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The web hosting is not just a server with fast internet connection, and lots of promises that we read on thousands of web pages. With the crazy growing of WordPress, it becomes harder to find the fast and real web hosting. At the same time, a few companies work hard to prove themselves in the market, and offer reliable and quality services.

To find a recommended web hosting for WordPress, you have to browse thousands of sites and you get lots of suggestions in the end? So, where is the best choice?

Today, we will take a look inside big companies who offer hosting services for WordPress platform and we will conclude the best choice for every situation. Simply, because it can be completely different to host a small blog, and to host larger applications and different kinds of  website with lots of traffic.

WordPress needs optimized hosting

When people start their WordPress sites, they forget that WordPress is a PHP and MySQL based software, that means lots of resources and requests to the server. Of course, not all people know or should know that.

At the same time, there are lots of fast web hosting providers and anyone will love their services immediately. But, when it comes to installing WordPress, newbies find later that their new hosting account does not support WordPress, and there is no way to install the blog automatically.

In this bad situation, the blogger or webmaster, should browse lots of articles, tutorials and resources, and hoping that he/she can install WordPress without errors. That seems hard to believe if you’re a programmer or actual blogger. But, think about a person that need a website for the first time in his life.

That will change things completely, and no one can understand terms like “database” “MySQL” and “htacess”. It seems a language from another planet for these people. So, why not making things clear to them from the beginning, and resounding a good web hosting that works well with WordPress and save their time and money with lots of extra jobs?

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At the same time, WordPress like any other software can be broken for any reason. It can be a wrong server configuration, a network failure or a PHP execution that comes from an external source, and I don’t wish to talk about other cases, where the website can be hacked.

Without complicating things, what you need in all this case is a full access to the WordPress directory, and files  in general. The solution can be there when you delete a file, or, make a simple change, with the help of WordPress tutorials.

What we can say here is, yes, WordPress can’t work properly with all servers, especially, the overloaded hosting servers. That’s why people the WordPress forum is full of new help requests, and problem resolution posts every minute. When you need a WordPress hosting, think about hosting that support it, and add extra features and optimizations for that software.

The control panel

The control panel is the interface that you can use to manage and edit our website, but not all the control panel are the same. Some of them are hard to use, especially, in the Windows hosting. They are complicated and no one can use them easily at the beginning.

Unlike Windows hosting, Linux servers come in general with easy to understand control panel called cPanel. It’s the most popular among the others, and that is why real hosting companies should install cPanel in their servers and make it updated always.

When it comes to WordPress, it’s the most updated CMC and blogging platform. On average, every 20 days to one month, a new WordPress version will be created. These versions, are optimized with the latest practices, and the latest server hardware and software technologies.

At the end, it’s a software that follows the real technology development and it’s powerful with a server that makes web page loads fast. That support lots of HTTP requests when needed and most importantly, WordPress, as any other software need a secured environment to be safe.

WordPress is one of the easiest ways to create self-hosted websites and manage them when you need. However, problems happen without any warning, and we all need to call the support team and ask for a solution. This is the most important thing to consider when searching for web hosting.

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If the company offers fast customer support by phone and ticket system, then, you will solve problems easily if you have them later. In the other case, you need days to get an answer and that’s what makes a website hacked easily, simply because it’s broken and the plugins installed will stop working and that’s a big message that says “welcome hackers”.

The fast and modern servers, the WordPress services, the auto-installer and the good customer support are what you need to host a WordPress site, blog or forum. If one of these is absent, then, change the hosting as quick as possible.

Recommended WordPress hosting services

Based on the above requirements and resources needed to host WordPress, I recommend the following services that are trusted by millions of bloggers and webmasters. Of course, the is no ideal web hosting company, but when you have the choice, you need to pick the best of the best and expect an uptime like 99.95% and that’s good for shared hosting environment.

1. Inmotion hosting

This is the number one shared hosting service for WordPress. It’s a shared and reliable hosting at the same time, the servers are SSD, and optimized for the software and also, for the speed, and performances. You can get your own pre-installed WordPress blog after the SignUp, they will install the software for you automatically and for free. All you have to do is to check that option in the last step of the SignUp.

2. WP Engine

I recommend this hosting only for people with a minimum fixed monthly budget of $30 and it’s the first plan offered by this managed WordPress hosting service. This is not a regular hosting, but the best of the best. They work 100% with WordPress and no other software or application should be hosted with them.

They optimized their servers and added many customizations and settings to their infrastructure to take the WordPress sites to the next level with high-speed and secure environment. If you need more details and information about this hosting, you can read the fastest WordPress hosting service: is WP Engine worth it?.

3. Liquid Web

This is a professional web hosting provider with amazing features and friendly customer support. Their services start from fully managed servers to powerful dedicated servers. But also, they have top quality shared WordPress hosting that suits your budgets and takes your site to the next level.

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4. Bluehost

This is a hosting provider that works well with small and medium blogs and sites. Their shared hosting plans include unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited monthly transfer. At the meantime, they offer free domain name to their new customers and offer phone support, live chat and email system also.

If you want to host lots of domains, then this is a good choice, they offer unlimited resources and hosted sites with automatic backups. That’s important for newbies, especially. When it comes to loading time and speed, this hosting infrastructure is optimized for WordPress to handle the PHP requests, and offer faster loading time than the others.

WordPress web hosting companies

Bluehost is also a United States registered company and they are reliable hosting.

This company as all the other uses hardware and they need maintenance from time to time, so, expect an uptime near to 99.95%  and be careful about other hosting providers who offer 100% uptime, it’s just a marketing method to get more customers.

You can read my post 100% uptime guarantee: the truth and limits about web hosting promises: the truth and limits about web hosting promises and learn more information. Bluehost offers friendly and guaranteed hosting quality, especially, for WordPress. They have the best and easiest auto installer tool, for lots of applications, including, WordPress.

These are the WordPress hosting companies that worked and works well for me, my friends, bloggers near to me and business owners also.

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