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Best After Effects Templates: HD Quality Videos, Logos and Graphics

Creating a professional video website, and make an amazing content is a real challenge, especially, for those who want the best quality. However, it’s not hard as you think, if you choose the best After Effects templates and optimize your website for a better user experience.

In this post, I’ll show you some of the top rated templates that you can use. They’re selected carefully, and based on user reviews, and their tested conversions that no other place offers. Most important, the creators are the best designers from the famous Template Monster.

Professional videos templates

The greatest thing about After Effects is that you can edit anything in the video. No matter if you want to adjust the full content or jut a part of it, with the powerful Adobe tool, everything looks professional. But, if you want the greatest designs and the quality video templates, then, I only recommend the below list of templates that you can’t find in any other place.

The website offers lots of designs and video templates in all domains. For example, you can find these ones.

  • After Effects Intros
  • After Effects Logo templates
  • After Affects Videos Ecards
  • Animated Graphic templates

Each part of these categories comes with awesome content, and animations that will surprise you with their quality.

1. Design Studio

This is a powerful After Effects into video template that comes in HD quality, and it allows you to create amazing videos in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is to edit the default content and adapt it to your needs.

Design Studio

2. Travel

This is another into video template that’s great and created, especially, for travel agencies and websites. You can edit the text, and also, any other part of the video and it will look professional by default. This designs can be used for special effects, TV videos, and all the other jobs that you need to build, with animations and media.

best after effects templates

3. Business

With this easy, but, well-created template, you can create a great introduction to a video, or a short video that tell people about a company or a service. You can add some phrases and adjust everything easily. Then, it integrates on any video, and best of all, it’s in HD and the blue color used make things better for the user experience. Unlike other templates, this one lets you add small images and they will look good.


4. Web Design AE

Another HD quality after Effects intro templates for professional use. It requires the Adobe After Effects CS4, at least, and it’s perfect for web designs and graphics. I saw that many companies use this template with customizations for their own projects. The quality talks about everything, and there is no need to talk about why this is a top recommended video template.

web design

5. Games template

When you need your own powerful game template, this one can be the perfect choice. It’s not only high quality designs in HD, but, it was created, based on gaming psychology, and it reflect the things that every online gamer wants to see. This well-created designs will save lots of time and money, developing templates from scratch, and you can watch the video before downloading it.

Game template

These are a few examples of many others, I will need a long list with hundreds of images to list them all here. Instead of that, you can visit all these After Effects templates and see what you need exactly. Give the designs a try, and watch the demo, then, if you like it, you can use and everything will be fine.

What makes the difference with all these templates is not only their quality and how people will be amazed to see them, but, the real secret is the psychological structure that they’ve built with.

Not every design will perform well, when it comes tools and layouts, things can be different and you have to test many designs to find what works, and what needs some tweaks. Luckily, you get ready to use templates that come after lots of testing, and real work during years. Best of all these designs comes from the biggest and the trusted web design marketplace on the web.

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