Best Data Recovery Software to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On iPhone

When your iPhone stores important data and files, and you want to retrieve them, you will find multiple solutions. But, not all of them allow you to see your phone directly without the need for backups and other ways.

Luckily, there is a premium iPhone data recovery software that will retrieve all your deleted text messages, videos, images, lost contacts, and everything on your iPhone.

This is the best iPhone recovery software, but it also works for all iOS devices, including iPad, and iPod Touch screens. At the same time, this tool works for both Mac and Windows computers, So, there is no need to worry about your data anymore. With a few simple clicks, you can recover all your data and files.

The best iPhone data recovery software

Dr.Fone is the world’s most advanced software to retrieve iPhone deleted messages in a few clicks. It scans your SmartPhone for these files, and then, you get a full visual report about your data, including:

  • Text messages
  • Contacts
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Notes and everything else.

The software works with all the versions from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S, iPhone 12, and 12 Pro Max. When a new version is launched, they add it to their database and the technology database. The same thing applies to the iPad and iPod touch.

You can use any of the 3 ways that the software offers to retrieve your data:

  • Recovering from an iOS device directly
  • Recovering from iTunes Backup
  • Recovering from iCloud backup

The simple question here is, how can you retrieve deleted text messages? But also, images and videos on your iPhone?

The recovery software works in easy steps: Let’s take the direct method, for example. The first thing you need is to connect your device.

Recover deleted Text messages in iphone

Now, click the “Start Scan” button, and the software will search for everything in your smartphone. Then, it will list the files, and you can preview them. So, if you’re searching for a specific file, image, or message, you will see it directly in real-time, without the need to complicate things.

Retrieve deleted text messages in iphone

Now, check the files or messages that you need to save, and click the “Recover” button at the bottom of the software screen. You can save the data on your local computer, in an external drive, in the cloud, or send it to another phone.

There is no limit on how to save your data, it’s like any folder that you want to save. Thus, this is an iPhone SMS recovery software, but also, a full data retriever.

The software comes with a free trial. However, you can use the same coupon that I’ve used to get 20% Off. Just use LAFF2014 to get the discount. Unlike the other tools, this one has an advanced scanning technique that will find deleted messages and data easily.

Other tools will offer one method only, and hope it works with you. That’s why using this software to retrieve deleted messages is safe and guaranteed.

The program works also, for iOS devices, including the iOS 7 and the newest versions. So, you can scan any device that works under the operating system. All you have to do is to connect the device to your software. Next, scan it as the below example, and finally, select the files that you want to recover, and save, or transfer them.

The good thing about this recovery tool is that it scans a broken iPhone, iPad, and iPod. So, even if you have a phone that no longer works or crashes, you can scan it for files, and recover them instantly.

The software solves the problem of data recovery perfectly. The 3 retrieving ways will guarantee operation anyway.

So, even if the device is completely damaged and it’s not possible to connect it, you still have the other two options. Both iTunes and iCloud backup files will solve the problem from the same interface. Just connect your account and start the process.

iPhone data recovery software

It works for Mac and Windows

iphone recovery software

Please remember to select your operating system from the download page. Just use the appropriate options for your operating system; if it’s iOS, select Mac. And if it’s Windows, of course, you need to download the Windows version. As I said, this tool comes with a free trial, and it’s a professional tool.

The company behind that software works with advanced technologies and backup features that no other one offers in total security. I hope that this will help recover your text messages on your iPhone, or any other device. Please share your experience with us.

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