Best WordPress plugins for Genesis

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Genesis Themes

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To create a website on WordPress, you need a theme that lets you add or remove function as you needs. The Genesis framework becomes the most popular among the others. It was created for the maximum speed, and the clean coding makes it optimized for SEO. However, the Genesis child themes come without a control panel in the most cases and that’s why you need plugins to extend the theme features and options.

Luckily, there are lots of them, but I’ll focus on the best quality WordPress plugins for Genesis themes. That will help you to customize your blog design or functions. But, you don’t have to learn a single line of coding, because the plugins were created, especially,

Top Genesis theme plugins

1. Genesis Simple Hooks

This is one of the most useful plugins for the Genesis framework hooks and child themes in general. It lets you add content, codes, such as HTML, and short codes to your website without editing the theme functions. It creates lots of hooks in WordPress and in the theme and they are spaces, where you can add any content you want.

If you need banners, for example, you can insert the code in the best location. There are over 50 different actions hooks to select from, such as, the header (before and after), the post content (before and after) and many other locations. You can also insert a PHP code if you want. It’s a great tool for genesis theme developers.

Best WordPress plugins for Genesis

2. Genesis Extender

This is a premium genesis theme plugin developed by one of the skilled WordPress developers. It takes Genesis to the next level by offering multiple ways to create your custom layout, and build your own homepage, by replacing the default one, and building a completely different structure.

You can build your own widgets and name them as you want. In a few clicks, you can tweak the site layout in real-time and make changes when needed.

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Genesis Extender plugin

There are lots of options and conditions to use, as a simple example, you can create a custom content layout and even a post structure.

3. VelocityPage

This is a premium plugin created for 94% of WordPress themes including the famous Genesis. It works well without any settings. By default, every StudioPress Genesis theme is clean and easy to customize, this plugin lets you add, and edit anything on your page directly.

This is one of the best plugins for WordPress developers. It’s a visual editor and a page builder that works in real-time, you can add items and save changes and it’s done. This tool is recommended for newbies who need to edit their theme without coding skills, but also, for professionals who don’t have the time for that work.

Genesis plugin

4. Genesis Visual Hook Guide

As its name, this free plugin shows you all the available hooks in your theme and in real-time. All you have to do is to install the plugin, and visit any web page in your website, then, click the “G Hooks Guide” link from the top admin menu and click “Action Hooks” as the below screenshot. You don’t have to do anything after activating the plugin, it’s juts a one function.

Genesis Visual Hook

5. Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

By default, Genesis themes come with no option to use eCommerce functions. This plugin will add a full eCommerce support inside the theme functions, and lets you sell products online without any problem. The plugin is easy to use and no extra settings needed.

You can replace this plugin by adding the eCommerce support function in the theme’s “functions.Php” file. But, that doesn’t guarantee to work with a few tutorials. So, install and use this tool, it’s safer.

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6. Genesis Simple Edits

You will love this free plugin, even if you’re newbie or even a coder. It lets you edit the  footer content, so you can add your own information and delete the WordPress link if you want. At the same time, you can edit the post info such as, the date, the author, the post meta date, and the keywords. You can add or delete them.

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You can use simple short codes, they are easy to use, and you can write your own footer structure as HTML or text.

Genesis Simple Edits

7. Genesis Layout Extras

Very recommended plugin, it’s free to use and one of the most useful tools that lets you customize the layout of every post and page on your site. You just need to select the layouts to use, there are 9 to 15 different layouts to choose from. Then, the post layout can be customized individually from the editing page. It’s easy to choose a default layout and add a custom one on any page by selecting options.

Genesis Layout Extras

8. Genesis eNews Extended

When you need a beautiful email subscription box, you can install this plugin. It’s also, free and easy to use. For Feedburner, there are no problems, it’s easy to use, for professional marketing services such as Aweber. You need to insert your list’s URL form action. Just Google it and there are lots of tutorials on how to add these services to this plugin box.

9. Genesis Simple Sidebars

This free plugin extends the default WordPress sidebar options and lets you customize the way you widget appears. You can easily create multiple dynamic sidebar widgets, and organize them by location in your theme. I recommend this free plugin for both newbies, and advanced WordPress users, it has all the good functions that a blog or site needs.

10. Genesis Simple Menus

When you need a different WordPress menu per page, post, or categories this plugin is free and you can easily use it. At the same time, it adds an option to create a custom menu and place it where you want.

These are not the full list of plugins that works with Genesis, but they are the best, more plugins will be added later.

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