How to Edit WordPress Themes without Coding

The website’s look and design affect the visitor’s experience and it can bring good results if you create a clean theme with the right colors and layouts. The best WordPress themes come with control panels in the majority of cases if they are premium.

However, other themes can not be edited from a control panel to customize everything you need, and that’s a big problem for beginners especially. But also, it’s a problem for actual bloggers with no ideas about coding, HTML, and CSS.

Luckily, there are lots of plugins that let you customize your WordPress theme, and make it yours without any coding knowledge.

Best of all, the theme can be modified directly from the page, and from now on, no more coding and you don’t need a designer. That’s because you have the most powerful tools, that let you customize everything without the need for a control panel.

I’ll talk about great two WordPress plugins that make coding just designing, and you don’t need to edit a single code.

The first plugin that I highly recommend is the VelocityPage, it lets you edit all the WordPress themes directly from the web pages.

The second tool is called the Dynamic Builder, but for Genesis themes only. Let’ see these different tools one by one.

Plugins to customize WordPress theme without coding?

1. VelocityPage

The VelocityPage is a premium WordPress plugin created and developed by one of the well-known WordPress developers. It was created especially, for non-coders and people who want to edit their themes and customize everything without any control panel.

What you have to do is to install and activate the plugin, then, visit your website and you can edit the page layout, colors, and add, or delete what you want in simple clicks. It’s a front-end page creation tool that you can use, and simply, drag and drop elements into your web pages.

Even, you can create a completely different WordPress theme from scratch, because you have all the tools in one place. To be honest with you, as usual, it’s the only plugin that really works with all the WordPress themes, especially, with Genesis themes and all the popular frameworks.

To start editing your theme, hover over any element and a menu will appear exactly at that position, so, you can edit that element. The good thing is that you see what the theme will look like later. It’s a smart way to design your own WordPress theme and customize it on your eyes, what you create is what you will see.

Normally, to modify a WordPress theme, you have to edit codes and hope you create the exact layout that you want. That needs lots of tests and editing, so, why not modifying the theme layout and design from the web page directly? That’s not only easier but also, safer when it comes to the theme speed and performances.

There are no errors that will happen here. The theme adjusts itself and you’ll never get errors like the classic editing methods and tools. If you’re not a professional coder and a WordPress expert, you have to use this top-rated plugin that makes you a designer, but, without touching a single line of code.


If you want to change the widget positions, for example, all you have to do is to drag and drop them directly on the page in the final position, they will be fixed and everything works like that. When you need to move an image to another position, also, drag and drop and adjust in real-time, nothing is complicated.

Remember, this plugin is coded by WordPress developers and you can see that on their homepage.

The plugin support Aweber, the best email marketing service, and you can add contact forms, or sign up forms directly on your pages, without the need to modify anything. Just select the exact area on your page, click the menu and select Aweber to add it. Also, you can add a Mailchimp contact form and modify the headings and the layout instantly.

The big problem that newbies find with WordPress is how to add the widgets anywhere on the page and without editing the theme. It’s not easy to do that without adding hooks and then add the widget there manually. In other cases, you have to install plugins and hope that you can place the WordPress widget exactly in the position that you want.

That’s not a problem here, what you have to do is to drag and drop these widgets and add them in real-time where you want. If you want to add a widget directly with a shortcode, then, you can click the menu, then, “Shortcode” and add it there.

The VelocityPage WordPress plugin is not only for beginners and WordPress lovers but also, for Developers who need to save time doing coding and hard work. There a developer version, that allows developers to serve their clients exactly as any hard coding work, but this time, by directly editing the theme and the layouts from the pages.

2. Dynamik Website Builder

The second option is the Dynamik Builder, it lets you create completely custom Genesis themes. Remember that this is only for the StudioPress themes, it’s a powerful tool to create your own layout without coding and everything is customizable in a few clicks.

Best of all, you can export your own WordPress theme is a child theme, and that’s helpful for both, beginners and developers. In a few minutes, you can create your own custom homepages and theme layouts.

And the most important thing these days is the HTML5 that this plugin support and works fully with it. Also, your theme will look good and professional with any device, simply because it’s a responsive design. In other words, you will be a WordPress designer, and you can even create themes, by just editing options and not codes.


As you can see in the above screenshot, the theme layout and the page width can be edited from a control panel, from the sidebar, and content or widgets, everything is customizable. The Genesis themes are the fastest and cleanest designs for WordPress websites.

On the other side, those premium themes come without a great control panel by default to modify everything. This plugin makes things easy, and the theme will be fully editable, and of course, no coding required to build a full custom Genesis theme.


Please remember that the WordPress dashboard support Zip files, and if you get a RAR format plugin file, make sure to extract and convert it into ZIP and upload it to your WordPress themes directory. Beginners upload RAR files in many cases, and they get an error and stop there.

You can also check the WordPress tutorials for beginners and learn how to do everything in a step by step guide. At the same time, if you have problems with other themes, plugins, or WordPress in general, these tutorials will help to solve problems easily.

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