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WordPress users enjoy the flexibility of their sites and what options they can add to make blogging a professional job. However, when people want to create a newsletter or email subscription box, they think about pop-up plugins.

That’s the right choice if you know how to make the newsletter box look professional and not spam as many other sites.

Lots of beginners start with free plugins, and they find them just a waste of time for many reasons. Professionals want the best WordPress opt-in plugin to grow their lists without hard jobs and coding skills. So, In this post, I’ll show you the right tool that makes things professional and easier.

The plugin loads faster than any other pop-up, or standard load capturing plugin for WordPress. It’s called OptinMonster and you will be amazed by its clean code and optimized functions. Furthermore, there are lots of reviews about the tools and it’s high quality work that helps.

Top rated and powerful pop-up WordPress plugin

OptinMonster is completely different from any other WordPress Pop-up plugin. It helps you to build your email list faster and better thanks to the features that people forget sometimes. If you look at all the other tools, you will find that they load slowly, especially, for the first time.

That adds extra loading time to your website, which affects your traffic, and even, the search engine ranking. Google is now counting the site speed as one of their ranking factors, and that’s what people forget when it comes to any pop-up email form in WordPress.

By default, WordPress sends lots of HTTP requests and that needs a powerful web hosting service, to manage and handle thousands of requests from the browser to the server. If you add other requests from your email subscription box to the same servers, then, you make things harder than before.

It’s simple because the pop up will load with every new session. The challenge here is to work on the plugin loading time and optimize the coding files. That’s exactly what the development team does.

They’ve created a unique plugin that never affects the website performances, and even, you can customize it. The good thing is that the plugin offers a form builder and a Geo-targeting option to offer a custom newsletter subscription for your selected locations.

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This option works better for eCommerce websites and online stores that need powerful pop-up newsletter subscription boxes, built for multiple locations.

WYSIWYG newsletter subscription form builder

What you see is what you get, with this top-rated email form builder, you can create your own customized WordPress “subscribe to newsletter” boxes, pop-ups, and call to actions. The visual builder itself contains colors, layouts, and everything needed to build powerful forms in a few minutes.

You don’t have to build your own forms if you want to use the default pre-made and well-designed forms. Personally, I prefer the default forms for many reasons, and that’s why I’m using them. The tests and statistics give better optimization strategies, and if they’ve created these pop-up boxes, then, make sure they are built scientifically, based on tips and optimization.

Multiple option forms

Unlike the other tools, OptinMonster is a premium WordPress opt-in plugin tool that offers 6 different forms to capt emails. The good thing is that all of them are created professionally, and you can start using your preferred option form, and capture emails in a few minutes.

All you have to do is to click on the “create new opt-in” button from your plugin admin area. Then, select one of the below newsletter option forms:

  1. Lightbox Popup: This is the most popular option for any email pop-up WordPress plugin. It captures emails better with high traffic sites, so, it attracts the user’s intention for the first time, and you can configure everything like the timing, and much more.
  2. Canvas Pop up: You can use this function to show important discounts to your users, capture their emails, and more. Build your own pop-up email subscription box or use the premade designs.
  3. After Post Widget: This is a great option for bloggers, it lets you add a beautiful email subscription box after each post in WordPress.
  4. WordPress Floating Footer Bar: This is a good method to attract users and get more email sign-ups. Just make sure to use a different color, I recommend the dark, it converts better with lighter designs.
  5. Slick Slide-in: Popular websites use this option to capture their visitor’s emails. When you enable it, the subscription box will slide from the right bottom corner of the page, and that’s what attracts attention, especially when people read full articles. You can make the slide appear when the user scrolls down to the bottom of the article.
  6. Sidebar Widget: Use this option if you want to capture newsletter sign-ups from your blog sidebar. The options are fully customizable and beautiful by default.
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Target your newsletter SignUp campaigns

If you want to go with a better way to get more sign-ups, then, create targeted campaigns for your users. If you have customers from different countries, for example, then, add the flag of each country with extra customization, and offer a different option to each country.

You will notice better results and you can use your multiple opt-ins to decide which one performs better and keep them. Keep testing and you will find your own optimized options.

Best wordpress opt-in plugin

Capt emails before people leave your site

This is the greatest option for sites with low conversation rates, if you have lots of visitors who leave your pages after a few seconds, then, OptinMonster is your best solution. The plugin can show your newsletter box to every visitor when he/she wants to close the window and leave the site.

If you offer something good, then, they will subscribe, and that way you turn abandoning website visitors into subscribers.

Test options and locations

When we talk about the greatest pop up plugin for WordPress, we shouldn’t neglect the A/B testing function. You can use different opt-in forms, and even multiple options, and measure results. You will find important data to optimize your WordPress newsletter plugin and make it work for you.

Please remember that companies spend thousands of dollars to test their newsletter boxes, to find the best location and design. But, you get better features with detailed statistics in this recommended plugin.

WordPress subscribe to Newsletter

Tips for better results with this plugin

There is no need to kill yourself with images and lots of colors, make things clear and clean as the default plugin options. The best designs should be simple first and targeted second.

If you have a website about health topics, for example, then, make sure to use the green color in your newsletter subscription boxes. That will play a psychological role and you will notice better results.

Use Aweber as your email marketing service, it’s the most advanced one among the others. They offer professional pre-made templates for your newsletter and you have powerful auto-responders to reply to every new sign up automatically.

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You can find other services, but this one is used by big companies and brands and they are simply the best without a doubt. You can read more about this great email marketing service.

My advice is, never use free email marketing plugins, they simply will put your business in a black corner, where nobody sees your business. The free newsletter plugins send lots of spam messages, and that’s why all their emails will be received in the spam or junk folders for major emails like Gmail and Yahoo.

So, why send spam messages to your customers, when you can send trusted emails with real and verified contact details that people want to find in every email?

Don’t bombard your users with lots of emails. Just make things professional and put yourself in their places. What will be your personal reaction to dozens of emails per month? Make sure to send a maximum of two offers per week if you have them. For tips and advice, you can send them naturally.

Your readers will enjoy reading tips from your newsletter, they will find your daily updates helpful. OptinMonster is my recommended WordPress email opt-in plugin for professionals and bloggers. If you want to boost your list of subscribers, rapidly, then, use it with confidence and Good Luck.

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