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How to Delete Cookies for a Specific Website in Firefox

In many cases, you will find yourself in the need to disable tracking, or to delete some cookies that websites use to track your browser. The default option in Firefox, let you disable that option and work in private mode without tracking.

However, if you want to remove specific cookies to solve a problem, or to protect yourself, Then, follow this step by step tutorial that will help.

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The first thing you need is to open your Firefox browser, of course, then, click the menu button at the top right corner of the screen. Next, select “Options” as the below screenshot.

How to Delete Cookies for a Specific Website in Firefox

In the options window, you will see different tabs, but, you have to select the “Privacy” tab as the following example.

Firefox privacy tab

Now, in your “Privacy” tab, find “remove individual cookies“, and click on it as the next screenshot.

Remove individual cookies

A small window will be opened in front of that window. From there, you can search for the target cookies that you want to delete. Just enter the name of the site, and you will get all the stored cookies from that specific website. Now, select those cookies and delete them one by one, or all at once, as the below example.

remove Cookies

Thus, you’ve deleted a specific website cookies in your Firefox web browser.

Do you need to delete Cookies all the time?

If you need to clear all the cookies, just use the “clear your recent history”, and check the data from the beginning of the time to delete them all. However, cookies are not all for tracking and spamming. They are used to grow businesses and you will find lots of sites that work only with cookies-enabled option.

They will ask you to enable that option in your browser in order to continue. But, when it comes to spam websites with lots of cookies that slow down your browser, then, you need to delete them in this case.

Remember that cookies are also, the only thing that lets you stay logged in to your accounts, such as, Gmail, Facebook, and all the other sites. Your sessions will be saved as open in these cookies, and that’s why the website detects that you don’t have to login again to your account.

If you disable the option in Firefox, or, in any other browser, you will work in “Private” and you have to re-login every time you open your browser.

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