Start your Own 3D Printing Business from Home and Make Money

There is no doubt that 3D printing becomes one of the most popular trends all over the world. Everyone talks about it, and that’s a good signal that entrepreneurs need.

No matter if you’re a job seeker, a student, a stay-at-home mom, or even, a person who needs to earn extra cash. You don’t have to invest millions of dollars like big companies to sell products. Starting a 3D printing business is easier than you can imagine.

You need is to follow a step-by-step strategy and copy it. An entrepreneur called Sam Frlan from Italy, who migrated to the United States later, succeeded in his smartphones and tablet cases business and made millions with it.

Now, all you have to do is to follow his 3D Printer Profits system, and you’re guaranteed to make money from your home.


The recommended guide in this post is no longer available, it looks like they closed their site and it’s no longer listed with a domain name. As an alternative way, I recommend the following guide:

Guide & Walkthrough of 3D Printing. It’s a great guide that teaches everything you need to start and succeed in the 3D printing business.

Step by step 3D printing business

How many times, you’ve found people who claim they want to teach you how to make money with 3D printing?.

Maybe one or two times, at least, and all of them are just people who want to make money from their guides, even without testing them. That’s a big problem.

Unlike the other courses and lessons makes, the 3D Printer Profits is a result of the successful entrepreneurship of a man, who spent years testing things and optimizing others. You don’t have to kill yourself with lots of guides, just to find profitable 3D printing niches to make money.

The system is ready to apply, and it’s created by someone who started selling a few Smartphone cases that he was printing at home. Then, he started growing his business with more niche markets.

3D Printing Business

Learn from the mistakes of the others

Even, if you know exactly how to start a 3D printing business, and you have the resource to go the way, you will find lots of problems with creating the right product. The challenges, including, making the products accessible for people and the most important, how to succeed in your marketing strategy for that product.

This system solves that problem and gives you years of experience and mistakes that Sam was making, and correct things later.

I personally prefer to get tips and advice from people who tried business and succeed with it. Instead of wasting my time and money with tests and strategies, and find myself in difficult situations in the end. That’s why learning from the source is always a successful way.

You don’t need to have a 3D printer machine

If you’ve some knowledge about the 3D printer prices, you already know that the best quality will cost $2000 at least.  And that’s without talking about how to use it and succeed. This step by step guide shows people how to get a free 3D printer that comes to their home address, without paying a single dollar for it.

Sam, as the person who started from scratch, knows exactly how to get that free machine, and it’s not from someone you don’t know. It’s from the company that invests millions of dollars in research and giving it to you for free to test it.

starting 3d printing business

If you don’t want to have the printer, there are different online services that SAM used to create his customers’ products, and even the company will cheap them on behalf of you. That way, you still make money by just clicking the “print” button, after uploading the designs with their dimensions and some details.

Why 3D printing is so powerful

Making money online is not easy, as all the scam articles that you read. It needs lots of work and patience. If you’re seeing entrepreneurs who make millions of dollars online. Keep in mind that they’ve worked hard and invested years of time in their business.

So, forget those people who sell the so-called  “secrets” of making money. There is no secret, but work and patience.

Start your Own 3D-Printing Business from Home

Unlike those money-making ways that need lots of effort and money to invest, the 3D printing business is a real business but that you run online. You know that physical products have a better conversion than digital tools.

You can create an attractive iPhone or iPad case, then, create it in your printer and show it in action through a video tutorial. People will trust the product because they see it in your hands.

The 3D Printer Profits come with lots of resources and doing everything. But also, it will save you years of time searching for profitable niches. The guide creator uses 57 3D printing niches that a few people know about them.

Even, if he will create products for these niches, it’s impossible to serve all those billions of people who own smartphones, tablets, accessories, and other tools that they buy online.

iPhone cases 3D printing business

The smartphone market only is huge enough to accept thousands of 3D printing companies. That’s why, there is no real competition actually, and that will still the same case for the coming years. So, this is the real market to invest your time in it, but, you don’t have to waste your time with guides that everyone else uses.

At the same time, you don’t need to waste your money with expensive printers, because you can get one for free. If you follow the above, recommended guide, system, and strategy that he personally used to generate thousands of dollars per month, you will succeed.

The good thing about this new business is that it will never stop working. Everything in this world can be printed in 3D and sold. The huge demand for 3D printer products and prototypes is going crazy. Just look at the below screenshot from Google Trends for the term “3D print”.

3D printing trend

As you can see, there are 250% more online searches in just one year. From 2013 to 2015 people multiplied their searches for 3D printed products. So, imagine how things will be in the future. This is a real market to invest in it and win.

Unlike other terms that people forgot, this one attracts new people every day. That’s what creates a profitable business that stays for long years.

I recommend 3D Printer Profits for everyone who wants to start a real business online selling 3D printed products. That includes phone cases, eyeglass frames, jewelry, and everything that people love to be printed for them in 3 dimensions.

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