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InMotion Hosting Review: Pros and Cons of InMotion Hosting in 2017

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Before starting this full InMotion Hosting Review, let’s take a look at the background of the company and what it does exactly in the web hosting business. Well, InMotion Hosting is recognized globally as one the most proficient and stable company for web hosting. Since its inception in 2001 it has struggled to be most recognized, feasible, and most preferred company amongst businessmen all around the world.

InMotion has successfully recognized itself as one of the rare companies, which is not owned by Endurance International, which is a large corporation for popular hosting brands with low quality services and lots of downtimes, in many cases.

The InMotion Hosting company provides several web hosting options, each with their own set of unique features and advantages. The main web hosting services offered by Inmotion are the following, and each feature is well reviewed and investigated for a trusted review.

InMotion Hosting: Hosting solutions reviewed

This InMotion Hosting Review will give you a clear idea about the company and its services. You don’t have to be a programmer to understand it, just make sure to follow the tips and you’ll be able to choose the right hosting plan for your blog, website, or the online store you want to own.

InMotion Hosting review

Shared business hosting

This a compatible option for those customers desirous of creating static websites, custom applications and database-driven content management systems. The performance is quick with SSH and is developed in PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Perl, and Python. The website is constructed very quickly and easily via free drag-and-drop website builder.

The InMotion hosting website builder is a powerful tool that you can use to make instant web pages without technical knowledge. Also, the facilities of WordPress, Joomla, or PrestaShop, are offered which can be installed while checking out.

The shared hosting plans come with:

  • Free SSD drives
  • Free domain name
  • One-click auto installer software
  • Free daily backup
  • Max Speed Zone with two data centers in the USA
  • Secure email hosting
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free website migration service
  • ECommerce hosting
  • Easy to use cPanel control panel

The low cost hosting offered by InMotion Hosting helped thousands of people to achieve their success online. It’s a reliable, but affordable web hosting with amazing features.

InMotion Hosting VPS with free SSDs

InMotion hosting provides high quality VPS servers with strong security and affordable prices. The company offers reliable, flexible, affordable and scalable VPS hosting with a good of RAM and real server performances. Furthermore, the unlimited storage and monthly bandwidth put the performance on the next level.

The VPS servers of InMotion Hosting are managed by leading industries on Solid State Drives and come with a guarantee which offers money-back within 90 days if it does not meet the user’s satisfaction.

Dedicated Servers with Free SSDs

InMotion provides Linux dedicated servers which are perfectly configured to fulfill the precise requirements of the user’s enterprise. InMotion provides both single processor and dual processors for their powerful dedicated servers.

All that comes along with FREE SSD drives that provide customers with the maximum speed and performance for their servers. Keep in mind that the SSD drives are faster 20 times than the regular HDD drives.

Furthermore, the completely managed custom dedicated servers are provided with installed out-of-the-box with LAMP stack. InMotion’s dedicated Server Managed Hosting team proactively monitors the customer’s server and they are available all the time for custom configurations that customer need.

The InMotion Hosting SSL is one of the most secure and trusted certificates in the web hosting industry. No matter if you want to get the InMotion hosting SSL for a standard hosting account or for a dedicated server, you the best quality.

Reseller Hosting with Free SSDs, cPanel, and WHMCS

The InMotion hosting reseller plans come with all the tools that you ned to starts a reseller web hosting business. Or, you can resell their hosting plans with a profit to your customers.

WordPress Hosting

Inmotion Hosting provides a good quality hosting for WordPress websites no matter what traffic they receive per day. The infrastructure is optimized for better performances and higher stability.

The great features here is the pre-installed WordPress during checkout. In other words, there is no need to install WordPress, PrestaShop or Joomla applications. There is an option to check the right software that will be installed automatically and for free when creating the account. That’s what beginners need in these days, WordPress is the best blogging platform, and there is no problem with installation when you choose Inmotion Hosting as the best hosting provider for your website.

The InMotion web hosting review for WordPress will be, a professional quality service that I recommend for all. The affordable WordPress hosting is what people look for in parallel with the quality, the uptime, and the customer support.

Managed Hosting

Managed web hosting is the ideal solution for companies and business owners who look for professional hosting. It includes everything from server management to backup and updates, and it’s what makes the difference between enterprise and normal web hosting.

InMotion hosting has a fully managed hosting service that both individuals and companies can use. The main managed hosting features with Inmotion hosting are the following:

  • Enterprise level hosting
  • Enhanced security and scanning
  • Optimized infrastructure
  • In demand setup including implementing Nginx and others
  • Most professional Linux hosting experts
  • Advanced server settings and configuration
  • Commercial class databases

Pros of InMotion Hosting

There is no perfect web hosting provider in the world, it’s not easy to achieve a level of satisfaction that different customer needs for different types of websites and businesses. The way to perceive and the type of services you require along with your preferences is what marks a perfect company for you.

