Best WordPress to Dropbox Backup Plugins

To make sure that your WordPress blog or website is always saved in a secure place, you should back up your files every day. You can use the best WordPress to Dropbox plugins, they are all free, and you can download them from your blog dashboard. But, make sure to give your plugin authorization to send your backups to Dropbox. It’s an easy process just after activating the plugin.

The main reason for using Dropbox is that you don’t have to do anything complicated like Google Drive that needs some advanced settings, and it will be a problem for newbies. Dropbox is a free service where you can get free storage space, it’s enough for small and medium blog sizes.

Please remember that you can back up your site using two files only. The first is your database. No WordPress website can work without it, and the second is your WP-content folder, which includes your uploaded files, themes, plugins, and everything related to your active site. If you want to save space for your backups, make sure to exclude all the other files that you don’t need in a new fresh installation.

Luckily, you can easily use plugins created especially for WordPress backups. They are working differently, some of them will create a normal backup, and others will compress your backup before sending it to your Dropbox account. But, they are all working, and I just looked at their reviews and the total number of downloads.

Top WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugins

This is the easiest method to back up WordPress to Dropbox. It’s an easy-to-use plugin, and you don’t have to do anything advanced. Just download it, and after the activation, connect it to your Dropbox account and set the periodic time for backups. You can set daily backups. It’s the best option for sites with fresh content, if you post frequently, then, you should have a daily backup.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin will create a copy of your database tables, and your blog files and upload them.

Best WordPress Dropbox plugin

1. Back WPup Free

Back WPup is another free plugin that you can download to back up the WordPress site to Dropbox. But, it needs some settings to be able to send your files to the right Dropbox account. This plugin creates a zip backup if you want, then, it sends it to your Dropbox account fast.

Please make sure that you have permission for this plugin to work properly. If your server is configured to stop Cron jobs after some time, then, you should verify that the plugin works normally, or, you will see some errors. In that case, use another plugin for Dropbox.

WordPress Dropbox Backup

2. PressBackup

PressBackup is a great plugin that can back up your blog, but also, restore it. It’s similar to some premium plugins, you can schedule your backups and send them to Dropbox, Amazon, or their free cloud storage service. As with all the Dropbox plugins, you need to connect your account in order to make the periodic backups.

3. WP Backup

WP Backup comes with multiple languages and lets you back up multiple websites in WordPress. You can easily create scheduled backups, and it works well with shared hosting where memory is a matter; your files can be sent in a zip format.

This is great to save time in the upload process. You can also exclude files from the backup. This is a good option to save space for files you don’t need. At the same time, you can choose to send your backup files to your emails.

4. Ready! Backup

Ready Backup is updated periodically, and you can use it to create scheduled backups for your WordPress website. It works great with Dropbox, and you can even send your files to an FTP server. You can create a custom database backup, and you will receive an email notification after each backup.

5. Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy is the best premium plugin until now, it’s created by iThemes, which is a great company with professional support. If you have some money to invest in your website security, then, I recommend this plugin. You get full support from experienced people. Also, you can select where to save your blog files and database tables, you have many options, including Dropbox, Amazon, FTP, and your email.

Best WordPress to Dropbox Backup Plugin

This is also a WordPress database backup and restores the plugin. In a few clicks, you can restore your site from your backup, and of course, you can exclude files if you want. This plugin is also a great malware scanner for your website, it helps protect your hard work.

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