How to Make Money for Stay at Home Moms

If you search the web for ways to earn extra income as a stay at home mom, you will find thousands of methods. But, the majority of these ways won’t work, or simply, they’re scammers who want to take your time and hard-earned money.

That’s why finding the best and trusted money-making method is the hardest job to do these days. You need to find a way to turn your passion into cash and guarantee the payment.

Luckily, there are a couple of ways that you can use, and the below ones are my selected methods for mothers who need extra money to help themselves and their families.

Home job ideas for stay at home moms

Launch your online store

You don’t have to think about products, if you don’t have, just buy wholesale items from trustworthy wholesale vendors, and sell them for profit. Things like smartphone cases and bags are at the top of the list. People look for them online, and you can add shoes and everything else.

If there is an easy way to build your own store and make it professional, it will be the Yahoo stores service without a doubt. They are well-known in this business and they offer quality web hosting and security for your website. Furthermore, they offer a free domain name and all the payment systems and tools.

You can make your own products and sell them online. There are many ideas and resources to use. If you need specific help, use the contact page and let me know, I’ll be happy to assist and help.


Sell homemade crafts online

This is one of the best ways to earn an income online while staying at home. As you know, people from all over the world love handmade crafts, that’s for the quality and the originality of the accessories or the Jewelry. And second, people want to find something different from the popular online stores that they find on Amazon or eBay.

If you have a passion for what you have as creativity and good accessories, then, you can turn your free time into a real business. There are a couple of big marketplaces that you can join for free and list your products for a fixed fee, in general.

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make money for stay at home moms

I recommend Etsy as the first place to sell homemade crafts and make extra money. They have over 30 million shoppers and you can start with them. The sign up is free and you have to pay $0.2 to list an item for 4 months.

If your product got featured, then, expect thousands of dollars in sales depending on your product price and creativity, but also how much people buy your accessory type. You can sell vintage items, handmade goods, craft supplies, and anything that’s creative.

Making money as a stay at home mom can be easy if you work with good companies like Dawanda. It’s another large company that you can sell your handmade items with them. They accept large product varieties, such as:

  • Accessory for all types
  • Men and women’s products
  • Bags
  • Jewelry
  • Baby
  • Children
  • Home
  • Supplies
  • Vintage and celebrations items

In other words, it’s a big opportunity to show your skills and sell items for money. You can sell your products and accept PayPal or Credit cards, the website will tell you more details about that. The company offers amazing features and helpful tips to make things clear and easy to apply.

Do micro jobs online

This is one of the best work from home opportunities for stay at home moms. Of course, that only valid if you have some hours a day with attractive tasks that you can do.

If you can create a one-minute video presentation Ad, for example, for a company, or create a design, or a logo for another project, then, you can join Fiverr. It’s the largest marketplace for mini-jobs and they have millions of members worldwide.

You can also, make money writing short articles and many other jobs, such as programming and web designs. Of course, you can join other freelance sites that pay more. But, remember that competition is the key to success, with Fiverr, you can easily get sales much better than the others.

You don’t have to pay them in order to get featured. When you have amazing and attractive jobs to offer, they have a dedicated team that selects the best jobs to be featured on their website. You earn $4 for every job, and the site takes the $1 as a fee. They pay with PayPal and Payoneer.

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Earn extra income blogging

Blogging is the most powerful way to make money online, but, it needs lots of work. I’m not going to say that blogging only will help your family, and save you lots of money easily. It’s all about time and patience, to help your husband and children, you need to create a good blog that helps people first.

Please remember that WordPress is the only choice to succeed in a blog, just take a look at some popular blogs and you will find that they are WordPress sites. At the same time, you need to learn some basic SEO and how to blog.

We offer complete Blogging resources and a dedicated category to learn everything related to WordPress and blogging.

When you have a few hundreds of daily visitors, you can start promoting related affiliate products. Or, use one of the popular advertising networks such as Google Adsense.

Become an affiliate marketer

As a woman with some free time, you can learn Affiliate marketing and related tips and how to succeed online. Affiliate marketing is a way that can bring you millions of dollars and not just an extra income. But that needs lots of hard work and exceptional patience. Some products make you a few dollars per sale, and others can make you thousands of dollars in a single sale.

It’s all about the product quality and the right place to advertise it. If you don’t have a blog with huge traffic, then, you need to use the advertising methods to promote any products. You can contact bloggers and site owners for banner advertising, and they will accept, in the majority of cases if the product is related to their audience.

If you ask me for good products to promote, will start with WP Engine, it’s the number one premium managed WordPress hosting provider, and you make $200 per sale. It’s just one of many other products to promote.

Become an article writer

I’m not talking about the classic way to write articles for money and that’s it. But I’m talking about moms with skills in some specific domains, such as marketing, social networks, design, and much more.

If you can write good quality articles, then, you can cooperate with big blogs and websites and they will pay for that. Please make sure to send your offer to trusted websites with lots of traffic and a good reputation. You have to avoid scammers.

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Of course, you need blogs, you need to make sure that the blog makes enough money in order to welcome you as a writer. Believe it or not, some blog writers make thousands of dollars per month for a few articles, and that’s only for the quality and how many people interact with these articles and share them.


These are my recommended money-making ways for stay at home moms. Please choose the right method for you and do an extra search for the details and some tips. You don’t need to join scam sites and lose your time and effort with them, just use the most popular ones and stay safe.

I always welcome your comments and you can submit your questions or anything else using the contact page. I hope I helped and made things as clear as possible.

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