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The WordPress optimization starts from the web hosting, then, the theme, and the content. But, when it comes to on-page SEO, there are many solutions for bloggers and site owners. They look for suggestions to optimize their work for search engines and readers, at the same time.

However, if a plugin is so expensive, it becomes a problem for people who just want to have a premium quality tool for their sites. Luckily, there is a quality plugin called SEOPressor that costs only $5 per month or $47 lifetime time payment.

Top-rated WordPress SEO plugin

The SeoPressor plugin is, basically, a good SEO checklist tool. That means you get suggestions to improve your content and make it understandable for search engines. It’s not a magic tool that will rank your pages on the first page of Google, there is no tool that can do that. You need to keep that in mind if you’re a beginner especially.

There is no plugin for that impossible job. It’s all about optimization and content with some backlinks, and hope you will rank in the first positions.

Newbies, especially, should have an SEO plugin that shows the content’s suggestions to make it better. At the same time, this WP SEO plugin lets you know about things that you can forget.

For example, the plugins help you to add the ALT tag in images, the description of the post, the titles, and much more.

Cheapest premium SEO Plugin For WordPress

This plugin is the perfect solution for beginners, as it shows you exactly where to use your main keyword on the site, and how to make it better.

We all know that the keyword density is no longer a ranking factor for Google. There are thousands of pages that rank number one in Google with zero keyword density.

Of course, the page is talking about the synonym of that searched keyword, and you have to keep things clean from spam. Even if you’re a good writer, but, you don’t keep track of your keyword density limits, you can get penalized by Google.

This plugin controls the keyword density and shows an alert when you have over an optimization that will be, keyword stuffing in the eyes of Google.

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Without a good SEO plugin, you can’t control your content and get alerts when you have something wrong to correct.

Sometimes, you forget to add a title or an alternative text to your images. That can affect your SEO, but you can easily avoid that by using this premium tool.

The plugin lets you add the Facebook open graph and the Twitter Card options, to help them understand your content and show it better, in your shared links.

The plugin helps you to use more LSI keyword in your content, instead of repeating the same keyword again and again. LSI keywords are the synonyms long tails, especially that search engines use to understand the content of your page and its relation with other keywords that people use in their searches.

The rich snippet function lets people add their own post description, with extra information. All that data will be shown in the search engine page result. Also, they can add some structured data that search engines can extract, and show them, such as events and reviews.

SEO Pressor comes with an auto-linking feature, it links our posts between each other. However, I don’t recommend using that function if you know how to link your posts manually with different keywords. Diversify your anchor texts, and never repeat the same phrase for every internal link. It’s better to be natural and things will be better for you.

The problem with the SeoPressor plugin

Well, it’s not a problem if you take care of your content and write content for people. The plugins work well in my experience, and it will help optimize the content for better ranking. But, the problem can begin when you kill yourself to apply all the plugin suggestions one by one until you see that all in green.

The plugin suggests using your main keyword in the subtitles, such as the H2, and the H3. But, that will cause keyword stuffing and lots of issues if you’re not experienced. So use the plugin suggestions in moderation and treat the information as suggestions, and not a thing that you should apply.

As I said earlier, you can rank for a keyword that you never used on your page. That’s the new SEO ranking that uses synonyms and other factors to determine whether the page is relevant to that term or not. I recommend forgetting the use of keywords in the subtitles or in the H2 at least.

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Just keep things simple and write good content. Then, use the plugin checklist, to see if you’ve missed something important, and you will get the benefits of SEO.

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