Fastest Responsive WordPress Themes

WordPress needs an optimized hosting environment to work with maximum speed and performance. However, not all the themes are doing that job. We all know that some popular theme sellers are good, but, we forget that they’re not the fastest WordPress themes anymore.

I’ve been searching for those themes that load faster with all the providers that people know. Luckily, the only place that I found with premium quality themes and unbelievable loading time is StudioPress.

Fast-loading WordPress themes

StudioPress is a company that works differently. Unlike the others, they start from a clean code and optimized design. They do all that by investing a long time in development to offer fully optimized WordPress themes that no other company offers. Just read the below points to understand why these are the greatest and the fastest themes.

WordPress theme speed test

It’s not rocket science to test a theme and find the one that loads faster. But, I just wanted to change my theme for one minute just to test the Genesis child theme with the same layout.

Here is the theme test result from Pingdom.

Fastest responsive WordPress themes

That’s a simple child theme with the same layout as this site, and it loaded super fast with 99% of the grade.

With a grade of 99% for the Gtmetrix page speed and 97% for the Yslow grade from Yahoo, the Genesis framework proves itself among the others. Furthermore, it’s a lightweight code that brings amazing results.

The page that uses the theme loads in 0.6 seconds, and that’s 3 times less than the time that other themes take to load. That’s just the speed. Now, let’s talk about the performance and the hidden optimization that comes with every design from these high-quality themes.

There are different theme categories, and I always recommend the first 10 at the top of their list. Those great WordPress themes are the newest ones, and they have the best performance and speed.

For example, if you want premium WordPress blog themes, you can use News Pro. Also, you can find minimalist WordPress themes, magazine-style WordPress themes, and much more.

Clean and Secure Coding

The speed and performance test result is not surprising if you know that the theme code is light and clean. That means fewer HTTP requests, and that will reduce the loading time like never before. At the same time, the theme framework is fully secure, and it comes with html5 WordPress themes. That will stop the external requests that can be used by hackers to modify the site function from the theme itself.

Responsive themes

All these awesome WordPress themes are responsive, and their responsiveness mode adds some speed to the loading time. It’s not a secret that responsive designs become one of the things that affect the ranking in mobile devices, and no one will browse sites that look ugly on smartphones.

StudioPress themes

Nothing to do there; every StudioPress theme adjusts itself automatically with all mobile devices, tablets, and of course, desktops.

Fully SEO-optimized themes

We can’t talk about speed without SEO. The main goal to speed up a website is to create the best user experience first and to rank better in search engines, second. The new Google algorithm counts the loading time as one of the other ranking factors.

So, it’s not an option to forget the blog speed these days. The theme control panel comes with customization and options, and the SEO settings are one of them.

With these paid WordPress themes, you can add your own description, keywords if you want, and all the other optimization that we all should use. Unlike the other theme sellers, this company works with its dedicated designers. No one can create a good theme that loads fast, without working with experienced bloggers and designers.

These people know what to add and what to change for better performance, and to let search engine crawlers access the site content rapidly, without issues.

These premium and responsive WordPress themes come with lifetime free updates. You can use your theme on your sites, and there is no restriction for the number of sites to use as the other theme providers. The best thing is that they have a great support staff and an active forum with experienced members and developers to ask questions, or to get special customizations if needed.

 Do you really need StudioPress premium themes?

Without making things complicated, we can’t find any other themes that rock, like StudioPress themes. It’s not about speed only, but a complete optimization that will cost thousands of dollars if you hire developers. If you want to hire an SEO expert who will optimize your theme, it will cost thousands of dollars, at least in other places.

You don’t need any special skills or knowledge. You get the theme framework with a premium child theme at once. Of course, you can buy the framework only, but it’s recommended to get the child theme if you’re not a designer. Everything you need will be added to the theme, and it will help your website to get crawled better by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. The result will be a super-fast WordPress blog or website, with full optimization and professional design.

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