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What is WordPress Self Hosted? And what Blog you Need?

When people start thinking about creating a website, they focus on WordPress as the best blogging and content management system. However, they still confused about the self-hosted WordPress meaning and what they can do with it.

So, we will answer clearly what is WordPress self hosted, and what makes it different from the free WordPress.com hosting. In the two cases, the WordPress is the software used to create a blog or site, but there is a big difference if we look inside.

Before starting, please notice that WordPress can be divided into two domain names: The first is WordPress.Org (with gray log) which is an open source  software with millions of members and developers who create thousands of add-ons called plugins.

The second one is WordPress.com. (With blue logo) which is a commercial website that needs to make money from customers who host and build their sites there. Both are owned by the same company, but they are completely different in function and permissions.

WordPress.org (self-hosted)

WordPress self hosted is a nomination given to a blog that use the free blogging software created by WordPress that’s downloadable for free from WordPress.org. So, in this case you need to save your blog files and content on your own server. It’s the server offered by other web hosting, I recommend a company called Inmotion hosting, it’s a trusted web hosting provider for WordPress, best of all, they have optimized servers for speed and performances.

In the self hosted case, you’re the blog owner, the manager, and it’s really yours at 100% and you can delete, add or edit and modify anything you want in total freedom. No one can access your site, except you. You can also manage your blog and install plugins and themes when you want. There are thousands of tools that you can download and install easily without any restriction.

If you want to monetize your self-hosted WordPress blog, you can install some codes in the theme, or use simple plugins to do the work for you.

What is WordPress Self Hosted

You can install plugins and themes that are downloadable from the WordPress.org website, or from other sources. You can also install free themes or use your own ones, there are thousands of premium themes that you can install in a few clicks. So, you have a total control to your site and the design can be customized as you want without limitations.

If you want to create a professional blog, or want to sell items online or simply want to create a website that stores your files, or any other cases, you need to host your blog on your own hosting server, it’s not only better, but also the only way to succeed.

All the popular blogs and websites that you see are hosted by reliable companies and they are fully managed and no one can access the data except the owner or the admin. If you need more security, there are thousands of plugins and tools to make your website’s login page closed completely to the public and no one can access it.


In the other case, where WordPress is not hosted on a self-server, where it’s hosted on the WordPress.com platform. You can use their services to save your blog files and content there. But, you need to pay them for the domain name.

That cost $18 and you need to pay extra $8 to protect your identity, when you can get a free domain for free from self-hosted companies, such as, Inmotion Hosting.

In this case, you’re not the site owner at 100% and they can delete your site anytime they want and they can edit your content or add files or do what they want without your permission. At the same time, you will need to pay lots of fees to get very limited resources and disk space.

When you host your site with WordPress.com you’re not allowed to monetize your site with any type of ads such as banners or links. You need to pay $30 and that’s a big problem and even if you pay to unlock the advertising option, they can delete your ads if they don’t like them for any reason such terms, guidelines or whatever.

At the same time, you need at least 25.000 visitors per month to enable advertising and they will make 50% of your revenue for no reason.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com is not a free hosting as many think, they use extra fees to pay themselves for hosting, the domain name itself should not exceed the $12 in all cases if the company wants to help.

If you want to start an eCommerce website, or a simple blog with some ads or offers, then, the WordPress.com will close the doors on your project and there is no way to succeed. Even you can’t create the site you want because you can’t edit, or customize the theme.

They select the theme for you and you can only install their theme and no way to use your own or other themes. You can’t install plugins in this case.

They let you choose a sub-domain that ends with the .WordPress.com and it looks unprofessional and even there is no way to rank in search engines and bring traffic and trust. Free sub-domains are just for fun, If you need your own domain name with them, you have to pay $26 with identity protection and that’s not only expensive, but with no value.

Do you want to use plugins and extend your site functionality with WordPress.com? So you have to pay $2500 per month for the VIP membership!! (I don’t want to comment on that, but, I just want to tell you that you can use the above case in self-hosted and you can install plugins as you want and for free).


Now, that you have some useful information about the self-hosted WordPress and what you can do, you can decide what situation you want. If you ask for my advice, then I only recommend the self-hosted software that you can install for free in a few clicks and secure your blog or site in a fast and reliable web hosting company.

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