Best Project Management Softwares for Freelancers

Best Freelance Project Management Software

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With the fastest web development, it becomes easier to add lots of functions and options, especially, for freelancers who need to organize their work clearly. Sometimes, a missed task can cost lots of money, and the winner is the person who organizes everything from dates, tasks, and sales.

Today, I want to share some of the best freelance project management software. Also, they are recommended for designers and small business owners in general, who needs a smart management and invoicing systems.

The below list of the trusted PHP software bring the information that you need, and present them in one place. So, you can manage your business instead of wasting your time with lots of details that can be imported and shown automatically.

Top project management tools

1. Ultimate Client Manager

This is a client management and a full invoicing system that works with any server, and you can install it easily. The Ultimate Client Manager Pro tracks everything from work hours and tasks, to the membership subscriptions and the invoicing details. It supports PDF as well, and the clients can send support tickets directly from their dashboard interface.

At the same time, this PHP script gives a clear statistics about each user’s income, and the worked jobs, and it supports multiple languages and multicurrencies as well. For the Newsletter, you can send bulk email newsletters to your clients. That’s a rare feature that a few software includes. The Newsletter template can be customized and there are lots of pre-made designs to use.

freelance project management software

2. Project Management

Freelance Cockpit 2 is a complete project management tool that comes with lots of function and features. It makes every freelancer happy and well-organized. You can create projects and add the information that you need.

Then, the system will show you detailed statistics and where is your actual work process, and when exactly you should complete the work and many other things. The system is mobile optimized and looks good in major mobile devices.

This system includes a support ticket to communicate and solve your clients problems. At the same time, you have a powerful task management and time tracking tools, to make things easier to remember.

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Of course, a freelancer needs an invoice system and it’s integrated in this top rated PHP script. You can also set a recurring invoicing system and PayPal IPN is integrated by default. Another good thing is the database backup, so, you never lose information.


The plugin support multilingual users, and the design can be customized from the custom CSS option. The clients can be managed easily from the dashboard, and you can message them directly from the plugin interface.

3. Freelance manager

Freelance Manager is another recommended project management software that works for freelancers, designers, project managers, web developers and much more.

This software supports uploading projects and communicate with your clients directly, and exchange ideas and solve problems through the support ticket system that comes integrated.

If you have lots of clients and you need to manage the staff. The plugin includes a staff management tool and also, a powerful calendar and event management and planning tool. The best part is the approval system that lets customers approve the task when it’s completed. That helps in creating good relations with clients when they are satisfied.

project management software

For payment gateway, this tool includes, PayPal, Payza, Skrill and As the above management software, this one has a backup system to restore your information and never lose them. This tool is recommended for both, individual freelancers and companies.

All the above reviewed software can be downloaded and installed on your server. There are lots of other tools, but they work online only, and the big problem is that they stores information and your client details elsewhere and that’s not really secure.

When you start a business, you need to think about security and the client’s privacy. But what happens if someone shares their personal information or even banking details? That becomes a big problem and no one will protect your business later.

If you look round the web and search for other software, you will find that they require a monthly payment, or a big process at once. That’s not profitable for freelancers or small business owners with a limited budget and who needs to save money until they succeed their projects.

The above software will not cost more than $60 and that the 1/10 of other software prices. Even some of them can easily sell your information and client’s database to spam marketing, and advertising agencies.  That’s not hidden and we see what happens today.

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So, be careful when you want to use a project management software, make things easy to manage and secure, at the same time.

If you feel that you should use an online service for the client management, make sure to investigate on their business and search for some reviews. You can find lots of useful information that can help you to filter the good companies from the bad ones.

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