Best low cost web hosting providers

If you just started looking for cheap and affordable web hosting for your site, you will find thousands of low-cost web hosting services. But, what about the security and reliability? Are you going to put your blog or website on servers with lots of downtime and low-quality services?

At the same time, there is no need to browse thousands of sites to find real reviews about the right place to host your site without worrying about loading time, security, and customer support. Just check the following list to find the web host that works better for your business and budget.

Cheap and professional web hosts

1. Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the best and cheap shared web hosting providers, with millions of hosted domains, and large data centers. They offer both, Linux and Windows hosting services.

You can start your hosting account for only $3.96 for the 3-year plan, and you can compare their prices for the other cycle billings. They offer unlimited disk space and monthly transfer, with lots of features.

The customer support is an award winner with years of experience and professional help. They offer help by phone, live chat, and tickets. However, I’ve found that their live chat is not as good as expected.

You need to wait for a half-hour, sometimes, so use the phone, it’s faster. This hosting has auto-install software for all the popular applications including, WordPress.

2. iPage

This is the cheapest web hosting service per year without a doubt. You can host a website for just $2.25 per month, and that’s a very cheap price that you can’t find with any other hosting provider.

It’s a 75% web hosting discount. However, the service is good and the low cost doesn’t reflect the quality of their services. Furthermore, there are no setup fees and it’s an instant activation hosting.

Their cheap web hosting offers to make things easier for beginners and professionals. Both get a free domain name with professional services, and that’s what makes them an affordable and easy web hosting for small business.


This is a cheap and multiple domain web hosting that saves lots of money for people who have multiple sites to host. In one account, you get unlimited hosting resources and great features, such as the secure FTP, the web design, the website builder tool, and more.

After the reviews that I’ve received from readers and my own test, iPage is a good web hosting provider. You don’t need any complicated tools or skills. What you need is included in your plan, and everything will work professionally.

3. InMotion

When you are looking for speed and friendly customer support, this company offers the ideal combination. It’s an easy and cheap cPanel hosting provider that offers free SSD for all hosting plans. The SSD makes the server powerful and makes the site loads faster for powerful performance and speed.

They offer business inexpensive web hosting for all, with yearly plans at $5.99  per month. Every plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and lots of features such as free SSH access and the auto-installer software.

They are using an easy to understand cPanel control panel. So, even, if you’re a newbie, you can manage your blog files easily. They have an active community forum and lots of tutorials with screenshots and comments.

InMotion offers a free domain name and a free website migration service for new customers. At the same time, they have friendly customer support to get help from professionals. The uptime is always good if you compare it to other shared hosting environments.

99.9% of uptime is not easy to achieve with that huge number of servers and hosted domains. However, when I say, it’s the cheapest web hosting, that doesn’t affect the quality. It’s one of the few shared hosting companies that have fewer downtimes to manage and upgrade their servers.

There is no need to think about installing WordPress with this hosting. This is a great budget web hosting service that offers auto-installer software.

All you need is to check the pre-installation option when you create your hosting account, and it will be ready automatically. Best of all, this is a fast host for all the applications and coding languages including PHP and MySQL.

Please be careful when you read web hosting reviews in 2015, the majority of them are not honest reviews. Many people talk about companies that they’ve never tried before.

4. GoDaddy

This is one of the top-rated web hosting providers, especially, for the shared servers. They have long years of experience and professional customer support. You can get Linux web hosting, or Windows web hosting, and even, a custom configuration for the server.

The cheapest shared plan starts from $6.99 for the first month, but, you can save money with this discount that lets you pay $4.99 only.

Please make sure to use the smallest plan if you have a personal blog or website. This is a good business web hosting company that lets you add an email address to your domain name with other features. You don’t need to waste your money on resources that you don’t need. Later, you can upgrade your account easily.

Of course, you get a free domain name and unlimited web hosting. Also, I consider GoDaddy as the best reliable web hosting service for small businesses. The reason is simple, they let people add everything they need from one dashboard.

For example, they can add SSL, merchant account, or payment processing services easily, and much more. It’s a great place to host an e-commerce website and build a professional online store that works fast.

The company has a month to month payment option for the second plan, and 3 months hosting options for the first plan. However, you can choose the yearly hosting plan, which’s recommended to avoid problems with your payment method.

5. FatCow

This is a really cheap and reliable hosting provider. You can start a website with all the professional services and tools for just $3.15 per month, and that’s a 60% discount. This plan allows you to get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and a free domain name with good options.

There is an auto-installer application to host WordPress and other CMS applications.

If you want to sell products online, you get the PayPal integration and accept credit card payments from around the world. But, remember that the domain name is only free for the first year. So, you will need to renew it later.


This is a recommended green web hosting service that suits every small budget needs. You can’t easily get prices like theirs when it comes to web hosting. For payment methods, this is one of the few hosting services that accept PayPal and credit cards, at the same time.

6. InterServer

If you need simple and cheap Linux hosting, then, this will be a good choice for you. Everything is simplified and there is no need to waste your time reading long articles to learn how to use the service. You can start as low as $40 per year hosting plan.

It’s the smallest option for people who need to build a personal blog or site. However, there are advanced plans with more resources and free daily backup service. This hosting service accepts credit cards and PayPal.

The company offers a large variety of services, including shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. It’s also a recommended small business hosting with all the tools that you need.

7. Bluehost

Bluehost is a good and secure hosting provider with cheap prices. They have their own technologies to speed up websites. They don’t have a monthly plan like the above ones, but, their cheapest yearly plan costs $4.95 per month.

Nowadays, low-cost website hosting should not affect the server response time and uptime. That’s why you need to investigate any company before hosting with them. Luckily, this is a cheap web hosting service that comes with amazing features and customer support.

The company offers affordable web hosting with an enhanced cPanel control panel, and lots of add-ons, and easy management. They offer a backup service and free domain name for the first year.


The good thing about this company is the fast website loading time. They have a custom CPU control technology that balances the usage between servers and handle the high traffic. So, no one will get affected by the other domains.

In my own tests and experience, this is also a great and professional VPS hosting provider, and you can count on them. They have powerful resources and a strong infrastructure that works better for you. Your website will load faster and it will be hosted in good hands.

In terms of shared hosting comparison, this is a good service. They offer phone customer support, tickets, and live chat as the others. I’ve used this company and I recommend it for bloggers and site owners. However, they are not offering a free site transfer service like the others. So, take that into consideration.


As you can see, these are professional hosting services at budget prices. Customer support is always available and security is not a problem. However, remember that you need to protect your site yourself first, by keeping your login details safe. Second, never install plugins or add-ons from sources that you don’t trust.

Scammers, use free tools and share them for free, just to attack your site later. So, make sure to use trusted add-ons and themes in your account, and everything will be well protected.

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