Personally, I would say InMotion Hosting Company provides you with services that would lead you to success in your business. Following are the specific great points about InMotion that deserves worth mentioning.

Hosting Performance

The crux role of a web hosting company is to actually host that is to provide and serve your safely stored files to each and every visitor of yours whenever requested.

It is actually a little difficult to measure hosting performance as there as several domains and perspectives through which they can be measured. Still, there are certain major determinants of performance.

The following is the Uptime stats for InMotion Hosting servers, as you can see, the Uptime is 100% during the last 30 days when the company promised 99.0% uptime which is amazing.

InMotion Hosting Uptime stats

Speed is of utmost importance to all businessmen and is an essential determinant of performance. Large scale companies actually do spend a large amount of their budget to get high-speed performance as every second potential customer wait for your website to load eventually means losing more of them. Hence high speed means high customer rates.

Here are a couple of InMotion Hosting reviews from the web:

InMotion Hosting reviews

One of the ways to measure speed is to observe the time it takes to load the first byte i.e. TTFB or in other words, the time taken by the server to load and respond to a visitor after their request for the website. This is a determinant factor for attracting a potential visitor as after this website configuration is the domain that matters most.

InMotion reviews

InMotion is a great PHP hosting that provides a speed of 1.92 seconds for the first byte, 1.604 seconds for start render and the total loading time is 2.427 seconds for the first view with a total of 103 DOM elements. Now, this data, of course, is not constant all the time and the figures will differ through a certain margin.

These rates are comparatively faster than other shared hosts mainly due to the fact that InMotion uses SSD drives for all its servers whereas other companies have spinning-tape hard drives. This is a peculiar advantage for share/business hosting companies.

InMotion customer reviews

InMotion also does not book their servers beyond its capacity, which makes it quite able to handle traffic spikes. Unlike other hosting companies who occupy their websites with more servers, then the capacity face problems managing the traffic spikes if it pops up. InMotion simply does not do that.

So, overall I must say that InMotion has a very satisfactory, reliable and comparatively faster performance, which is why I prefer it over other hosting companies.

InMotion Hosting cPanel: A Professional Control Panel

With many other hosting companies, customers feel quite alienated with the options provided to them by the company. InMotion ensures that the customer is not frustrated or even overwhelmed with setup, but the display is setup in a flexible and stable manner suitable for both first time new users and also for those more accustomed with the tools.

To overcome the complexity all that requires is to install cPanel as a backend and Softaculous by just a single click! This option is very common and also, it is an open source which means you can get help very easily if you want to.

Here is how the InMotion Hosting cPanel looks like:

InMotion Hosting cPanel

I personally found it very basic, primitive and absolutely easy. Hence, I would say that cPanel gives a great margin of flexibility and I got used to it pretty soon and easily. Also, cPanel provides the user with all the languages and apps offered by the company.

Another advantage just provided recently by InMotion, which is unique in the setup is that cPanel is available on the user’s account management dashboard. Along with that, the one-click installer is also available on the user’s account dashboard.

I personally found it quite handy and user-friendly as I now no longer need to separately login for billing, domains or for cPanel. There is just one login on and all that is needed is a single click over cPanel.

Another advantage with InMotion is that you can easily upgrade when you are facing problems with a single Account Management Panel. The problem arises when the site has expanded remarkably and you feel that a developer oriented solution like Managed Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), or a Dedicated Server would suit you. Very well then, InMotion Hosting is quite flexible and provides all these options in-house and you can upgrade without any hustle.

InMotion Hosting Guarantees and Freebies

Most of the industries have 30 days or maybe 45 days money back guarantee. InMotion offers 90 days money back guarantee to its customers. The guarantee is particularly very convincing and standardized when a customer agrees to pay for a full year to avail better pricing.

Along with this, there are many freebies to enjoy with your account. I personally found Google Ads, Google Apps Integration and Free Site Transfer quite handy for my business, network, and communication.

Free Data Backups

To begin with, I have tried a couple of other hosting companies as well like HostGator where I had to pay $19 to retrieve my backup. That happened when I once accidently lost my files while letting a friend of mine to handle some stuff. What HostGator does is that it automatically backups all my data once every week for free, but it charges money when you want to retrieve your backup like in my case.

With InMotion, the backup is completely free whenever you need to avail it though it is not automatic and I have to save my files myself. There are thousands of InMotion Hosting Reviews that talk about this great feature, it saves money and time at once. However, it does come very handy when you want an emergency backup and it does provide generous backup limits, which adds up to the extra safety net.

