How to Backup WordPress Database: From cPanel, PhpMyAdmin or a Plugin

If you want to create a WordPress backup for your blog, you will find it confusing in the first days. That’s normal for beginners and we are all, passed by that case. However, if you follow this step by step tutorial, you will learn exactly how to backup the WordPress database instantly.

Before starting, make sure that you have a cloud storage account, it’s the safest place to save important files and data.

When you have problems with your computer, you still have the backup stored safely, in the cloud, and that’s what you need in the end. Basically, there are 3 ways to create the backup, from cPanel, using the phpMyAdmin, and finally using a backup plugin.

Create a WordPress database backup using cPanel

cPanel is the easiest method to make a database backup instantly. It’s the popular method to move a blog, or simply, to create a manual backup from time to time. The first thing you need is to login into your cPanel dashboard. Then, click the “Backup Wizard” button as the below screenshot.

How to Backup WordPress Database

Then, you will get the backup options, you need to select “Backup” as below:

create a database backup

Now, you get some options, select the one called “MySQL Databases”. You can also, backup a WordPress website with all the home directory files. But, for our case, we need to export the WordPress database only.

MySQL Backup

If your database size is small, you get the backup instantly, if it’s not the case, you need to wait some seconds, then, you get the below page example. From there, you need to download your backed-up database, and save it locally, but, save it in the cloud will better.

Download database

Backup WordPress database from phpMyAdmin

The phpMyAdmin is another method to create your WordPress database backup. Of course, you need to access your MySQL database using phpMyAdmin. If you’re using cPanel, find the link like the next screenshot example.

phpMyAdmin backup

Backing up a WordPress website is easy, If you are using another control panel, find the option to manage phpMyAdmin, and you should have access. If it’s not the case, start a live chat session with your web hosting support, and they will help.

Anyway, on the next page, select your database name from the top left corner and you will get all your database tables, as the below screenshot.

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database name

When you have the list of tables, just click the “Export” button, at the top of the page.

export MySQL database from phpMyAdmin

Then, click the “Go” button that you will get to the next page and the download will start. Next, save the file locally, and use it to move, or restore your blog using the “Import” link.

Database Backup using a plugin

This is the third method to create a WordPress backup, there are lots of plugins that can help. I just suggest the one that I’ve used many times, it’s free and called “WP-DB-Backup”. After installing that plugin, you will be able to backup the database. You can even, create a backup schedule.

These are the easiest way to protect your blog and backup the database. However, if you have a large database, it will take a long time to complete the process. In this case, you can use this method to move the backups between cPanel accounts easily.

Please make sure that you have at least 2 backups in different locations. One locally, and the other in the cloud.

If you’re using an automatic and a daily backup service like what professional hosting companies offers, don’t stop there, you’re the only one who is responsible for its security. So, make sure to create the backup manually, and at least, once per week and verify that it works properly.

The best thing about the daily backup is the flexibility to choose the location to save the file. But, you can’t guarantee that the file will always work in the restoration process. That can be caused by a brief electrical or network failure. That’s why creating manual backups periodically is a recommended thing to do.

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