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SSD Web Hosting: Fast Servers with Free domain and Site Transfer

There are thousands of places to host your site or blog online. However, SSD web hosting still the best environment for fast server and better performance. That works better, especially for PHP and MySQL applications like WordPress, Drupal, and all the others. It’s not only a matter of server speed, but also a balancing technology, that handles the traffic even with thousands of extra visits and that, happens to many of us.

Inmotion Hosting is the only web hosting that offer a free SSD to all servers. There is no need to pay for that, and that’s applied for all the hosting environment, shared, VPS and dedicated servers.

SSD web hosting with free daily backups

Solid State Drive is the only way to boost the server performance and make it faster and works better. Even if you’re not using a caching system or other tools, you will notice a big difference with the old hard disk drives (HDD) that works with limited resources and can’t solve lots of problems when it comes to extra traffic. At the same time, the SSD reduces the server response time significantly because of its nature. If you’re using that drive on your laptop, then you already know how much that can boost execution time and application speed. The same thing works for the hosting server.

Inmotion Hosting offers powerful servers hosting, and their shared hosting plans come with all the tools and the features that every professional webmaster needs. This is a business hosting with unlimited monthly transfer and unlimited disk space. So, you can save as many files as you want, and without worrying about the limitations in your bandwidth and resources.

The service uses Samsung Solid State Drives with 1TB or memory, that’s not only powerful, but you can host and manage the most advanced applications without any issue. No matter if you want to use a static HTML website or PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Perl, Python or any other language and developing environment. You still get the speed and full SSH access to run your command lines and works professionally.

The below test result shows the difference between this company’s SSD drive and the old HDD hosting that other companies use. You can see that the SSDs pushed out more than 95% of data and that’s a large difference that shows the strong server capacity. That’s why their servers work better than the other services and that brings amazing results.

SSD Web Hosting

With this hosting, the server access the data 20 times faster than HDD and that means less time for executions and accessing your site data. That will reduce the server response time that helps get better search engine ranking, especially with Google, and also it offers the best user experience with fast blog or site.

Unlike the other shared hosting providers, this hosting lets you host as much content as you want without paying any additional fees for your SSD. The site backup will be saved on SSD servers and all the hosting account will be fully working with that fast environment.

The best part is the battery backed non-volatile caching that integrates with all the RAID card. Thus, even if something wrong happens when you’re editing your applications or adding content. The server saves an instant cache of your data and you can restore the same point where you were working exactly without losing a single line of code.

Inmotion Hosting is also one of the cheapest and affordable web hosting that works for all the open source applications. And you can host an e-commerce site also, the following are some features that make this hosting the best.

  • Free SSD hosting with all plans
  • Free daily data backups
  • Free domain name
  • Free domain transfer if you need it
  • Free website or blog migration
  • Pre-installed WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop during the signup process
  • 1 Click installed software for over 310 applications
  • Max Speed Zone with 2 data centers in the US
  • US-based customer support
  • Phone, Live chat and email support available 24/7
  • Google apps integration
  • Full SSH access
  • Secure IMAP email
  • FTP
  • Domain and email forwarding
  • And more…

best SSD Web Hosting

The best hosting is not a server configuration and features. But, it must offer the best customer support, Luckily, this is one of the few US registered companies that have an experienced customer support department. I’ve contacted them a few times to see how they treat their customer and all, what I can say, is that they’re professional but friendly at the same time. They know what they’re doing and it’s a highly recommended web hosting for all sizes of sites and blogs.

Now, you can visit the Inmotion Hosting’s official website and find more details and find what works better for you.

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