to host and develop your own application. They allow running command lines and full server access.

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On the other side, Hostgator offers the flexibility of payments. They are one of the few popular shared hosting companies, that offer monthly hosting payment options. That’s helpful if people want to pay month to month for their hosting.

Or, for those who want to try the service for a full month before making a final decision. Anyway, Hostgator lets you pay every month if you want without contracts or obligations.

The two companies offer unlimited hosting accounts that come with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and of course, unlimited email accounts. The auto-installer application that comes with the two hosting providers let you install WordPress with a single click of a button. At the same time, they offer a large variety of open source applications to install instantly.

Both companies have their own data centers with power generators. So, if something wrong happens in electric power, the data center still working properly as nothing happens.

Of course, they have a full system that detects the electrical failure and turn the generators on. Then, the full system will be optimized to work under a special consultation.

If you want to ask for hardware innovation and customization, then, Bluehost is the leader. They built their own servers with optimized infrastructure and lots of scaling settings. Their hosted sites still work properly, even, in high traffic moments thanks to the scalability system, that they have installed and configured.

That’s what makes WordPress faster with Bluehost and slower with Hostgator.


Bluehost offers Solid State Drives (SSD) for those who need extra speed and performance. That technical feature is not included in the Hostgator infrastructure. SSD hosting can be useful when people look for uptime, even, in moments where websites receive lots of traffic and send thousands of HTTP requests to the server.

Final word, what’s better for WordPress?

You have the above hosting comparison table to have a good idea about Bluehost vs Hostgator. Then, see what options are enabled and better for you. But the main idea is that Bluehost is better in terms of speed and reliability.

However, both companies offer a good quality hosting service for WordPress. They have professional customer support by phone, live chat, or email ticket.

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The customer support should be fast and available all the time, and I’ve never found an issue with these hosting providers. But please keep in mind that if you’re hosting on shared environments. That means you’re sharing the same resources with other people. That’s why making things clean from viruses and bad applications are better for all.

If you have a new theme or application that you want to upload to your server, make sure to scan it locally and in the cloud if possible and you will be safe all the time.

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