With other companies, there is a low backup limit which means that in the case of an emergency backup of an image-heavy website; you will find yourself at a terrible loss.

InMotion Hosting’s Customer Service

Customer service in most of the companies is a neglected area and many users face problems in the form of connections or time loss due to elongated waiting. This though may appear minor are actually very important for a user’s business and performance.

InMotion Hosting, for one, has a remarkable customer service. They keep it as a prime tool for their marketing and gives their customers, their due attention, and priority. They do definitely boast about their US-based tech support through various means like phone, chat, ticket system or email. Along with this, there are several other plus points which go with InMotion Hosting which I have personally experienced.

InMotion Hosting customer support

All the means of communication that I have mentioned above are quite surprisingly equally responsive. The moment I opened the website, I found it live. Unlike other companies where I had to call due to no response on the email, InMotion Hosting responds equally well on any mode be it chat, mail or call. I received a quick solution to my emailed support tickets and my phone calls have always been returned up till now.

InMotion Hosting support center

Another thing I like about their customer service is that the reps there actually know the business and they actually know what I am talking about. That saves a lot of time and also prevents frustration as you can directly jump the root of the problem with the person you are talking to. There is no script reading, oops, nor you have to wait while the lady at reception puts you on the right person to talk to. I found this very comforting and user-friendly.

Free website transfer service with zero downtime

InMotion hosting is the only web hosting provider that really offer a free professional website transfer service. With other companies, you’ll find yourself with lots of problems if they move the website files for you.

That’s without talking about other hosting services that require additional fees for any website transfer. With Inmotion Hosting, you get a complete website transfer service without downtimes. That means, your website will be moved their servers for free and still working in the migration process.

Community Support of InMotion

You can judge a company’s prospect and internal organizational culture via the domains and areas, it spends its sponsored money on. This tells a great deal about the company’s goal, ambition and ultimate vision which serve a strong determinant of its reliability and integrity.

InMotion is a generous sponsor of Word Camps and also of open source software core development. It also takes part in environmental initiatives.

Cons of InMotion Hosting

Like I said, no company can actually reach perfection and there is always a room for improvement that we can provide through our helpful reviews. There were a couple of features of InMotion Web Hosting Company that I personally found unpleasant and difficult to tackle with.

Database and Website Limitations

InMotion has limited the number of websites and MySQL databases that a user can run on their account, even if they have heavily paid. This limitation does have an advantage that it is there to provide the users with a faster network performance. And if a user plan to not exceed more than two websites, then this limitation is practically not existent. Still, the customers should be well aware about it.

Price Point

It is very important for every businessman to know that price they are paying for any feature, company or product is worth paying and the probable outcome of investing corresponds proportionally to it. It’s therefore quite difficult, especially for those starting new and working on a limited budget.

InMotion Hosting offers a couple of affordable plans, but they do come up with their own limitations. The unlimited InMotion Hosting plans when compared with other shared hosting providers have their price point, comparatively quite higher than other shared hosting providers. However, you get an exclusive web hosting discount with 47% OFF if you signup using our Review.

Though they are still in the range of affordability for many customers, but to many, they would be quite expensive when it comes to competition.

InMotion Hosting Pricing Structure

Another con with InMotion Hosting is that the pricing structure is very inconvenient and inflexible. The customers have to sign up for a full year, which could be expensive for those who just initiated their project and are unsure as to how long it will last. However, there is a 90 days money back guarantee which does provide some degree of peace to beginners. But, after 90 days there would be no refund to the customers.

InMotion Hosting overall can be said to be a stable, reliable and profitable hosting company and I recommend everyone to at least try hosting its website with InMotion. I am sure that the experience with InMotion Hosting would overall be rated as satisfactory.

Is InMotion Hosting a good or a bad web hosting service?

This Inmotion Hosting review is the result of years of experience and also testing with dozens of hosting providers. Some of those companies work better than the others, but in the first place, Inmotion Hosting is the right hosting service that puts everything in one place.

As a webmaster, you get all the resources that your website or blog needs, and on the other hand, you save money as the hosting plans are cheap but professional at the same time. It’s like an equation between reliability and affordable hat a few hosting providers have.

I highly recommend InMotion Hosting for everyone who looks for a good quality hosting and a low-cost plan that helps businesses to succeed online. You don’t have to worry about their services, and the features that every plan include are what make a good hosting company in these days.

InMotion hosting discount

InMotion Hosting is a popular web hosting provider with trust and professional customer support. But also, they have the features that make them the best web hosting service. For that, if you signup today, you’ll save up to 47% OFF with our exclusive Inmotion Hosting discount.

InMotion Hosting discount

All you need is to visit the InMotion Hosting now and create your account. Then, you’ll get a free domain name, a free SSD drive and lots of options and of course, an amazing customer support.

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