is InMotion hosting good for WordPress

Is InMotion Hosting good for WordPress?

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As I said earlier, WordPress is the best blogging platform to start a blog, or even, a big website with lots of traffic. However, WordPress, as a CMC sends lots of HTTP requests from the web browser to the server. And that needs an extra boost in the web hosting server’s performance and speed.

At the same time, you can find lots of shared hosting companies, or even, VPS and dedicated server providers who support WordPress, but, the difference is what makes the decision before everything.

InMotion is one of the best quality hosting providers that support WordPress. But also, the support all the other open-source applications such as Joomla, and Drupal. The question here is, is Inmotion hosting the best choice for WordPress? And what makes it different, if the response is yes?

Why InmotionHosting is different from other providers?

The majority of the popular WordPress web hosting providers offers lots of features and good customer support. But, not all of them offer the quality that Inmotion hosting team offers for their customers. Starting from the powerful infrastructure to friendly customer support. It’s not easy to find that professional level of support in any other web hosting.

It’s not only my case, but all the bloggers that I personally know have a great experience with them. Now, let’s see what makes the difference between Inmotion Hosting and other services.

WordPress pre-installed

The WordPress installation can be a real challenge for the majority of beginners. Even, if there is the auto-installer software, people still afraid of the installation, and some of them will install the blog in the wrong directory.

That’s why Inmotion Hosting decided to offer a free pre-installed WordPress for every new customer. That will save some dozens of dollars that people charge for the installation. To get WordPress installed from the beginning, just select “Install WordPress ” in the signup process, as the following screenshot example.

Is Inmotion Hosting Good for WordPress

You will notice immediately the WordPress logo shown, like the next example, and that means, you enabled the pre-installation for your account.

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WordPress pre Installed

WordPress will be installed in the right directory and with the most advanced auto-installed software.

Shared hosting that offers free SSD

No other company offers Solid State Drives for all their customers, except Liquid Web which is a premium hosting service that I recommend for people with some resources. Unlike the other hosting companies, Inmotion Hosting invested in their technologies lots of money to make it fully optimized for speed.

The SSD makes the server faster and saves lots of energy, and resource that the standard servers use. That’s why the loading time with them is the fastest among the others.

Even if your site receives extra traffic that you didn’t expect, nothing wrong will happen, the server will handle that traffic and balance it. Every account with Inmotion hosting has the SSD by default and for free.

InmotionHosting data center Team

Inmotion Hosting Data Center Team

The result with SSD will be also, fewer HTTP requests, because the server is optimized for WordPress.

Max speed zones

This is the third feature that makes InMotion different and powerful hosting for WordPress. The company has two big data centers, one in the West, and the other in the East of the United States. And because the company owner background, is web hosting business, they know exactly what every millisecond in the blog loading time will make the difference.

That’s why they offer the option to select the data center that you want, on the signup process, to boost your site loading time from the beginning.

Inmotionhosting Max Speed Zone

Bloggers are noticing the speed of their blogs when they select the right zone for the server. The western data center is the best choice for blogs and sites with the majority of visits from Europe, Africa, and South America.

Eastern Max Speed Zone

Eastern Max Speed Zone

The Eastern data center works better for sites with visitors coming from Asia, Australia, New Zeeland, and the Pacific countries.

Western Max Speed Zone

Western Max Speed Zone

The dark green zones in both examples work like the CDN exactly. In general, if you have a local site with that geographical location, you don’t need to use a Content Delivery Network. That’s simply, because the loading time will be amazingly fast.

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Free data backups

Unlike other services who offer free backup, but they surprise you that you should pay to restore your backed up data, Inmotion hosting offer free backup, and free restoring for all users. People don’t have to pay for their safety, and even, if you do something wrong in your site, you still have the backup and you need to restore it easily for free.

This is an important feature that newbies forget or neglect most of the time. But, when people start thinking about backups, they will understand the importance of it.

Free blog transfer with no downtime

If you have an existing website, the expert team will move it to their servers for free. Best of all, it’s not any migration service, but, from people who know exactly what WordPress needs and they make sure that everything works properly before confirming the transfer.

After the signup, submit your ticket and the support team will reply to you quickly. Or simply, use that live chat support. Of course, Inmotion Hosting offers a free domain name, or a free domain transfer if you want.

Inmotion hosting customer support

Inmotionhosting Customer Support


I recommend InMotion for WordPress, for the speed they have, the professional customer support that people get. But also, for the advanced infrastructure and feature that no other shared hosting company offers. The company offers the latest PHP and MySQL versions.

Please make sure to protect your blog from hackers, especially, when you install plugins. Never upload themes and plugins that you don’t know their sources. That’s the first source of problems in any shared hosting environment.

You need to use trusted themes and plugins in your blog, and make sure that you change your password every 3 months, at least. That’s what I recommend, and you will be fine because the blog loads faster, and that’s what adds an extra boost in your Google ranking.

By the way, you can save $24 with Inmotion Hosting. So, save some money for other things. Good luck.

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