When you create an online business, you have just entered the World of success. But, you have a hard job to do when it comes to driving traffic and customers from search engines. No one in our days will be able to pay thousands of dollars a month for advertising and forget organic traffic.

You should build your business based on same SEO tips and ways that Google recommends. And when it comes to optimizing your website, you have to know what to look for when hiring an SEO company. It’s the only way to avoid scammers, and protect your website first, and your business second.

Search engine optimization is not a spam method to get fast ranking. However, scammers know exactly that company’s owner want that fast ranking and that “secret traffic”, and as a result, they take thousands of dollars from your budget, just for doing nothing than making the web more spam.

You will be really lucky if your site still appears on Google search, simply because any spam SEO technic can cause penalties, and get all your business out of Google. That will be the end, and I wish that you understand from the beginning how to choose the right SEO company.

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SEO experience and references

As anything in life, you have to make sure that the company or the person that you want to hire, has enough experience to understand your website structure and optimize it for search engines, then helping you to rank better with good friendly technics that only good people use.

If you ask me how much time is needed to be a real SEO expert, then, I’ll say 3 years at least, you can understand some basic SEO information, but remember, that what worked in the last year will not necessarily work again. Everything is changing and only people who tried all the possible work methods can help, this is why the real helper will be the more experienced.

The first step to do is to look for the company’s creation year, visit their website and spend your time reading some information. The “about us” page can be helpful, if you can’t see some details about the company’s experience, then search Google by typing their name, and add some other words to verify their legit work.

You should also find some websites theta they have worked for, they should have a list where they show their best work, visit those sites and check their Alexa traffic rank. If you found that they have a rank below the 300K, then, forget hiring them. You can achieve better traffic with simple tips, and you can do that yourself. If you pay thousands for a thing that even a child can do, then please save your money and time and ask a friend who can help, it will be better.

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Ask them to explain what they will do exactly

The last thing you want, is letting someone that you don’t know, play with your business and website. To choose the right SEO company, you should ask them about the process, what they will do exactly. If they want to build links, ask for the nature of those links, as also what they will do on your website. If they want to change some words only, then forget the matter and find someone else.

The real SEO company will look at your site structure, find if there are issues with crawlers, then they should work on your pages, and make them optimized. This can be done through titles, some keywords and the last thing to do is working on offline SEO, when they will do their best to bring real trusted links from relevant websites.

The number of backlinks should never be counted by hundreds or thousands, or you will be marked as a spammer. Good links take months, and even years to be built, and a few links from trusted websites will do a great job that thousands of spam links that cause a penalty from Google.

Ask yourself if they’re trying to hide something

If you feel that they are trying to answer your question in another way to hide things, then, be sure that they will use spam ways or automatic linking. There are some basic questions to ask when hiring an SEO company. For example, ask yourself, do you feel they are friendly and want to help? It’s up to you in that case, or simply, ask what’s their strategy.

If you find yourself hesitating after their answers, then, don’t waste your time with them, they should make you confident about their service. They have to do their best job, to show their hard work and legit way. There are thousands of scammers, and you should know how to pick the right SEO company, and never work with scammers.

They should care about your website

Don’t ask them if they are caring about your site directly, of course they will say yes, but you need to find their real answer with even asking them. For example, spammers will forget your content and focus on links, so, here you can tell them that you want fast links from any kind of site. It’s a clever question that will empty their basket of lies.

If they go all the way with you and promise that they will satisfy your website lining needs with these non relevant links, then, they simply never care about your content, and just want to get your money even if your business will be destroyed later. So, ask that indirect question and find the real answers that they will never say directly.

Your content is all, even before the SEO, you should protect your content, and make links from relevant websites only. If your business is about “Social media” for example, then, your good links, should come from related sites talking about social media.

Please don’t worry about the fewer number of links. If you get 10 links from top trusted with similar topics to your website, then it’s a good job, Google considers high authority sites and gives their outgoing links a real ”respect” and good ranking, later.

How to Detect an SEO scammer immediately?

This is the easiest method to protect yourself and your company. If you feel that something is wrong with their promises, then, congratulate yourself for saving your money and avoiding losing everything. Luckily, scammers can easily help us to identify their lies and detect their scam easily by saying the below promises or information:

They guarantee  the First Page of Google

The majority of them will say that your website will be ranked on the first page of Google in X days. That’s a thing that no one on earth can guarantee, you should understand that ranking in Google and especially for the first position. Things are more complicated and Google uses over 200 ”factors” to determine which page should be the first and everything on the SERP is complicated to do.

The algorithm itself is more complicated than you imagine. Forget those lies and run away from these scammers, be sure  1000% that you will lose your money with them.

search engine optimization

They promise to submit your site to thousands of search engines

This is an easy lie to detect, how many search engines, are there, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask, and what others? Now, listen to me, the only search engine that you need is Google, and only that. I can’t imagine the web without Google, ask webmasters about the traffic they receive from Bing and Yahoo, they will say, it’s 1% or maybe 3% if they are lucky.

Google is the only place to invest your time, and create good content. So forget what people say, there are not thousands of those non-existent websites and forget hiring any company that says that.

SEO tips

They know someone at Google

What you have to say here, is to thank them for showing their lies from the beginning and save your time. Google is not a thing that they can manipulate that way, even some of the Google services can’t rank in the first position, simply because the algorithm is doing his job.

They will give you thousands of backlinks

If they will bombard your website with spam links, then, prepare yourself to get a penalty message from Google, and forget ranking in their search result. Links are not the only thing to get good ranking, there are 199 other factors you should consider.

As I said before, you can rank on Google even without links, the good content will be ranked naturally. What those people are doing is creating a network of zero quality directories and link your site to them with thousands of other sites, thus, your site will say to Google:

“Hey, Google, I’m spamming and building automatic links, come and see how I’m doing that”

Do, you want that? So, delete their site from your mind and find a real SEO company.

They claim they have secrets with SEO

Advise them to keep their secrets and destroy another company and not yours, SEO is work that make your website content high quality, easy to understand and ranked. There are no secrets at all, you can learn SEO for yourself, even Google tech how to optimize your website and make it SEO friendly.

It needs a few months first, then, some years to apply your knowledge and learn new things and become an SEO expert, that’s it. They just use that word “secrets” to make new clients who still believe in impossible things.

Please read the Google’s webmaster guidelines and follow them when hiring an SEO company.


If you really want to find the right SEO company, you have to ask the above questions and read between the lines. As you can see everyone is saying that he is an SEO expert, so you should search as much as you can before about any company.

Search engine optimization can take your business to the next level, if you work on it as Google recommends. But, if you just want to hire an SEO expert to get fast links, then, forget that and focus on your business content instead. People spend months and years to build a great website, and all that needs hard work with people who care about the website content, and links, and not spammers.

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