things to avoid when choosing a WordPress hosting

Things to Avoid when Choosing a WordPress Hosting

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WordPress is the professional platform to build your blog, and start getting traffic. It makes things easy to manage, and in a matter of hours, you will be able to have a general idea about the use of your application.

It doesn’t matter if you have technical skills or not, everything comes easy and you have to follow the steps.

You need to start from a good web hosting, and then, the theme and plugins, finally the content itself that needs hard work. The hosting is the most important element here, you have to be smart and choose the right service. If all that seems hard for you, then this is why this post was created, you will learn how to avoid big mistakes that can affect your site directly.

Make things easy for yourself from the beginning. What WordPress needs is not only fast server and great services, but also, caching, other configuration, and related services like the support.

Avoid these things when selecting hosting

Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a WordPress Hosting

Unknown company

You should confirm that the company that you want to use is really existing and not just information. There are thousands of hosting providers that are resellers of other companies, and they don’t offer support and other vital things for your blog.

So, make sure to find the address of that company, its information and other details that prove that it’s a real company with real people.

If you want to go further, then, verify that it’s a registered business. That makes life easier for everyone if we work with registered and verified companies.

No WordPress optimizations

You can’t neglect this step, WordPress needs custom setup and lots of optimizations, to make it work faster, better, and easier. Installing the right caching system on the server should be clear with information about it.

The service should provide that they host WordPress. The majority of these hosting providers creates a special page about WordPress. They can show what means to install that application on their servers, and what they offer as optimizations.

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If you find this information, then that will be better. In many cases, people purchase their hosting plans, and later, they noticed that their sites load so slowly because of the poor server configuration.

No backups or Cron Jobs

If you know how to backup your site automatically using your Dropbox or Amazon accounts, that will be good and you don’t have to worry about backups. On the other side, when you’re a beginner, you need your hosting to create a free backup of the full site every day. That’s the only way to secure your site, and restore it with one click.

Even if you can install a plugin that creates the daily backup, not all the services offer Cron Jobs that let you setup that backup. Read if the company has that service or not, it’s a must-have function in every server in these days.

No phone customer support

Of course, no one will be able to solve problems without contacting the technical team and show them the issues. It’s rare to find a hosting without support, but, many of them don’t offer a phone help and that’s a big problem for serious webmasters.

When your site becomes down, you should be able to call the customer support instantly, and the easiest way is the phone. So, never skip this important tip and verify that they offer a phone help.

Forget reading reviews

This is not always a step to follow if you’re reading trusted blog or sites. But, when you find the company yourself with a personal search, then, it’s better to search for reviews and see what other people say about their services.

You won’t find one kind of reviews, you will find both positive, and negative opinions, and you can refine the final decision when reading these reviews and comparing things.

If you can’t find a real answer, contact a blogger or someone who already using WordPress, and ask him about that company. Please be careful about scam sites that create fake reviews, just to promote their hosting service.

There are lots of scammers and you need to understand what’s good and what’s bad by reading the full reviews. Verify that people are real with real profiles and not just unknown persons.

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No auto-installer

The famous auto-installer software like Softaculous should be installed on the server. There is no way to use WordPress without that application, especially, for newbies. Even if you can install WordPress manually, you will waste the time and the result is not guaranteed all the time.

Later, when problems happen to the database, for example, you have to reinstall the full site from scratch and hope that it will work. So, why wasting your time when you can get that software?

InMotion Hosting is a great web hosting provider that offers a pre-installed WordPress. On the other hand, you can read more comparisons like InMotion Hosting and WP Engine, each one of these web hosting offers different services, options, and plans.

No tutorials

You can consider this as a bonus, just see if you can find tutorials and step by step guides, to do everything in WordPress. The professional hosting providers create real community support, where they share tips and tools for their customers.

Personally, I see that the best company that has this feature is InMotion Hosting, they have the best customer support, first, and they have an active team in the support forum. They post lots of tutorials and it’s a pleasure to host with them.

If you want to avoid all the above problems that can destroy your WordPress site overnight, use this WordPress hosting and forget all the bad things. They are the only service that offers free SSD with fast servers, amazing support, and of course a free domain name.

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